How to get a jet orgasm. Instructions – How to bring a girl to a squirt.

Inkjet orgasm or female squirt: Definition of concepts and technology.

How to get a jet orgasm. Instructions – How to bring a girl to a squirt.

Women’s squirt – unforgettable impressions and passionate fantasy of men. This is the brightest kind of sexual pleasure. It feels like such an orgasm is slightly different from the classic. Almost every girl can achieve it – it is useful to know some nuances and exercises.

Definition of concepts, anatomy

Squirt is a jet female orgasm with fluid release. She often just flows out of the urethra. Such pleasure feels different from the usual discharge – more saturated, intense. It occurs due to stimulation of point G, often repeats several times in one episode.

The phenomenon of multiple orgasm is called “refractory period”.

Its essence:

  • Faced with Squirt for the first time, later it is easier to reach the second or third or fourth;
  • With each subsequent man, a man will have to apply less and less effort;
  • Point G is parauretral glands that swell, contract, pushing the fluid;
  • these glands are located on the upper part of the front wall of the vagina;
  • The most time -consuming is to experience this type of pleasure for the first time.

From a scientific position, point G is not a point, but a plot inside the vagina. It is a tuberous area surrounded by a urethra. During the squirt, the spray splashes out not quite from the urethra, but from small holes near it.

Psychological features

Sexual excitement, the desire for sex in women is more closely related to the moral sphere than in men. Only an attentive lover, who is sincerely interested in this, is able to bring a girl to a jet orgasm. Any lack of non -performance, insufficient emotionality, and compression can interfere with pleasure.

Reinforced concrete conditions for squirt:

  • lack of constraint;
  • the corresponding mood, depending on the menstrual cycle, household events, relationships, fatigue;
  • a feeling of psychological calm;
  • a state of relaxation;
  • full confidence in the partner;
  • cozy atmosphere;
  • Feeling interest on the part of the partner.

It is possible to find out what exactly excites your lover or wife, only through conversation and attentive observation.

How to get a jet orgasm. Instructions – How to bring a girl to a squirt.

A common mistake of men – they limit caressing banal erogenous zones. Dams have many scrupulous parts of the body, in addition to the genitals, chest, neck – this question is found out in a conversation with a lover.

Increases the feeling of tension and discomfort strong fixation precisely on the idea of bringing to squirting. Therefore, girls often simulate pleasure, so as not to upset their young man.

Female orgasm as a phenomenon is an art with many components. A significant role is given to psychology, relationships. Therefore, the instructions on how to bring to a jet orgasm cannot be 100% effective. Much depends on trust, mutual respect, understanding.

General rules

Do not focus on how to quickly bring the girl to orgasm – everything should flow smoothly, leisurely. The algorithm is similar to the male orgasm familiar to everyone: the member first awakens, then grows stronger, after which rhythmic movements bring the matter to a happy finale. This is the work of both partners.

There are a number of simple recommendations:

  • Gradual stimulation of the “point g”. You can start massage only in a very excited state of the lady. A long prelude is needed. Massage of this area is given 10-15 minutes at a time for 10-14 days.
  • The partner should not feel constrained. She needs to completely plunge into the process of sex, discarding unnecessary thoughts.
  • Stimulation of the upper vaginal area takes place using fingers or sex toys, and not a member. For a full activation of the “point g”, it takes some time, patience.
  • Specific movements are individual. Someone more like pressing, someone-stroking. In this matter, they listen to the sensations of a partner, ask unobtrusive questions.
  • To exclude unnecessary experiences about wet underwear, mattress, you should put in advance a waterproof sheet. A simple action reduces the number of distracting moments that interfere with concentrate, enjoy.
  • With strong experiences about the preservation of bedding – you can cause a jet orgasm under water, in the shower, bathroom. In order not to slide along the acrylic surface, put a rubber rug.

To increase the probability of squirting, it is recommended to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor – regularly perform Kegel exercises. The easiest way: to imagine the situation that you really want to go to the toilet, to squeeze the muscles of the vulva as if you are trying to restrain urination. This position is maintained for 6-7 seconds, then relax the body. The procedure is repeated 10-15 times.

It is better to go to the toilet before sex, because the feelings from squirt are a little close to urination. If you pee in advance, this will eliminate unnecessary worries on the question “And if I just do not restrain urination”, will allow you to enter a state of relaxation.

When, during sex, a woman thinks that she wants to go to the toilet – this is the first “signal” about the approaching discharge. At this moment you can not clamp, you need to let go of the situation.

Full urination during orgasm is impossible.

Muscle participation and breathing

Any lessons on how to bring a woman to squirt are built on two components – muscles and breathing. At the time of orgasm, the body makes similar movements, as during childbirth. So laid down by nature. The probability of finishing increases if you pay some attention to muscle tissue training.

The first movement is a small opening of the vagina. Often this is accompanied by “indecent” sounds of exhausted air. This moment is important, since many girls have a sense of constraint from rhythm.

Second muscle movement – pushing. Vulva muscles are sharply reduced and relaxed. Vaginal balls with lubrication will help to train:

  • Classes must be held sitting;
  • resting with his hands on the back of the floor, bending his legs at the knees, try to “push” vaginal balls with different intensity;
  • “Pushing” the diaphragm, inflating the stomach, making a sharp exhalation – the vagina should not be compressed at this moment.

It is impossible to get a jet orgasm without proper breathing. Someone is obtained by itself, and in the complete absence of experience, you should familiarize yourself with some nuances. For squirting you need a “breathing” body. Energy enters the pelvic area if the girl breathes with her mouth open, not only with her nose.

Exercises, tips:

  • lie on your back, relax, start breathing with your mouth, listening to the breath-loud;
  • In the process of breathing, it is advisable to concentrate on the pelvic area;
  • During the massage of point G, the same deep breath should be used with the mouth.

Training is not combined with sex-for it, separate 15-20 minutes a day is allocated for it. A warm, secluded atmosphere is necessary. One of the best ways to learn squirting is to explore your body yourself, to understand what you like more than the movements. And then it is necessary to share the information received during masturbation with the lover.

Bringing to Squirt Peting and Cooney

The easiest way to bring a woman to squirt is to make it with fingers. It is necessary to click on the “G” section, alternate it with clitoral massage. The initial effect will be noticeable only when point G begins to “respond” to touch, it will become more sensitive.

The standard procedure for successful squirting is performed both independently and partner. It is better to enter the vagina in the middle and ring finger – so more convenient. Hand is located with a palm up. Inside the vagina, fingers are bent upward. From the outside it looks like a person “calls” someone to himself.

How to get a jet orgasm. Instructions – How to bring a girl to a squirt.

Tactile sensations make it easy to find G-region. Approximate instruction:

  • It is necessary to start with the stimulation of the clitoris;
  • enter two fingers into the vagina using additional grease;
  • During the petting, finding a sensitive zone in the upper area of the vagina is a slightly convex surface located at a depth of 3 to 6 cm;
  • This area must be gently massaged, and then increase the pace;
  • movements are not superficial, but with pressure;
  • The result is expressed in the sensations of a partner, noticeable after 10-15 minutes of stimulation;
  • From the first time, “wet pleasure” is not easy to achieve, attempts should be made regular;
  • If the partner managed to finish, then do not stop – first you should slow down, and then build the rhythm again for subsequent discharge.

It’s easier to achieve female ejaculation if you choose a gp and clitoris at the same time. Therefore, it will be more convenient to connect oral sex, using the tongue, lips. For Cooney to be effective, the guy should be experienced in oral affection. Therefore, cunnilingus must first be practiced separately, causing an ordinary orgasm.

Squirt poses with vaginal sex

Since the member does not massage the paraunshtral glands of the vagina to the necessary extent, it is more difficult to achieve squirting with vaginal sex. This can be done if the lady has already had experience of “wet orgasm”. Some poses involve easy stimulation of the Gp point with a penis:

  • Doggi Stayl: Partner stands “on all fours”, her hands rest on bed. The guy from the back. The introduction of a member should not be “straight”, but slightly tilted down. It is necessary that he rests not on the cervix, but on the front area of the vagina. It is better if the lady knees on a high surface, and the man – behind the floor.
  • The second option: the partner lies on his stomach, and the man in the back introduces a member from a certain angle so that his head stimulates G-region. It will be more comfortable if you put a pillow-liner under your partner’s hips.
  • Return of the Returner: 180 degrees a pose of a rider. A girl as an active participant can control her pleasure, regulate movements, change position, rhythm, pace. It feels like a partner is easier to determine whether the head of the member affects the desired section.
  • Missionary pose with pillows. It is advisable to raise the pelvic area of the partner slightly by putting a pillow-leaf under it. A member, as in any case, should be chosen by via. The movements are at first soft, the pace is increased gradually, depending on the sensations of the lady.

The main secret of success is the angle of penetration of the penis. You can achieve squirting with deep penetration in other poses, the main thing is that the member stimulates parauretral glands.

Using sex toys

It’s easier to finish with the use of sex toys both during masturbation and with affiliate sex. Today there are a large number of vibration massagers with modes that act more efficiently than fingers.

How to get a jet orgasm. Instructions – How to bring a girl to a squirt.

Sex toy has a lot of advantages. She relieves excessive stress, helps to adhere to rhythm with an increase in speed.

General points:

  • You can first find a G-region with your fingers, then to massage it with a vibrator;
  • It is inappropriate to take out-load the toy in the vagina-oscillatory movements are necessary;
  • If you feel the approach of discharge, you can not change the speed, angle of inclination, make pauses;
  • The option of using the toy – knead the inner area with your fingers, and massage the clitoris with a vibrator.

The phalloimitator relevant for the squirt must necessarily have a “bent” end, a long work surface. These are M-shaped devices. The stimulator is introduced at such an angle that its tip massage the upper front wall.

A good version of the vibration massager for self-study is a vibrator-collar with two “processes” for simultaneous massage of the inner region of the vagina and clitoris. Nozzles on fingers with a relief surface are also popular.

How to get a jet orgasm. Instructions – How to bring a girl to a squirt.

It is better to include vibration after immersing the device inside. Start with slow rhythms, the head of the device is driven up and down without taking. Excitation intensifies if at the moment the moment to increase the speed of vibration, pressure, pressure.

What can interfere with orgasm

It is undesirable to compare male and female ejaculation. These are two different concepts. It’s much more difficult for girls to finish, and the procedure takes much more time. But female pleasure at times more bright, often multiple. Is it possible to learn squirt – yes, but it will take more than one week. Perhaps training will be needed. Factors that can interfere:

  • Rush. It would be nice to tune in advance that to achieve a squirt is a long process, a task of more than one day.
  • Think of unnecessary issues – dirty bed, smells, sounds, the shape of a chandelier on the ceiling.
  • Small – many ladies worry about the amount of fluid discarded or how they look from the side.
  • Irritation of the partner. All issues should be voiced, discussed without hints, and movements must be directed.
  • Fear of climax, as a result – attempts to restrain.
  • Inattentive man who does not listen to the sensations and words of a loved one.

Question answer

Men are often sure that when the girl is squirt-this is just a certain trick from a porn movie, as if she was pouring some water in advance. The topic is shrouded in a mass of myths and stereotypes, so it does not prevent the most common questions from answering the situation.

What is female ejaculate, which liquid is released during squirt?

With a jet orgasm, 1-3 teaspoons of a colorless or slightly whitish secretion are thrown out. The smell is not nasty, bodily. The taste is slightly sweet. The scientific work describes that this “water” contains a combination of a small amount of urea, creatinine and a secret from the skin of the skin (analogue of prostate). However, the exact composition of the fluid secreted from squirting is not described.

How the squirt is felt and looks for the first time?

The first orgasm with spray is not too wet. The fluid does not “fund”, and its number, most likely, will be small. But if sex continues, the subsequent squirt will be more voluminous.

It is not advisable to compare your experience with what is shown in porn. Actresses in most videos do not end, but imitate. In films, a jet orgasm is often replaced by conventional urination or installation. In real life, the “fountain” of liquid is rare – ejaculates are more often just flows out.

What to do if you can’t finish with the liquid?

Suitable attempts that do not bring success are not an occasion for disorder and not a problem. After all, the process of searching for a point G itself is very pleasant and inspiring. You need to enjoy what is happening without concentrating on the set goal. When the focus of attention goes to the pleasure of masturbation, the probability of a spontaneous squirt will increase. In addition, you can do training, study your body.

Will all women can squirt?

Scientific works on the question of female pleasure do not give a clear answer what percentage of women is experiencing a clitoral or “wet” orgasm. The results of scientific works are contradictory – from the point of view of physiology, each female body is able to experience squirt. In reality, this succeeds approximately every second. Will you be lucky – you can find out for sure, only by trying.

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