How to get a vaginal orgasm to a woman: 17 reasons why he is not during sex, what to do to a guy

How to get a vaginal orgasm to a woman: 17 reasons why he is not during sex, what to do to a guy.

How to get a vaginal orgasm to a woman: 17 reasons why he is not during sex, what to do to a guy

We have already said that a woman has several types of orgasms, each of which can experience any healthy individual during intercourse or during masturbation. About a third of the girls do not receive satisfaction at all, of the remaining 60% cum clitorne (clitorically in the scientific), 30% vaginally, 10%-real universals-can be the way and this.

The cherished desire of all women is the internal finish, so sexologists and forums are littered with questions on the topic, how to get a vaginal orgasm, Is it normal that I do not get a vaginal orgasm, why I only experience clitoral, etc.D. In fact, there is no unique way, a certain mechanistic technique, so that all women learn to end vaginally. Direct sexual impulses, contributing to an increase in the force of excitation, are individual for everyone, and how significant external factors are! They are able to have the opposite effect of direct stimuli.

Often, more shy women prefer to be silent about their problem or share with the closest girlfriend. But there is no need to be silent about it! Let’s not limit the pleasure of intimate communication with a man, but we will figure out why there is no vaginal orgasm specifically. Today we will consider 17 reasons for its absence!

How to get a vaginal orgasm to a woman: 17 reasons why he is not during sex, what to do to a guy

Why there is no vaginal orgasm, all reasons

Let’s immediately agree that the lack of this type of pleasure is not a pathology of sexual life, relationships and your body. This is just an individual rhythm of a peak of pleasure.

If orgasic discharge occurs regularly, even with the help of clitoris stimulation in any way, then you have a complete order! You are a normal woman with quite normal sexuality. You are not frigid!

But this thought will not console many anyway, because I want it like a friend who says that 10 times a day is vaginally only from the sight of a naked member. Okay, let’s understand how you will help yourself.

Unfortunately, in most cases, if the girl does not have vaginal orgasm, she blames the man in everything and shifts the entire degree of responsibility to his shoulders. He is an inexperienced crooked idiot who does not know how to give pleasure to his woman! In fact, sometimes men miss some moments in bed, behave selfishly, but a greater percentage of “guilt” lies with the owner of the vagina!

It is extremely important to understand that any female orgasm begins with the head. To get a vaginal orgasm, the virgin must be relaxed and excited. And in these two moments any factors can impede.

Bodily problems

This is a rare reason why a woman does not receive an orgasm, but she exists. Harmony in sexual relations is unlikely to achieve if the girl has:

  • anomalies in the development of external or internal 2nd organs;
  • Diseases of the female genital area;
  • neurological diseases associated with blocking the transmission of pulses to the cerebral cortex (orgasic sensations are lost);
  • menopause and climate.

We superficially affected the bodily causes of anorgazmia in women. With such problems they go to the doctor.

Psychological blocks

All injuries from childhood. The expression is familiar? And it very correctly reflects the whole essence of the psychological states of an adult! Parents raised the girl in severity, the topic of sex education was prohibited and was surrounded by a special aura of tension. This approach recorded the block on the perception of himself as a sexual object, so the conflicts begin in bed with a man, and he was not to blame for! She is not able to relax, because sex in itself is “dirt” from the point of view of the reaction of her subconscious.

They are fighting this with a psychologist, a sexologist, or they themselves are trying to figure out this issue. Some girls manage to realize that the stereotypes and myths imposed by their parental family are only harmful, and real life is completely different. There is nothing reprehensible in sexual intercourse – this is a form of manifestation of feelings, instinct, and one of the leading.

From birth, two main instincts are laid in a person: food and reproduction. To survive as a biological species, we must eat and have sex, give birth to children. Imagine how stupid it is to drive a child into the head that sex is and dirty. And for the pleasure of him they punish in hell. Drive such “cockroaches” from your head.

Children’s injury

A psychological trauma is underway with the previous point. We will analyze one of them – the child found out that parents have sex at the age when the formation of sexuality is laid down. For us, parents are almost holy people, at least for the majority. Agree, many accepted the fact that dad and mom are engaged in “this”, painfully or with disgust. And when the child also hears this almost every evening, a dual attitude towards sex is born. And this disparate is transferred to bed as they grow old. A woman wants sex, but she cannot achieve vaginal orgasm (sometimes clitore), because the subconscious is disgusted with the process.

Emotional and household relations with a partner

If you often conflict with a partner, take offense at him, harmony in bed will not be. No mechanistic techniques will help you get a vaginal orgasm! Bright bursts are possible only with the complete acceptance of each other, psychological emancipation and frankness. If you go to bed with an “enemy”, from which you constantly hold a “blow” and “defend”, to enjoy it is unrealistic.

Living conditions

It is stupid to compare a woman and a man whose excitement arises from the simplest stimuli, and orgasic discharge occurs from a series of pushing-setting movements. He can end at least around the corner of the next five -story building if the case turns up to bend the mouth -watering female. The environment is important to a woman.

If you live in saving mode, a woman has one dress for all holidays for three years in a row, a gloomy mother -in -law or mother -in -law sits behind the wall, children are worn under her feet – what a vaginal orgasm, what are you talking about? Here it would not be a desire to have sex at all!

How to get a vaginal orgasm to a woman: 17 reasons why he is not during sex, what to do to a guy

Chronic fatigue + depression

Most often, a woman experiences chronic fatigue when the entire load of motherhood and newly -minted daily duties falls on her. The same thing happens when a girl works a lot. This whole complex is almost always seasoned with a sauce called “depression” in which a person is annoyed, wants to sleep, angry with everyone in the district, and sexual life turns into an obligation. Why do you think there is no vaginal orgasm in this case? And you would like sex at all if you sleep for 3-4 hours and do everything on the machine?

Sex with all the orgasm arising from it is the result of reproduction instinct. When there are no conditions and strength, this function is disconnected by the first. The body includes the “Savings Mode”.

Lack of time and mismatch of modes

In modern conditions, we all suffer from a lack of time. A man and a woman can work or study at a completely different time. The intersection rarely occurs – the feeling is created that they live in two different planes.

She wants sex when he cannot or does not want, and he climbs with affection when she is not ready. Naturally, how to achieve vaginal orgasm, the question is already few people worry. Cossack on duty, more often pleasant exclusively to a man. For a woman, he is accepted “the faster, the better” – just not to spoil the climate in the family and relationships.

Pursuit of the unattainable or an attempt to comply with the “social order” of society

A very common reason why there is no vaginal orgasm lies in the unreality of fantasies and an attempt to realize them. The stream of information about some unprecedented sexual experiments, many hours of squirt, crazy blowjob techniques make the girl feel worthless in bed in bed with a man. In her own eyes, she loses to those seductive chicks from the screen and pages of Instagram.

This develops a bunch of complexes about the appearance, desires of the guy (it seems that everyone wants perversions and ten female orgasms from one touch to the sexual organ). Some kind of social neurosis, an unhealthy exaggeration of the abilities of both men and women, forces them to chase some mythical ideals.

Some men (fortunately, their minority) revised the porn or met with girls who skillfully simulated and lied about vaginal multi -sores. They dump a ton of complaints towards an ordinary woman who honestly says that she can only end with the help of clitoris stimulation. Dear dreamers, return from virtual porn to our sinful land. And get a job at least a little woman to excite, and not just poke her a member between the legs.

Girls, to your joy, there are few such “woodpeckers”! To be honest, most men do not care what your orgasm you have! They are much more excited by a reaction to affection, the behavior of a woman in the process of intercourse. So put your high planks less and just give yourself to the process without painting according to the points that you must do.

How to end vaginally if you are shy

But this is a serious problem! There are many shy. The modesty is ashamed of their body, emotions, sexual fantasies, manifestations of male desires, afraid to ask about the preferences of the partner, are clamped with any attempts to liberate them.

First of all, enough to look for shortcomings in yourself! Increase the level of confidence, finish showing dissatisfaction with your appearance. If men pay attention, then everything is in order. If you do not know what they love and want men in bed, study that you do not know how to. Do not be mistaken in your judgments that only you alone do not end vaginally and do a deep blowjob poorly. There are thousands of such! Most likely, units are able to suck a member normally, and not vice versa. Do not compare yourself with anyone! And you will understand this only through personal experiments and solving psychological problems.

Denial of one’s own needs

All of the above reasons can be poured into the denial of their own sexual needs. A woman will not think about how to get a vaginal orgasm if, for example, he is very shy or conflict with her husband. Motivation – not “open the abscess”. It’s easier to lock your desires on the castle, to cram them deep into the subconscious than to overcome difficulties, to conduct a dialogue, to fight complexes.

Why there is no orgasm? It’s a shame that I jerk off

Female psychology and sexuality have such a vulnerable nature that it is difficult to track response mechanisms. Imagine the situation, the girl could not finish what the man either scored, offering to engage in self -satisfaction, or reluctantly made a sluggish attempt to “make it pleasant to her”. The situation repeated again. The girl had a feeling that he simply rejected her, spit on her pleasure. I would like to finish from a man’s affection during sex, and not from his own fifth.

And so the offense originated – deep, heavy and complex. It seems to the man that everything is fine. Well, think, did not end from the penis into the vagina, then with her hand back and forth-and here is an orgasm. Silent. A woman accepts this as a neglect of her needs. She works for him, he enjoys, he simply “takes off the cream” and does not even clog his head, which she longs. The girl works for herself and for him. That’s why he cannot get a vaginal orgasm instead of clitoral.

The partner is just tired

Didn’t this happen to you? Your man, even three times beloved, is tired in bed. Everything is thoroughly studied and predictable. Passion and ardor were reduced, there was tenderness in return, it is a pity that it does not help to finish. Well, there is no former excitement! Sex has become mechanical, without a zest, as before!

In this case, intimate toys from our sex shop will help! Discuss fantasies uncensored. Perhaps the man is also tired of your bed “sandwich” and I want “strawberries”! Try double penetration, anal sex, role -playing games. Go to the section with vibrators and BDSM-temo, take a closer look at the anal toys. New ideas come in the process!

Lack of eroticism

We are sure that sometimes not the partner himself and his actions are boring. Sometimes there is not enough eroticism between you! This is more necessary for a woman than a man. If for a man the best incentive is new linen and stockings, then for a girl – affection during the day. We are not talking about specific harassment to causal places. No. A special approach is needed here: a languid look, a kiss in the neck (without lifting the skirt urgently), the words about how beautiful and desirable, gentle gestures (stroke through the hair, hug, hold a hand along the cheek).

If you want to get a woman and want to help her in achieving vaginal orgasm, try playing with her “We are barely familiar with”. Remember how they looked after what they said, how they touched her body before they began to live together. Look at the erotic melodrama – there the heroes usually want a woman so passionately that the girls when watching such scenes are starting with half a turn.

Weak sensations during sex

A woman can experience a whole gamut of pleasant sensations with vaginal sex, but do not finish. The reason lies in the insufficiency of incentives: there are no growth, waves, peak of satisfaction. Either there are few direct sexual impulses, that is, the girl needs more time to get enough of them, or you need to additionally affect other erogenous zones with something.

By the way, it is not necessary to use precisely erogenous points. Sometimes a visual stimulus is required, for example, preliminary or parallel viewing of erotica, porn, some erotic conversations between a couple, etc.D.

The complete absence of sensations is the reason for the absence of vaginal orgasm

The girl may not feel anything during the penetration of the penis into the vagina or in the process of frictions. The fact is that the clitoris is a sensitive zone, the labia lips are also saturated with nerve endings, the zone around them and the entrance to the vagina. There is not enough receptors inside, so tactfulness is lost. If at the same time the penis of the partner does not have impressive dimensions, it is not moving in the rhythm that the woman likes, then the result will be zero. In fact, the vaginal orgasm does not occur due to subjective sensations

Dependence on bad habits

Alcoholism, smoking, drugs are able to completely kill all sensory perceptions. They kill nerve cells, inhibit the response processes, have an anesthetic effect, so the orgasm does not occur. We are not talking about a one -time use of alcohol or pampering with cigarettes once a week with a fun company. We are talking about constant use of narcotic substances.

How to get a vaginal orgasm – organize high -quality prelude

This item belongs to all men. Vaginal orgasm is absent where preludes are not paid enough attention. Any woman always has a bunch of erogenous zones, the impact on which helps to feel maximum excitement and climax.

When the partner licked his chest twice, pinched the clitoris three times, and then spread his legs, and even put in a pose that does not contribute to the ladies’ orgasms, the woman will remain unsatisfied. If he always does this, before you is a terry selfish! The girl needs to caress at least 10 minutes before vaginal penetration.

It is much more difficult for ladies to achieve a peak of sexual pleasure than guys. In addition, many young people do not understand how the girl’s vaginal orgasm occurs. In fact, confusing the spasm of arbitrary contractions of the uterus and walls of the vagina with something else is quite difficult. Of course, if a girl does not simulate an orgasm on. Although it is difficult to fake the true achievement of pleasure – at these moments the body and consciousness are uncontrolled, they are not amenable to control of the brain.

A man needs to listen to his partner. One women like protracted preludes, for others it is preferable to have sex without unnecessary tenderness. Obsessive caresses can ruin everything and repel from the young lady generally a desire to continue.

Preliminary touch and kisses play a decisive role in receiving an orgasm to a woman, but each sexual intercourse should become for a guy a read page read. Girls usually need more time to get excited, and it is important to remember that sexual satisfaction is an extremely subtle individual thing.

How to get a vaginal orgasm to a woman: 17 reasons why he is not during sex, what to do to a guy

How to bring a girl to a vaginal orgasm to a guy

A single rule for men, of course, does not exist. But still, some recommendations will allow young people to give their ladies incredible impressions of sex:

  • Find the point g. Each woman has in the vagina, approximately 3-4 cm from the entrance to it, there is iron, somewhat vaguely reminiscent of the prostate at the guys. Its stimulation on the front wall of the vagina causes enhanced production of the so -called ejaculate, which is excreted through the urethra during orgasm. This liquid has nothing to do with urine, it does not have any characteristic taste and smell.
  • Do not forget that you can give a woman pleasure not only with the help of penis, but also fingers, tongue. For every representative of the fair sex, there are individual ways of excitement. To bring the girl to vaginal orgasm, it is necessary to start with delicate penetrations inside the fingers. As a rule, cunnilingus helps to start any woman. The guy needs to caress the clitoris and the entrance to the vagina – the young ladies really like it.
  • To deliver a vaginal orgasm to the partner, a man must provide the girl with the opportunity to manage the process. Moreover, many women explore themselves and their body by masturbation and know exactly how and where the effect on erogenous zones should occur.
  • If you want to give your partner a multiple orgasm, you should not stop. The second wave of pleasure will come faster, it will become even brighter.

How to get a vaginal orgasm on your own

Among the answers to the question why the girl does not receive a vaginal orgasm, it should be noted the weak muscles of her intimate organs. After pregnancy, childbirth or long sexual abstinence, the vagina muscles weaken, gradually losing their tone, which is a prerequisite for the full friction of the penis against the wall of the vagina. Simple exercises will help to fix the situation to strengthen the intimate muscle apparatus.

During the day, the girl needs to repeat the compression of the main muscle of the vagina several times, drawing the anus with her and. It is the lower part of the vagina, as well as its input, play a huge role in the formation of orgasic manifestations. The possession of the muscles of the vagina will help a woman not only to receive the bright vaginal orgasm in any sexual pose, but also to give an unforgettable feeling to her partner.

We told you about all the reasons why the girl does not receive a vaginal orgasm, and how to help her achieve the highest peak of pleasure. We are waiting for your comments! Share secrets and personal methods to solve the problem.

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