He does not end for a long time: how to make a man pleasant | Orgasms

He does not end for a long time: how to make a man pleasant.

He does not end for a long time: how to make a man pleasant | Orgasms
It is generally accepted that the inability to quickly finish is exclusively a female chip, and the men are arranged on the principle of “put it, plugged”. When it comes to orgasm, the ladies are offered all kinds of auxiliary means and techniques bringing the climax. Gentlemen, on the contrary, try to delay this moment as strong as possible – otherwise, it seems, did not take place in sex and not at all a man. But whether it always works like that?

Not always. Of course, the girls as a whole are much more difficult to finish, but also male orgasm – This is not a constant. Sometimes young people experience strong difficulties that not only interfere with enjoying sex, but can also cultivate many problems and complexes on their fertile grounds. What to do if the question arose acutely?

Why is this (not)?

Firstly, it is necessary to figure out why there is no orgasm. Here, as in any problem, there may be several reasons:

  • Alcohol. If at a romantic evening you allowed yourself more than a couple of glasses of wine, rejoice that he got up at all.:) Sex subshof can last as much as possible without any results. What to do with it? Sober And try again. Undoubted plus: girls at this moment can finally take care of themselves and selfish the moment to satisfy themselves to be loved.
  • Medicines. Some of them are oppressed by libido. However, as soon as the course of treatment ends, the problem will go on its own.
  • Fatigue, stress, bad mood. I got up from the wrong leg, scratched the car, spent with my mother … Men also cry, by the way, and if they don’t cry, they are worried somewhere deep inside. It gets from this Sadly not only to him, but also his member, what kind of orgasms are there. In this case, the most true tactic will be Do not drive Even deeper, starting the barrel organ “You don’t want me anymore” – “I am not a man”, but to shift the focus from the directly sex to another pastime. Baths, massages, walks and other pleasures will reduce stress, and there, you look, and tune in to the desired wave.

He does not end for a long time: how to make a man pleasant | Orgasms

  • Perfectionism. Some of especially responsible men (keep them God!) From childhood, they learned a simple postulate “ladies forward” and in every possible way bother on it to this day. Such a guy will forget about himself and at his pleasure, trying to please the partner, and in the end he will be left without orgasm, but with exhausted nerves. No, when a man thinks about his woman is wonderful, but sex is still a mutual process, and You should not go to extremes. A thorough, constructive and frank dialogue on the topic of that helps, What do you expect from each other in bed. Most likely, you will learn a lot of new.
  • Diseases. Which can be very diverse – from depression to diabetes mellitus. Therefore – do not forget to visit the doctor from time to time.
  • Masturbation. Yes! Masturbation! A very useful and pleasant thing, which, with proper zeal, can make sure that you no longer want a living person – but why, if possible do in a couple of minutes on one’s own? A man gets used to squeezing a member with a certain force, move his hand at a certain speed, quickly and violently ends, but as soon as it comes to sex, well, somehow not … It is treated simply – abstinence From Duni Kulakova and retraining organism for the fact that here it also ends.

And some men, in principle, always end for a long time – such an amusing physiology. But this is by no means a minus or a defect: in the end, People are different, And not everyone to be “speedy”. In this feature, you can even find a lot of advantages if you want.

And if you don’t want to look for pluses, you can (and you need!) Try to fix it. Fortunately, there is something.He does not end for a long time: how to make a man pleasant | Orgasms


You know how many such stories have heard any experienced sex shop? Hundreds.;)

A certain man n., has a partner (or even not one), but with an orgasm – seams. No matter how the partner tries, no matter how much appears, n Not finishing. At all. Or ends, but with difficulty and without any pleasure.

And then n meets a girl who rrrases – and A finger in the ass. Or Spit in the face During sex. Or well Squeeze eggs. And now n is violent Orgasm, Almost sobbing an inventive partner from happiness and alert. But, you know, people do not know how to read thoughts – therefore Speak. If for complete happiness you lack spitting in the face, hands on eggs or dirty conversations, do not be shy say about it directly. Most likely, they will understand and support you, and if they do not fully accept, they will offer a compromise. Do not forget that in sex your mouth is needed not only for oral stimulation, but also for Communications with a partner.:)
P.S. Sometimes a man himself does not know exactly what to do. The algorithm is simple: try what he thought or fantasized about. This is in my head – not just like that;)

Little assistants in a big business

There are no other people’s problems in bed – each should be solved together, Otherwise, you will find failure and mutual disappointment. And if a man cannot ejaculate, But he really wants – he just needs help.

So, for example, girls will not be completely superfluous to practice the intimate muscles – the more closely, the more interesting is (this is especially true if he is used to ending with his own hand), and for women’s health it is useful. For training vaginal muscles, you can choose a device for every taste and wallet – from Simple balls before Smart trenips With training systems. They work well narrowing lubricants: at the expense natural extracts in their composition (mainly the bark of oak, which has a astringent effect) they make The vagina is closer. Ideal combination for a beginner: Silicone balls on the coupling Geisha Balls, which can vary depending on the degree of muscle traffic, plus cream for narrowing the vagina Vagina Tightening XXS.

In general, do not underestimate strength intimate cosmetics: Sometimes a small tube is able to resolve a lot of problems. Perhaps to bring the process to logical completion will help to quickly Exciting lubricant. There are several of them: Warming, enhancing blood circulation, even cooling-lover at the same time. In the first case, you will get a lubricant with the addition of pepper, cinnamon and others Natural “Burning” components from which it will specifically bake is the effect of an amateur, so Be careful. Enhancing blood circulation Luburbicants are often made on the basis of nicotinic acid: it is absorbed into the skin and mucous membranes, causing a powerful blood flow. You will be warm and pleasant, but not burning. The third type of exciting lubricant gives a tickling effect and coolly plays in contrast between cool tingling and light burning. By the way: do not be shy use Lubrication “for women” together. In fact, the clitoris is a reduced penis, therefore in most cases The lubricant will work And on the man.

But, perhaps, there are sensitive conversations with liters of lubrication Not enough. Let male orgasm Compared to female, it looks like a three -wheeled bicycle against Tesla mobile, sex – he is still in his head. Try to change the scenery and move from the usual sofa to the kitchen table or to the bath, having arranged a large Sex adventure. You can arrange Spa sessionmassage, incense and that’s all. So you can relax and Remove stress (which, as we already know, also selects a precious orgasm from us), as well as dilute the routine. Instead of standard oil You can use massage candle: She has a low melting point, so melted wax Not burning. You just need to choose the right aroma.

Do not forget about the prelude! Everyone knows that a woman before sex needs to properly to warm, But for some reason no one is warming up men. And even if he already got up, this does not mean, that you can start directly proximity. Do oral sex! Good blow job will please anyone, without exception. The banal “suck” can become incredibly appetizing if you add Taste lubricant. Strawberries, cherries, chocolate – such lubricants are not only delicious, but also Safe. You can safely take in your mouth.;) For the best effect, you can paint the lips with a special stimulating brilliance.


Have you ever tried anal sex?

If not yet, but not averse Try, Right now. New exciting experience, as well as an element “Prohibition” Always excite and give Powerful sensations. Every (well, or almost everyone), a man at least once in his life secretly dreamed of Anal. And most likely, having received what he desired, he will not remain indifferent.

Haidov on anal sex has been written a lot – yes Here, For example. We will only add that receiving side There can be not only a woman. After all, everyone knows about prostate? Sometimes anorgasmia – a consequence of problems in the genitourinary system. And all the problems in the male genitourinary system arise, most often, due to malfunctions with a prostate. Try it stimulation of the point p: This healthy and is guaranteed to end with a violent orgasm. Can combine several types of stimulation, for example, oral and anal, or Caress the penis with your hand During massage. Trying men claim that when stimulating a prostate It is impossible not to end basically. You can do it like special massagers, and fingers, but be sure to anal lubricant.

Dress up

Men love their eyes – it is a fact. Surely everyone watched porn with beautiful girls in lace underwear and belt with stockings. And someone, perhaps, secretly yells at nurse And stewardess. And someone had vague memories of the first teacher. And not to play on this – just a crime.

You can not invent a bicycle, and just buy A set of erotic linen: Classic never gets old. Bold with open chest, Stylish translucent or Classic bras and panties decorate any female figure if they choose them correctly. If you do not want to bother with dimensions and guess “suitable – not suitable” – feel free to take Cat, or stocking on the body. He is fine stretches Where necessary, and sits on the figure, like a glove (men, Lifehack For you, if you want to give your favorite linen and not sit in a puddle).

Role costumes – Another one A simple way have fun with sex. Choose here to your taste: Police, Nurses, Witches, Yes, who’s just not. Can Take a man and a man, By the way. Important nuance: preliminarily everything Discuss. Who knows, maybe your partner is afraid of doctors since childhood, and you will suddenly go out to him in a white coat.

Just relax

Orgasm – it’s cool, but is it yourself process Not cooler? Sex is not just a three -second muscle spasm As a result, it is an exchange of energies and emotions, The interaction of two people. Relax and enjoy, Then and climax will not be long in coming, and the constant strained and thoughts “well, when already there” they will only distract.

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