How to bring a woman to orgasm. Problems of female orgasm

How to bring a woman to orgasm.

Here is the number one advice to you: when she begins an orgasm or she is on his brink, do not get carried away with the clitoris: continuing to caress him intensively, you can interrupt his offensive. If you do it with lips or tongue, for many it can be prolonged, since a slight pressure contributes to the occurrence of such an orgasm, before the clitoris reaches a maximum of sensitivity. Therefore, do not take a few shuddering for orgasm and signal to continue caresses. Give your partner the opportunity to inform you about his offensive: let her hold your member with his hands or just ask her to tell you about it. Some women may experience multiple orgasms with long -term oral caresses, but many women have the second, fourth, sixth with minimal intervals of time, so, as soon as she has an orgasm, continue to lick and/or caress the clitoris with fingers, but do it gently. He will become very sensitive. Many women believe that asking you about further caresses is too much, therefore, if you yourself begin to continue affection until the next, this is only a plus. Always remember that his offensive is not all and that this red swollen clitoris can still show itself.

Problems of female orgasm

Sometimes an orgasm cannot be achieved. You did everything right – the partner is excited, all wet, wants it, but … it does not come. This can happen for many reasons: because of her, because of you, the wrong day of the month, she has poor well-being, she is shy, stress, distracting factors, anything you want. What to do now if you tried so hard and nothing came of it? First of all, ask her what you can do to help her in this. Sometimes a woman does not dare to give direct and clear instructions on how to bring her to higher pleasure, but most often she can determine exactly where and how you missed this moment. The answer can be simple, such as “to the left, less than Davi”, or if her problem lies in indecision, constraint, can help a glass of wine or a glass of a liqueur – this will give her the opportunity to completely relax, although doctors do not recommend using alcohol for this.

But even if the reason is not easy, then until your partner has a sexual disorder – the inability to achieve an orgasm in general (and in this case she will need to turn to a sexologist) – and this case is single, you should not focus on this with your questions. Kiss it, hug, switch your attention to another part of the body;Do what is pleasant to you both. If its absence with oral sex has become a system, but it receives it from the fingers, masturbation, sexual intercourse (but not with oral sex), she probably will also need to seek advice to a sexologist. And if she has precisely this case, support her and help to stop being shy about her body, genitals and oral sex, telling how she is sexy and beautiful and how you like her oral caresses. First of all, she needs to relax when your face is there to reach an orgasm and enjoy it. After that, orgasm stimulation will become easier and easier.

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