How to develop a vaginal orgasm?

How to develop a vaginal orgasm?.

The absence of orgasms during penetrating sex is often found in women, we can even say that this is one of the most common female problems of the sexual plan. In such cases, women can bring themselves to orgasm, stimulating the clitoris and straining the muscles of the pelvis. Often this is due to the untrained lower zone of the vaginal channel, which is why the point G sleeps. But there is a certain technique for the development of vaginal orgasm, which is called “Bridge”. Thanks to this technique, almost every woman can experience orgasms with vaginal sex, but training is needed for this. Thanks to this technique, the brain creates new neural connections that are based on the previous.

Techniques and poses depend on how you can get an orgasm.

If orgasms are achieved by compression of the hips, approach the orgasm in the usual way, but when you understand that it is close, go to the clitoris stimulation. In this case, the brain should rebuild and reward you with orgasms not from closing the hips, but from stimulating the clitoris. It turned out? Then it’s time to move on to the next point.

If orgasms are achieved by stimulation of the clitoris, approach the orgasm with the stimulation of the clitoris, connecting the vaginal stimulation to it. When you understand that the orgasm is close, remove your hand from the clitoris and try to concentrate on the inner sensations. If you can’t get an orgasm at once, this is normal. Intensive training is needed, ideally – every other day or daily for 10-15 days, bringing itself in one such training to pre -coraginum states in an amount of 5 times.

The first orgasm obtained in such a way will be less intense than from clitoral stimulation. But if you practice, the orgasm will become brighter and more interesting. After that, we must learn to get vaginal orgasms with a partner. Remember that both you must be excited. Let the partner make standard progressive movements, and at this time, stimulate the clitoris. And when you feel that the orgasm is close, remove your hand from the clitoris and try to focus on the pleasure received. The main thing is practice, you should not wait for a stormy and quick orgasm for the first time, it should come gradually as training.

For speedy achievement of the results, you can also do unchilding (training of intimate muscles) and do Kegel exercises, then the result will be faster and orgasms brighter. Frequent problem when performing “Bridge” The difficulty is to understand at what moment it is worth removing one of the stimulations, and the orgasmic wave may leave. It is necessary to choose the moment when vaginal stimulation can continue the wave of pleasure, and not roll it back. With each successful training, try to remove the second stimulation before and earlier.

Ideal postures during training using “Bridge” will become those that will provide the ability to stimulate the clitoris. The most convenient poses for this – if a woman is on top or lies on her side.

A few tips and facts:

– It is worth starting slowly, but not too slowly so that a woman can focus on her sensations;

– You can try to fantasize for more excitement and acceleration of the approach of orgasm;

– Do not despair with unsuccessful attempts, this is normal;

– Do not be upset at "flight" orgasm, because in the process of training with a partner there is still an increase in mutual trust.

Stimulation can be carried out by a vibrator – both independently and with a partner. You can take a regular vibrator for vaginal stimulation, clitoral or generally multifunctional. A vibrator-collar with a flexible clitoris process can help very much in training, especially if it provides for the possibility of separate control of the vaginal part and ears.

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