20 ways how to bring a girl to amazing orgasm, we caress the woman correctly

20 ways how to bring a girl to amazing orgasm, we caress the woman correctly.

20 ways how to bring a girl to amazing orgasm, we caress the woman correctly

It is difficult for many girls to admit that only every fourth ends from the penetration of the penis into the vagina, but three others have to do without discharge, since tremors are not given the necessary stimulations to them back and forth. Then what the men are to blame? They are hostages of a closed circle: the girl does not experience an orgasm, he is a broken hour work on him in the sweat of his face, she imitates, he is pleased with herself. The next time everything is repeated. And again the lady remains unsatisfied!

In this article we will talk about 20 ways to bring a girl to orgasm, which will help to dispel all myths about penetrating sex and give men the opportunity to caress the woman correctly, and beautiful ladies-to actually end. And remember, dear macho, not even the longest penis will be able to compete with the right technique of hands and tongue performed by a skilled owner. Believe me, your partner will receive unforgettable sensations from the manipulations that we offer!

How to bring the girl to orgasm with hands and fingers

An ideal lover can be considered a man who correctly sets accents and chooses priorities in sexual relationships with a woman. We have said many times that, in addition to the right techniques, the context of your intimate games is very important. And no less importantly important to change the usual routine of bed relations in time. If yesterday you passionately licked her a clitoris in pitch darkness, then tomorrow you can lift a skirt at the hood and brazenly launch your hand into the most secret. Here’s about diversity and talk.

20 ways how to bring a girl to amazing orgasm, we caress the woman correctly

In any of the methods of bringing girls to a feeling of unearthly bliss, it is impossible not to pay attention to the huge significance of such an erogenous zone as the clitoris. Movements with which this supersensitive element can be stimulated can be several.

Vertical clitoris massage

You heard about such a method when the monotonous stroking of the labia and clitoris in one direction with hands drives girls crazy? Fingers with your fingertips gently massage this erogenous zone, changing the direction from time to time. Your partner will not be able to end from this, but a lot of pleasant sensations will receive exactly what will prepare the ground for a bright orgasm.

Horizontal clitoris massage

The second method of bringing the girl to the clitoral orgasm includes numerous stroking movements horizontally without stopping. The entire surface of the perineum falls under the processing zone, you can capture the area of the anus and even the inner surface of the hips with the bottom of the abdomen. Change the position of the palm, turning it out by the outer part to the genitals.

Circular caresses of the clitoris

The whole point of this technique is that you are stroke the labia and the clitoris in a circle, changing the direction of rotation. It is allowed to alternate stroking with light pressure and even pinching.

To extend pleasure, sometimes stop and switch your attention to other sensitive areas, for example, to the chest and nipples.

Lasks with an obstacle

The clitoris itself is very sensitive to touch, and its exposure for direct stimulations does not cause pleasant experiences, so try to stroke it through thin panties or a night shirt. The main thing is that there should be a fabric barrier. As a rule, the effect of bombing.

Rare touches

Many men determine the attention of direct caresses of the clitoris, which overloads its receptors, and we get the opposite result – the girl does not feel anything. In order to avoid such incidents, try to iron the nearest zones, only occasionally touching the supersensitive element.

The technique of distance

In frantic excitement to your partner will lead a technique based on caresses of zones nearby clitoris. Both sides along the clitoris, labia, the transition from the vagina to the anal hole and it is itself – very sensual points. Concentrate on them, gradually narrowing the circle of influence and approaching the “pearl”.

Squeezing and sipping

It may seem to you that squeezing and delaying the clitoris – it hurts for a delicate female body. In fact, at the peak of excitement, such movements excite even more. Apply all the above techniques and then squeeze the voluptuous section with the index and thumb, pulling it along the entire length. Let go sharply and continue caresses. Contrast incentives always delight ladies.

20 ways how to bring a girl to amazing orgasm, we caress the woman correctly

Touch it everywhere

Before grabbing the clitoris and labia, tape all areas of the body of your beloved, showing how desired it is for you. In addition, it terribly fakes passions between the hips. She, in anticipation of the fact that strong male hands are about to reach the most gentle and secret place. Stick your hair, touch your neck and shoulders, touch your lower back, buttocks, legs, spend your tummy, play with nipples, and then take the entire crotch in your palm, as if covering it from above.

Do not move your hand too fast and do not insert your finger into the vagina at first, because she has not yet managed to moisturize and tune in. You will hurt her with your haste.

Double stimulation

Despite the fact that it is not difficult to bring the lady to orgasm with your fingers, the highest point of sexual pleasure of the girl reaches the so -called double stimulation. To do this, the guy needs to enter the vagina with one hand, and the second to influence the clitoris. Having producing movements similar to frictional, thus, he will force the partner to feel the full range of eroticism and a rolling orgasm.

Clitoris + point g

Point G, also known as the Graffenberg point, are located on the upper wall of the vagina literally a few centimeters from the entrance to the vagina. A man should stimulate it with the clitoris. So, undoubtedly, it will be possible to bring her beloved woman to a jet orgasm, but you need to start technique with preliminary caresses. This is also important in order for the lady to get excited enough and her vagina began to highlight the required amount of lubrication. As soon as this happened, you can enter your fingers inward. Then find there a small seal, which is the notorious point g. In an unlucky state, it is almost impossible to feel it in a woman.

Always focus on the movements of her hands – many ladies put their palm on the male and as if directing her, showing how pleasant it is to her. For some reason, guys often ignore such a wonderful hint. Learn sexual communication, dear lovers.

20 ways how to bring a girl to amazing orgasm, we caress the woman correctly

To bring to life this option of delivering an orgasm to a young lady, a man should take care of moisturizing her intimate area. The technique is performed with both hands: one is placed in the vagina, where the circular progressive movements of the partner will be able to touch its walls, the second – on the clitoris. In combination with clitoral stimulation, a woman will be able to achieve orgasm in a few minutes.

Technique “Skok”

More stringent bringing to orgasm can be considered the technique of anal stimulation. As a rule, this way to satisfy a partner is suitable only for a couple in trusting relations for a certain time. The people are called such stimulation “bracket”: sitting between his beloved’s legs, the guy must carefully enter the index finger into the anus, and in the vagina – place a large. With the second hand, actively stimulating the clitoris and making progressive friction movements, the man will give the woman a stunning orgasm.

It is impossible to unambiguously say which of the techniques for orgasm is better or how women like it more, since every representative of the fair sex has an individual degree of sensitivity in this erogenous zone. And in general, the stimulating movements of men’s fingers are not like every young lady. Interested in what a partner feels, what she wants, accelerate or slow down, you need to directly in the process.

How to bring the girl to orgasm with her mouth and tongue

We wrote a lot about clitoral affection and cunnilingus in particular, but we still have many interesting materials for your practice ahead. What tricks will help Kuni make the most welcome, and the orgasm of the girlfriend is real?

Without a barbaric attack

Do not force the girl’s clitoris and vagina, violently attacked her from the first seconds! Language and kisses can be caught by the whole body before you reach the crotch. Build her sexual tension and see that even the simplest techniques immerse the chosen one into ecstasy.

Side licking obliquely

The tip and edge of the tongue can slightly touch the labia, clitoris, places of connection of the legs and perineum. This excites, starts and makes you shudder from pleasant sensations. The main thing is to keep the average rhythm and not to hide in one method.

You knew that all touches with a tongue and lips are perceived much softer? The oral cavity is wet and warm, because even more sharp movements are not felt so painful.

Cooney in the bathroom

Try Cooney Combine with a shower reception. Direct a non -stream of water to her crotch and continue to work with a tongue. Firstly, this is a pleasant contrast;Secondly, a woman will relax more purely psychologically, being sure that everything is fresh and clean there.

20 ways how to bring a girl to amazing orgasm, we caress the woman correctly

“Yes, madam”

Studge a completely flat tongue and relax it as much as possible, after which begin to water the girl’s delights, but not with the help of the language movements, but as if nodding and say “yes, madam”. Believe me, she will have somewhat different feelings than from the standard resting.

Individual miracles between the legs

Cunnilingus is not only a set of tactics and movements. The psychological aspect of influence on the partner is still important here. You need to choose the list of movements and additional stimulations that starts it. Perhaps she will like the “deep drilling” technique, when the tongue enters even the vagina, but it is likely that it will prefer light touches with the tip and your warm breath in the breaks.

How to bring a woman to orgasm during intercourse

We will not disregard the usual sexual intercourse with penetration into the vagina. It does not always work out to end, but for this we tell you our secrets! First of all Pay attention to movements: they should be sliding, not pushing. So you have more chances for a bright climax of your beloved. Do not immediately strive to give her an orgasm and do not focus on it – let everything go naturally. And even more so do not try to bring it to vaginal ecstasy from the first goals. Most likely, your attempts will look miserable or perceived as violent actions. Achieve in total over time, but for now we are working on simple techniques!

Use sex toys

In many poses, the clitoris remains without stimulation, because the ladies do not end. Hoping for a long member does not have to. Even at 20 cm, it is not a fact that the Virgo will end vaginally. Many of the fairer sex are generally only read about internal orgasms and have never experienced this in life, but you are here with your hopes.

Take a special vibrator, but not the one that gives vibrations from the base, but such that the waves go from the tip, and attach to the clitoris during sliding movements. Such a device perfectly marks this area, and your baby will be good and sweet!

20 ways how to bring a girl to amazing orgasm, we caress the woman correctly

Caress your chest and nipples

We said that in most women this area is very sensitive and is characterized by a high degree of response to touch and stimulation. The breast orgasm, unfortunately, for men fades into the background, and they believe that the most effective way is to stick a member deeper. Our partners are mistaken, oh how mistaken. The orgasm from the caresses of the nipples and chest is achieved due to the erotic arousal of the mammary glands by careful compression, twisting, stretching, fidling, sucking, licking, biting. And the simultaneous caresses of the nipples and the clitoris necessarily lead a woman to the peak of pleasure. Do not forget about this in passionate impulses!

Crossing the legs

When you have already entered your partner, try to cross or squeeze her legs together so that the labia and clitoris are as close as possible. This will give the desired external stimulation, since the blood rings stronger to the organs of the pelvis and crotch, and also helps to work a little to the muscles of the vagina, which definitely take part in the orgasm. Of course, not in all poses it will work out, but there are similar variations.

20 ways how to bring a girl to amazing orgasm, we caress the woman correctly

There is also excellent clitoris stimulation with a man’s foot!

20 ways how to bring a girl to amazing orgasm, we caress the woman correctly

Excite your ladies, prepare them for orgasm passionately and with all responsibility, do not forget about the importance of the context, and then all 33 pleasures will open in front of it, which other men could not tell her!

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