How to bring a girl to orgasm with a tongue

How to bring a girl to orgasm with a tongue.

Oral sex is one of the types of intimate relationships between a man and a woman who is often neglected. In fact, in cunnilingus, like a minute, there is nothing reprehensible. Caresses of the genitals with the tongue and lips are able to deliver the highest pleasure. It is also a manifestation of trust between partners. Want to bring your girlfriend to bright orgasms and become the best lover for her? Watch our video course “Kunnilingus techniques”. Sexologist Valeria Aginskaya tells in detail what is needed and does not need to do during oral sex so that a woman literally mills with pleasure.

Why do girls like Cooney so much?

Stimulation of the genitals with the tongue and lips gives an unforgettable pleasure if the partner owns techniques. Here are just a few reasons why the ladies are crazy about cunnilingus:

  • Bright sensations. Nature gave the female clitoris 2 times more nervous endings than a male penis. Accordingly, during caresses, the most delicate and moist body, a powerful orgasm is achieved. Together with exposure to point G in the vagina, the girl is able to experience a double buzz.
  • The release of the hormone oxytocin. It reduces headache, improves mood, reduces the harmful effects of stress. If your beloved is sad or complains about poor health, give her an orgasm from oral sex.
  • A sense of power over a man, full confidence in each other. When a guy clicks his mouth to the most secret, a woman feels her beloved, so the pleasure of sex increases significantly.
  • Additional lubrication. There are not always enough natural discharge from the vagina, and no one will like friction on the dry surface. Moisturization is achieved saliva (although we still advise using an oral lubricant).
  • The possibility of getting a girl of clitoral orgasm. Many ladies, due to physical and physiological characteristics, cannot experience vaginal orgasm. Kunnilingus is able to give another, no less vivid and pleasant type of pleasure.

How to bring to orgasm the language: General rules and tips

In our course “How to make cunnilingus” you will find many secret techniques that will make the girl be in the seventh heaven from bliss. But we will share some basic rules right now.

  1. Hygiene. Smoothly shaved face, brushed teeth, trimmed nails – mandatory requirements. Even if your beard looks very sexy, a woman is unlikely to appreciate her beauty when she will burn from the bristles in the crotch. Breathing should be fresh, you are going to kiss a partner. Inaccurate nails – the risk of injuring delicate mucous membranes when you connect your fingers. Therefore, the first step to the successful cooney is the concern for his own hygiene.
  2. Atmosphere and prelude. To achieve an orgasm, the girl needs to turn off her head, do not think about anything but directly sex. For this, the situation and preliminary caresses are important. Light candles, invite her to take a shower with you, decorate the room with flower petals, make a massage to configure the woman’s body to get pleasure.
  3. “Workers” is not only the tip of the tongue. Use the entire surface of this organ, alternating affectionate movements with more intense and active. The direction can be any. In the process, be sure to observe the girl’s reaction: her body responds to the stimulation of any points?
  4. No need to focus exclusively on the clitoris. Yes, there are more than 8 thousand nerve endings, but no less pleasant licking the labia, pubis, entrance to the vagina. Many ladies adore when a man penetrates his tongue inside. Explore the entire bikini zone and every point to deliver an amazing orgasm to the girl.
  5. Use the entire oral cavity. Caresses with lips and tongue simultaneously forced to experience a real buzz. Some young ladies are not against light touching your teeth, but here do not overdo it, so that instead of pleasant sensations there are no pain.
  6. Tired of working in language? Rest a little, and at this time caress the intimate zones of your partner with your fingers. Be sure to take care of sufficient moisture using a lubricant.
  7. When the girl’s orgasm approaches, keep your previous pace and type of stimulation, do not change the technique, do not break away from the very point. You will understand about the readiness of the partner by breathing, groans, bends of the body, the movements of the pelvis and attracting your head.

In general, follow the state and reaction of a woman. Even if she herself is shy about directing you, her body will tell you whether you are doing everything right or not.

How to bring to orgasm cunnilingus: common techniques

There are many ways to deliver an unearthly pleasure to the lady oral sex. Combining and alternating them, you will become an amazing lover in her eyes, from whom you do not want to leave.

  1. Bee. The tongue should be folded into a tube and drive them around the clitoris, on the labia, the rest of the crotch. At the same time, touch the sensitive tubercle itself slightly, do not press it with all your strength.
  2. Yield language. As the name implies, the muscle should be relaxed. Moisten the girl’s intimate area well, gently touching the skin.
  3. Butterfly. Imagine your tongue – butterfly wings. Take them from side to side, move down and up, stimulating the entire crotch.
  4. Zigzag. Now you have to work as an abstract artist. Draw in the zone of a woman zone of women bizarre patterns and zigzags, letters and numbers – all that fantasy is capable of. At the same time, movements should alternate: light and affectionate are replaced by assertive, active, and vice versa.
  5. Cunnilingus and point g. Language and lips you stimulate the clitoris, small labia. Your fingers at this time are in the vagina of a woman. On the front wall you will feel the coveted point g. Click on it simultaneously with Kuni. Such an impact can give the girl two orgasms at once: clitoral and vaginal.

Even more techniques for bringing a woman to the peak of enjoying the oral way you will find in the course of “skill of cunnilingus”. Be sure to look at it to become an ideal lover for your passion.

Why does an orgasm do not come?

It happens that a man has been “working” for a long time, and the girl does not end. The reasons here are not only in the ability of a partner to satisfy the lady, he can be a master in this art. What prevents the young ladies from ending? Psychologists and sexologists distinguish several factors.

  1. Emotional and physical condition. Female orgasm is always in the head, and therefore it is necessary to throw away unnecessary thoughts from it. It is often difficult for girls to relax and concentrate on their own feelings. If poor health, problems at work or family are worried, it is unlikely that you can get away and enjoy the process. Your task is to make preludes so pleasant and relaxing that the lady forgot about everything else.
  2. The state of the vaginal muscles. If they are weak, it will be very difficult to get an orgasm. Advise your partner to train them in order to tone.
  3. Relations between you. It is very important for women to trust their man in order to completely liberate in bed. If you have recently been together or have not yet reached the level of openness, you may not rush with Cooney. First, let the girl learn to trust and surrender to you.
  4. Sexual temperament. In medicine, a weak, medium and strong sexual constitution is distinguished. Depending on this, women are easier or more difficult to achieve orgasm. However, even to those whom nature has not awarded strong temperament, do not despair. An experienced partner, complete relaxation and sincere desire to enjoy doing miracles.

As statistics shows, an orgasm from cunnilingus occurs much more often than from traditional sexual intercourse. Therefore, arm yourself with theory and go – to experience techniques in practice and bring a partner to the peak of pleasure.

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