Features of sensations with a jet orgasm. Reviews of girls about squirt

What do girls say in a jet orgasm.

Many people and women are interested in knowing what the girl actually experiences in squirting. It would be possible to answer this question, but I think it would be more logical and much more convincing if the fair sex himself said about this, already having experience in this. Therefore, in this article we present an interview with Alex Meya with 2 girls who have already learned to experience a jet orgasm. They will try, as far as possible, in words, to describe their experiences and sensations under Squirt, as well as try to compare them with sensations from other types of female orgasm and highlight the main features and advantages.

Interview 1: what is it to get squirt. Sensations and condition.

Does this orgasm differ from the rest that you experienced? If so, then what?

Very different. In general, each of them has a unique woman, that is, he is all different and brings different pleasures. But the jet orgasm is something that it is impossible to even compare with anything. I would say that this is something unrealistic. It is very different from others and this difference is very serious. It is difficult to say what parameters it differs by, but I will say that emotionally and physically you do not understand where you are and what is happening to you at all. This is in general mega sensation. Other species, for example, clitoral or vaginal, they are like flashes. The flash passed, but it was cool, but it passed. And squirt is like a big explosion after which consciousness changes. Ordinary orgasms, they are also certainly good, but they look like flashes against the background of a nuclear explosion that occurs in you under squirt.

Whether you had something similar to this feeling before? Maybe you felt something like that, but did not know that it was precisely a jet orgasm?

For the first time having once experienced him, I firmly understood that nothing of the kind happened to me before, because when it comes, you understand that it was it that. Previously, the orgasms were of course, it was pleasant, but these sensations cannot even be closely compared with those that I experience under Squirt.

What are the sensations that you experience when squirting are similar?

No matter how much it sounds, but it looks like a huge explosion in your body, which all that is all -staged and takes you into another reality, in which you can no longer be aware: where are you and what is with you. You don’t feel the body or emotions. This is a huge discharge for the body and mind. That is, when you return from this reality, you seem to start life from a new sheet. That is, you are happy, deeply filled and absolutely internally calm. I wish every woman to just experience these feelings on herself, as it is very difficult to convey them with words. After the inkjet orgasm, everything that could worry and bothering you goes to the side.

Interview 2: The opinion of a girl who learned Squirt

How long have you discovered your ability to squirt and how have you found out about them for a long time?

The first time I had it 4 years ago.

I think this is a sufficient term to give an emotional and physical assessment of this type of pleasure compared to others. Please tell me what is the difference?

Squirt is completely different sensations. When I experienced it, it was especially different from the clitoral, and I had quite a lot of experience to compare. In a sense, the clitoral is sharper, more intense, but it does not last so long. This orgasm is much longer. It may not be so intense, but it is felt much longer. He is not so bright, but I feel him with my whole body. He is more relaxing, delivering and satisfying in all respects and meanings. I felt it especially bright when I first experienced it. I just started crying. I don’t know why, what happened and how, but I just cried.

So we are definitely talking about some psychological moments, that is, the negative that leaves you during the jet orgasm? How it later reflects on your well -being?

I felt much easier, namely more positive, and it is more positive – this is a very suitable word. I did not realize this, but I felt something difficult to break away from me. I don’t know what, but it was pulling me down, and after it came off, I felt incredible lightness. All things about which I was worried became unimportant and petty.

How would you appreciate and compare your sex life before the first experience of squirting and after?

I would say that now I know much more about my capabilities. This is more interesting, because I can explain to my young man how to make me squirt, unless he is able to fulfill these instructions!)) If not, of course, it will not work. In general, such an orgasm gives me much more pleasure. I feel that I can better establish a connection with a man.

Interview 3: Review of a girl who knows how to finish squirt

And before we move directly to the reviews, we offer to see our selection of photos of squirting girls.

  • Photo by Squirt. How girls end in jet – 68 photos

Have you once experienced a jet orgasm in life and, if so, describe your feelings.

Yes I experienced and repeatedly. Of course, these are very unusual and cool sensations that do not act on you disparate, very liberated and relaxes. After him, such a slight sensation in the soul, as after going to the psychologist, and lightness in the body as from going to the masseur. It feels like your wings grow. A feeling of weightlessness and full pleasure in the whole body from the top of the head to the heels. This is exactly what you always expect from sex, but not always received before. These feelings are actually difficult to express in words. One can say exactly one thing – that they can not compare them with anything.

And you once heard from your friends about such orgasms in their sexual life and in general it is somehow discussed in your circle?

We discuss sex with the girls constantly, but for the most part what a squirt is not just in terms of personal experience, they do not know in principle what it is. In fact, such a topic between us was not very discussed – too frank topic. My friends are not very liberated in such conversations. Talk what a member he had and what he can, in principle, is yes. And something more detailed as squirting is too much. When I first spoke on this topic, they didn’t understand me too much, they said, they say, what is it, why is it necessary, what kind of perversions and something in that spirit. Therefore, I did not begin to breed this topic.

And what are the sensations the next day?

Feelings of complete calm and peace. It feels like you were rebooted. You are like in a field with flowers where a light breeze blows and the sun shines, although at this time you can go to the subway.

Is the perception and attitude towards a man who first brought you to an inkjet orgasm is changing?

Certainly. After such sensations, the attitude cannot but change. At some point, I felt as if I were sitting on some kind of strong drug. And to be honest at some point, it even worried me). But then this feeling passed. Forget the person who brought you into this state is simply impossible. I never thought that once I would value male hands so much!)

But whether sex has become others after your man brought squirting to your sex life?

It seems like sex itself has not changed in any way, but the emotional connection has become stronger, emotional experiences have become deeper.

Was the first squirt for you a certain shock when you first happened to you?

I was immediately afraid to say and even began to scold my man. I’m just such a person that I am calm only when I control everything and can give an explanation everything. And at that moment I could not control anything, and even more so explain what was happening for myself. I felt that I was covering me, something very strong and powerful, which I absolutely cannot resist. And then also these spray, I thought that I was described and I just can’t stop it. In general, it was scary, but very high!)

Do you think if it is worth warning the girl before giving her an inkjet orgasm?

I think you don’t need. It seems to me that it will be much cooler to give some kind of surprise. These are generally new sensations when someone does something intensively and then it causes strange, flying sensations that have never experienced before. That is, it seems to me always better the moment of surprise and surprise.

That is, it is better to make a gift or surprise out of this?

Yes, this is a super surprise actually.

But those false feelings “I want to write” that girls often experience before Squirt, there is still or is there already?

Yes it is now. And each time you have to overdo yourself to some extent. You recall that all these feelings “want to the toilet” are actually false and each time it’s all easier and easier to step. That is, in your case, while this moment is always necessary to overcome a little

Look why I ask, because there are many girls who feel nothing. It really really depends on the woman. It happens that a woman feels the urge to “write”, but it happens that she feels nothing at all, she only then, when this wave passes, with great surprise she feels a wet blanket or sheet under her.

For the first time I just had it that I didn’t feel any urge. I only then felt that everything was wet under me.

But now, when you have already experienced a jet orgasm quite a few times and already have a certain experience, could you highlight the main mistakes (in your opinion) that your man made when you learned to squirt you? Whether there was something in his actions that he then gradually improved and this ultimately allowed you to end with Squirt?

I think I need to correctly calculate with intensity. I think for every woman she will have her own. That is, in my case, it was necessary to stimulate on his part more intensively. And he did it more tenderly. At that time, I was already approaching several times that something would be about to cover me with my head and I (as I understood later) lacked literally a step to cross that line, take that last step and break into this abyss of brightfeelings.

And he asked you some questions in the process? Stronger, weaker, it is better or like that?

No did not ask. He was guided only by my reaction and my body reaction.

This particular case, like everyone else, will be unique to some extent in their own extent. And the fact that for example, a man of this girl went out to bring her to a jet orgasm without her verbal help (without her tips) is not a guarantee that you will succeed. Therefore, until you are experienced enough in terms of bringing women to Squirt, ask your partner if you doubt something. It is better to ask and know exactly what to get lost in conjecture. After all, you will never be 100% sure that its moans are the result of pleasure, not pain.

Have you ever had to train or somehow adjust a man during sex? I note that here we are not talking about squirting, but about sex as a whole

And more than once. Even despite the fact that I love when everything happens more intensively, it sometimes hurts me and I always inform my partner about it. Or when I feel good and I feel that I want to be stronger, then I also talk about it. I think there is nothing wrong with that. On the contrary, I am surprised when the man says: “I do not need to tell me what to do”. Such in my experience were also. After all, he cannot know better than me that I am now experiencing and what I can experience if he does something a little different. Therefore, I believe that those men who do not listen to the tips of the girls are stupid or perceive them like axes in the back of their competence in matters of sex and the satisfaction of a woman in bed. Personally, in my eyes, a man who is listening to me and my wishes, in sex, is much attractive to me, because it is important for him to enjoy. And those men who are “on the armored train” often, because of their blind self-confidence, are nothing in bed.

And what a man should do, what to provide you with a jet orgasm, which he should take care of?

At least I have to trust him, I must know this person. He must be “not wooden”, should be able to relax me – I think this is enough.

And what does “wooden” mean in your understanding?

I think this is some kind of determination. Should not worry too much to give pleasure to the partner. That is, I must be able to give pleasure. There is also some kind of relaxation in this. That is, so that the man is confident in himself and what he does. It always turns wildly. And this is always some kind of bonus to trust, because you feel that he knows what he is doing and you can trust him.

Is it important for you how he will relax and stimulate your hands “there”?

It seems to me that it is very important to do everything in growing and at the same time wildly confident. Should start with some soft movements and gradually build up power and understand what exactly suits each specific girl. That is, in no case do not do it sharply. Always follow a woman, for her emotions and feel and understand what is happening to her.

Do you know any of the men, except for your loved one who know something or said what they know about Squirt?

I know only 2 men, everyone else does not know at all what it is. That is, of all the men that I have known in my whole life, despite the interesting and incredible sex with them about the jet orgasm, none of them mentioned and did not speak and most likely, I think, did not know.

And what do you think, is it worth a man to learn this?

Certainly! This is a super bonus and a super -standing thing.

How and what a man who knows how to squirt will stand out in your inner world?

At least he will be interesting to me because it does not stand still, is interested in something and develops in sex. And if he learned this he has some special sensitivity to a woman. This is important because without her to learn this, it seems to me, is difficult. And the biggest bonus is actually that you are interested in this and it is important for you what happens to the girl during sex. And it highlights you from the crowd. Because you concentrate not only on your feelings, but for you it is also important what your partner experiences. And such men who are not fixed on themselves, unfortunately very few. There are very few of them for which the pleasure of a girl is in the first place, and not in the second, after her.

Reviews of girls sound quite impressive, is it not true?)) But the most interesting thing is that this is not at all the owner of some rare gift is ordinary girls. And squirting is actually an integral part of female sexuality, that is, almost any woman is able to experience it. There are various myths about the jet orgasm that say that units of girls are capable of this or are needed years of training in order to experience them – this is not at all like. The most important thing is that next to you was a sexually competent man who would know how to bring a girl to a jet orgasm. The nature of a woman already has everything in order to experience this type of pleasure. It remains only to reveal these abilities.

I would not want to end this topic with reviews of only 3 girls, so all the girls who are able to experience this type of pleasure, as well as those who had pleasure at least once to test it, ask not to pass by and share their experience, impression and feelings in the comments below.
Features of sensations with a jet orgasm. Reviews of girls about squirt

The article was written based on the materials of Alex Meya

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