How to bring a guy to orgasm? Hyde, advice and recommendations

How to bring a guy to orgasm? Hyde, advice and recommendations.

Best Sex — This is the one in which the participants care not only about their pleasure, but also about each other’s pleasure. Sex is not obliged to end with a bright flash of orgasm, but it, like a delicious dessert, is never superfluous.
It is believed that it is difficult to bring a woman to orgasm, but sometimes this also applies to the male half. Fortunately, we have a couple of advice for you how to make the guy moan with pleasure.


Our spirits Pheromax contribute to the awakening of attraction, as they stimulate the active production of your own hormones after applying. Their effect will make you feel as if you are again on the first date, a real restart of relationships with fireworks from your eyes and butterflies in your stomach! I will give little advice: if you want to feel more confident and more relaxed in bed — Put your finger a little to yourself between the nose and the upper lip. The smell affects the production of oxytocin (hormone of joy), which will make all feelings worsen several times stronger.

How to bring a guy to orgasm? Hyde, advice and recommendations


Orgasm begins in the head, so a beautiful picture will enhance excitement and light a passion even before a man touches you. Our regular customers most appreciate Italian underwear, because Italians — One of the most desired lovers, including because of their ability to give themselves beautifully.

Oral affection

One of the most pleasant ways to bring a man to orgasm — This is oral sex. Girls often complain that a happy ending does not happen, since they do not have enough experience or for physiological reasons you can’t make a deep blowjob that men so wish. I joyfully report that in this case there is a couple of lifting in our store. Jo Oral Delight spray helps to relax the throat and get rid of unpleasant sensations, and a light menthol chill will give unusual sensations to a man, increasing his sensitivity;)

How to bring a guy to orgasm? Hyde, advice and recommendations

Manual techniques

Another spectacular option to impress — These are Tenga eggs popular today. An uncomplicated toy imitates oral affection due to its delicate surface, and the relief inside the toy will complement the sensations and make them unique. So if you want to rest your mouth, just replace it with your hand with this testicle.

Exciting creams

If you got to this step, but the man is still restraining, then the time has come for heavy artillery! If you have not heard about the exciting cream «The Dragon», then I even envy a little, because to survive this for the first time — It’s just wow! Let it be positioned by male, a girl will enjoy his pleasure, because the power of a dragon will be awakened in a man, which will bring to a frenzy. After application, the young man will feel pleasant waves on the barrel of the penis, while they will be either passionately hot, then piercing cold. According to reviews, they imitate a pre -coraginum state, but the man will not finish right away, the cream will keep it in this condition for up to half an hour;) Believe me, it’s worth it, they will not be able to give such feelings any exciting means.

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