Effective methods of strengthening orgasm | Psychology of relations

Effective methods of strengthening orgasm.

Effective methods of strengthening orgasm | Psychology of relations
If a girl wants to make an impression on her man in bed, she should learn to give him unforgettable sexual pleasure, make an orgasm is bright and long. We offer several ways to strengthen male orgasm, from which it will be at the top of bliss.

How to strengthen male orgasm

The main thing from a woman to be liberated, sensual and have sex sincerely.


The girl needs to catch the rhythm of the partner’s movement and do all the actions actively to strengthen the orgasm. This is easy, but it can tire. It is important to remember about the motto: “Do how he, try to make it better”.

We hug tightly

This is another way to enhance impressions from intimacy. Hug the male member tightly using the muscles of the vagina. Kegel exercises that teach girls to strengthen the vagina, make them elastic in this way help in this.

Secret places

In men in a hidden place between the scrotum and the anus there is a place, touching which you can drive a partner crazy. Having sex, the girl must gently touch this magic zone, this will make an orgasm bright and amazing.

We experiment

Another way to enjoy sex for a man is stronger. If he is liberated and he likes diversity, caress his anus. Such touches will carry some guys, but others will wear a partner on their hands.

Sexual points

Each man has erogenous zones, touching which he will quickly reach orgasm, and his impressions of intimacy will be incredible. Stimulate points on the body of a partner that will deliver pleasure to him during intimacy, not only with his hands, but also with a tongue, sex toys. Show ingenuity and imagination.

Spontaneous proximity

It is curious that spontaneous sex allows you to strengthen pleasure. The sensations from unexpected contact will resemble the fireworks of emotions. You can arrange this anywhere: from the elevator to your favorite sofa. Well, everything should happen quickly.


It is also necessary to tell the guy that he is the best and unique sexual partner, this is one of the most effective ways to strengthen orgasm. A person likes any praise, but it is important to be sincere, not to lie, but to focus on the real positive features.Effective methods of strengthening orgasm | Psychology of relations

How to make female pleasure brighter

A man enjoys when he sees a woman’s orgasm. It is important for many to satisfy your lady, so it is necessary to work on your own feelings. We will devote a few words to how to make an orgasm in a woman: a woman:

  • We follow the breath. As the climax is approaching in sex, breathing in many becomes frequent and confused, and sometimes can linger. Experts recommend breathing evenly, slowly and deep, this makes it possible to feel pleasure. The correct breathing technique will give a delightful orgasm to a woman.
  • Long prelude For a girl, she will allow her to relax and liberate to achieve a powerful orgasm. A woman needs to feel attractive, not be shy, not to be constrained. Tender touch will help to strengthen the impressions of intimacy or rough sex, the main thing is to find out what you like and excites a partner. Experiment, use sexual toys that stimulate erogenous zones and give an unforgettable impressions.
  • We delay the onset of orgasm a little. The longer pull, the brighter the impressions. By the way, such an action will be effective for men and for girls. In order for the bliss to be intense, you need to train.
  • Cliter stimulation. Using hands, tongue, intimate fun and penis, a man will make the sensations from intimacy more saturated and unforgettable.

To strengthen orgasm, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the genitals, but to the whole body. Be sure to show imagination, a creative approach in sex is only welcome. And vivid impressions will depend on a person, his excitement and desire, relaxation, trust in the partner, experience, the use of various devices in intima.

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