How to learn to achieve jet orgasm: instructions for girls

How to learn how to end a squirt for a girl.

Any girl will be able to achieve jet orgasm. In fact, there is nothing difficult in this process. The most important thing is to know exactly what to do and in what sequence. If you follow the recommendations, then the girl will be able to pleasantly surprise her young man and enjoy herself.

How to learn to achieve jet orgasm: instructions for girls

Let’s figure out what squirt is?

Squirt is called a special type of jet orgasm that occurs in girls under special circumstances. During such an orgasm, the girl will experience the most powerful sensations and pleasure. At the same time, parauretral fluid in large quantities will be thrown out of the vagina. Many mistakenly believe that this is urine, and this is partly so. To taste or smell, this liquid may vary depending on the woman or her physiological characteristics. But as a rule, it does not cause any disgust in men.

The girl will remember such a strong orgasm for a very long time, because after him most women cannot even get up. The complete powerlessness of the body after squirt is due to the fact that almost all muscles are reduced. Pleasure can last a very long time, and if at the same time stimulating the clitoris, then the girl will wriggle with pleasure and moan lingeringly or even scream. Such an orgasm technique allows any girl to completely reveal their sexuality and throw it out in the literal sense.

Squirt delights many men, as this is an unusual sight.

Preparation for independent squirt-training

You can learn independent squirt, but it is better if her young man will help to squirt a girl. Before you get an inkjet orgasm, you need to carefully prepare, both morally and physically. It is very pleasant to end with jet squirt, so training needs to pay special attention so that everything is done correctly.

Correct mood

Before you make a jet squirt, you need to relax and tune in. You can turn on porn videos to get excited faster. You can just connect your imagination and remember your most stormy sex or imagine how it could be.

The mental mood is very important with squirt, since the girl should fully concentrate and feel her body.

Almost 80% of all success will depend on how correct mood the girl has chosen, so this is the most attention should be paid to the training point.

Suitable toys

It will not be superfluous to use special toys that will allow stimulating the point G. This is an imitation of the penis in which special protrusions are added that stimulate the cherished point. There are options with vibration and scrolling the tip. In this case, it will be easier to achieve inkjet orgasm, since thanks to rotating elements, point G will be in constant voltage.

Train special muscles

So that the girl can feel her body, she needs to be anywhere and at any free time to train the LKM muscle. It is located between the anal ring and the vagina. Training is quite simple, so you can do them at work or even in public transport.

When you go to write, you need to periodically stop the stream of urine for a few seconds, and then let it go again. This will allow you to determine where exactly the muscle we need, in order to understand in the future that you are training it and do everything right.

Satch more comfortably

Try to get as convenient as possible. It is best to stay on the bed, and cover the legs placed to the sides with a warm blanket so that they are constantly warm. It is best to lie on your back, and put your pillow under your lower back. So you can open access to the vagina so that it is more convenient to get to it. And on time Squirt can be strengthened.

If the room is cool, then it is best to turn on the heater so that the temperature is comfortable. You will have to lie on the bed almost completely naked, so no uncomfortable sensations should be.

Try to guess such a moment when there will be no one at home. Nothing should distract you or scare you. You need to completely immerse yourself in this atmosphere and concentrate on your feelings.

How to achieve a jet orgasm for a girl yourself

If you are used to masturbating yourself, then achieving a jet orgasm for you will not be difficult. It is enough to listen to some recommendations that experimental sexologists give.

We stimulate the point g

To achieve jet orgasm, it is necessary to stimulate the point g. Finding it is pretty simple. If you insert your fingers into the vagina and bend them a little, then you can feel the upper wall. Point G will be located a few centimeters from the labia. It looks like a small seal, which must be stimulated with light crush at the moment when the degree of excitement becomes as close as possible to orgasm.

How to learn to achieve jet orgasm: instructions for girlsWe find a point g

As soon as you press on the treasured point, in the bottom of the abdomen there should be a pulling sensation. So you did everything right. But it must be remembered that the point G must begin to stimulate at the moment when the orgasm is no longer the strength to delay.

Do not forget about the clitoris

The stimulation of the clitoris during jet orgasm is very important, so you need to pay special attention to it. During masturbation, the stimulation of the clitoris will allow you to be excited faster, and if it stimulates it at the time of the inkjet orgasm, then the sensation and stream can be enhanced.

There are a lot of nerve endings and blood capillaries on the clitoris head, so any stimulation will give you pleasure. To enhance the effect, you can moisten your fingers with saliva or special lubricants. Try to maintain a moist environment in the clitoris area to get excited faster.


At the time of orgasm does not need to stop. It is advisable to continue to do all the same movements, but do not forget to breathe right. No need to hold your breath or breathe rapidly. It is enough to choose one rhythm and adhere to it so that the jet orgasm is not intermittent, but smooth and strong.

Breathing technique can be mastered with ordinary masturbation or sex. You must teach you to breathe evenly even if the orgasm is strong and pleasant.

The easiest way to learn to squirt

If you have seriously thought about learning to achieve a jet orgasm, then this lesson needs to be approached with all responsibility. You can see the training videos in which the girls squirt on the camera. So you will clearly understand in which position it is most convenient to achieve inkjet orgasm and what feelings await you.

Of course, the easiest way will be if a man who can do everything on his own helps to squirt. You just have to concentrate to have fun. You can also learn to get a jet orgasm on your own, but in some cases you can’t do it with only fingers, so you will have to use special sex toys. But in general, if a girl was able to feel her point G, then the squirt will not be a problem for her.

No need to be upset if, after the first few masturbations, you could not get a jet orgasm. All comes with experience. Perhaps you have not stimulated the GOTTOTOTOTOTE or vice versa with the effort. You need to try more and more until you can choose the middle ground.

Learned yourself – teach a partner

If you want to get an inkjet orgasm with your young man, then advise him to read our article on how to bring the girl to a jet orgasm. Let him carefully familiarize himself with all points and sequence of movements. This will allow him to know exactly what and how to do to give you great pleasure in the form of an inkjet orgasm.

It will not be superfluous to read the article and you yourself to understand what you have to try. It describes in detail what the girl should do and how to respond to certain movements. If you study the action plan in detail, then in practice there will be no problems.

No matter how you try to squirt yourself, it will not only be easier with a man, but also much more pleasant, because men’s hands can do more and more tenderly.

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