How to test an orgasm to a woman?

How to test an orgasm to a woman?.

What is a vaginal orgasm

Vaginal orgasm occurs when the vaginal is stimulated by a member, hand or toy – the entire surface of the vagina inside experiences a pleasant sensation, but specifically for the occurrence of an orgasm, the point G, which is on the front wall in the lower third of the vagina, is 2 phalanxes from the entrance from the entrance.

Women’s vaginal orgasm – amazing experience. Vaginal orgasm as if rising from the inside, accompanied by heat and strong waves throughout the body. It is experienced much stronger than clitore, it exhausts more, and the impressions of it are more persistent. The orgasm is accompanied by the muscle contractions of the vagina, and the pleasure is so strong that you cannot restrain your body, the sounds made.

Women’s vaginal orgasm rarely appears at the beginning of sexual life. This is due to the fact that the G zone is still in a sleeping state – even when a man enters you a member, the body is not excited so to get an orgasm. It happens that women understand how to get a vaginal orgasm only after childbirth, when their inner elastic tissue becomes more sensitive. Of course, we are talking about natural births, and not cesarean section, because in the latter case the child does not pass along the birth canal through the vagina.

If you still do not understand how to achieve vaginal orgasm, do not despair – the highest point of pleasure depends only on you. An experienced woman who knows her body well can get a female vaginal orgasm with any partner.

Where does the path to orgasm begin

Before testing an orgasm for the first time, you need to recognize the existence of a problem – let it be a starting point. Playing along with her husband in bed and portraying a stormy orgasm, you only exacerbate the situation, because the problem does not cease to exist, and irritation accumulates. By the way, men know very well how to experience an orgasm (everything is easier for them), and they also know about how the female orgasm looks and what they feel when you end. Deception is a disrespect for yourself and your partner.

How to test an orgasm to a woman?

What is a vaginal orgasm for

Women’s vaginal orgasm is not only an indicator that you have good sex.  Girls who know how to experience a vaginal orgasm and constantly use this knowledge are characterized by more good health compared to women with anorgasmia (the inability to test orgasm).

In girls who do not experience a vaginal orgasm, the skin, hair, nails look worse, the aging process occurs faster, they are irritable and not stress -resistant. You don’t want to lose your attractiveness and be an embittered lady around the world?

This is not magic, but simply chemistry of the body – before achieving vaginal orgasm, your body throws a real hormonal cocktail into the bloodstream, full of beneficial substances. That is why girls who have good things in intimate life always look great.

If a man knows how to deliver a vaginal orgasm, he feels like an excellent lover who knows how to satisfy his woman. Imagine, the psychological pleasure of your partner from your orgasm is so great that he will consider you a real goddess of sex – in secret to say that men especially appreciate those women who experience a real orgasm in their hands, and not just imitate it or try to give pleasure to the partner.

Of course, I would like to experience a vaginal orgasm not only for health, but just to understand what kind of beast is such that the clitoral orgasm differs from vaginal. Indeed, if you have successfully practiced masturbation at least once (this is good for health and there is nothing wrong with it), then you are already familiar with the clitoral orgasm, which is simple enough to get.

Techniques for obtaining vaginal orgasm

We will tell you how to experience a vaginal orgasm alone with you. As soon as you learn to do this, an orgasm will appear in bed with a partner.

    Vaginal orgasm techniques:

  • Before you feel an orgasm, relax. Lie on the bed of naked, turn on your pleasant music. Breathe deeply.
  • Start to caress your body as you are especially pleased – start from your neck, chest, abdomen, hips. Gradually go to the labia, clitoris.
  • Stay longer where you are especially pleased – your body will give signals about erogenous areas.
  • Take a lubricant and pay special attention to the clitoris – caress it with circular movements, you can touch yourself just below or above the clitoris head, if it is pleasant.
  • Bring yourself to excite through the clitoris several times – when you feel the approach of the clitoral orgasm, stop caressing yourself and calm down a little, then start masturbation again. Just do not bring yourself to the clitoral orgasm.
  • When your own lubrication will literally flow from the vagina, go to the entrance to the vagina – massage it with your index finger, penetrate a little in, touch the walls of the vagina. Pay attention – sharp nails or burrs can injure delicate fabric, so your manicure should be in order.
  • Put your finger a little deeper so that its pillow is at the top. Advanced into the vagina of 3-4 centimeters and try to feel the tuberous area of the fabric-this will be point g.
  • Massage it with circular movements, then apply the “Come here” technique – bend the index finger as if you are beckoning someone to yourself. Most likely, you will very quickly feel the waves of pleasure rising from the inside. How to feel an orgasm? Just don’t stop, don’t suppress your feelings!
  • If the lubricant is not enough, use a special lubricant. Adapt movements to your needs – slow down, accelerate, make them deeper or deeper.
  • Experiment, applying different types of movements – after “go here” enter the second finger (middle) into the vagina and start masturbating with your fingers as if it is a male member or toy. At this stage, you can bring yourself to orgasm with your fingers or take a dildo, a vibrator, using it according to the same principle.
  • There are toys specially designed for the G zone, with a special bend – they are ideal for you to get vaginal orgasm.
  • How to feel an orgasm more intensively? Try vaginal balls on a harsh basis – first you need to enter them into the vagina, and when you feel the approach of an orgasm, pull out – you cannot help but finish!

How to test an orgasm to a woman?

How to test an orgasm for a girl: Choosing a posture

If you usually masturbate lying on your back with diluted legs, try other poses – for example, squatting, as if you were introducing a swab. In this pose it will be easier to get the point G with your hands, and you will not be so tired. If you want to know how to experience a female orgasm with a toy, buy a dildo that is attached to the surface – it will make it possible to diversify the positions as if you had sex with a man.

How to achieve vaginal orgasm with a partner: simple steps

Concentrate on the desire to certainly get an orgasm and do this:

  • Before you reach a vaginal orgasm with a man, train your vaginal muscles with the help of Kegel and vaginal balls – only a few minutes a day will help to make your sensations (and the feeling of a partner!) at times more vivid and pronounced.
  • Proper breathing will help you understand what vaginal orgasm is, and tune in to the desired wave by saturation of tissues with oxygen. As soon as you begin to feel languid pleasure in the lower abdomen, start breathing as measuredly and deeply as possible.
  • Relax, tune in to an erotic wave – take a foamed bath, fantasize about those feelings and motives that you would like to feel in your sexual life. The more excited you will be, the easier it will be to get a vaginal and clitoral orgasm, or even both at once. If fantasies help you get excited faster, use them even during sex with a partner (but it is not necessary to talk about it about it) – over time you will cease to need an orgasm in them.
  • Sometimes anal sex helps to get a vaginal orgasm due to the production of a large amount of testosterone during a sexual act. Invite your partner to try anal (only you need to do this correctly and gradually!), and then go to vaginal sexual intercourse.
  • In the process of intercourse, try to capture your feelings and ask your partner to change the pace, pose or depth of penetration in accordance with your wishes.

Watch our video below about choosing the right posture for orgasm.

General advice for orgasm

How to test an orgasm to a woman?

  • How to get a vaginal orgasm? Put your daily routine, get out more and relax – in stress mode, the body is not tuning for pleasure, so it will be problematic to achieve orgasm. Include more vegetables and fruits in your diet, limit the consumption of sweet and fried. The correct diet will help the normal production of female hormones, and without this orgasm cannot be seen.
  • Try to do Kegel’s exercises – simple at first glance, they are vital for those who do not know how to get a vaginal orgasm. The effect of exercises manifests itself simply: strengthening the muscles of your vagina, you feel better a member of a man, getting incomparable pleasure. By the way, your partner will also be delighted with your trained vagina!
  • Make sure that now you are not in a state of stress or quarrel with your partner, relatives – emotional experiences also reduce the likelihood of achieving orgasm. If before testing the clitoral orgasm, we can be inflated, then it is almost impossible to get a vaginal orgasm in such a situation – we need a flat pleasant situation. Some women cannot experience an orgasm due to sexual injuries that have occurred recently or for a long time. If you suspect that it is the subconscious who does not allow you to experience an orgasm, be sure to visit a psychologist. By the way, this can be done together with a sino, if your relationship is now going through the best times.

What is the difference between a clitoral orgasm and vaginal

What is a clitoral orgasm

The clitoral orgasm is quite bright, but it flashes quickly, like a comet, leaving a pleasant aftertaste behind. At the same time, the feeling of bliss rises from somewhere above, and the pleasure comes quickly enough.

Most likely, before experiencing a clitoral orgasm during masturbation, you deliberately delay the time so that it is more pleasant. With the receipt of the clitoral orgasm, the problems arise very rarely, because the clitoris is conveniently located and we get acquainted with it in childhood as part of the study of our own body. In addition, this erogenous zone is very responsive and immediately responds to any type of stimulation.

How to test a clitoral orgasm

Clital orgasm occurs due to mechanical irritation of the clitoris. Good news – you can receive it not only during masturbation, but also in the process of a sexual act, only with the right choice of a pose. Unfortunately, the most common missionary position does not allow you to rub the pubis on the partner’s pubis and thus stimulate the clitoris: if you are interested in testing a clitoral orgasm with a partner, change the pose to one of the suggested by us:

Doggi Stayl with a pillow. Take a position that is familiar to Doggi, but let an oblong pillow lies under your belly and pubis. In the process of a sexual act, you can completely relax and rub your pubis about the clitoris that will bring your orgasm closer.

Rider. Classical rider, it turns out – a great option for obtaining a clitoral orgasm. Bowing the body slightly forward, you can rest on your partner’s body and receive excellent stimulation without hands.

Why don’t you get an orgasm

Sexologists are well aware of this intimate female problem – the impossibility of getting a vaginal orgasm. There is even a special term for this – an anorgasmia that we have already used. There are three types of anorgazmia:

  1. Primary – If, in principle, you do not know how to get a vaginal orgasm and never experienced it, although you have a sexual life;
  2. Secondary – You know how to achieve vaginal orgasm and you had it at least once, but after that you stopped happening;
  3. Situational – You cannot get an orgasm with a specific man, in a certain position, etc.D., That is, your pleasure depends on the circumstances.

How to test an orgasm to a woman?

If you just started living sexual life, there is no problem in anorgasmia. A little practice and your desires will help to quickly deal with the situation. Rather, serious primary anorgasmia can be talked in women in marriage or long -term relationships that do not know about the existence of an orgasm at all.  However, anorgasmia is successfully treated with its own efforts or with the help of a specialist.

Any man is interested in delivering a vaginal orgasm to his wife, so your orgasm skills will become a very pleasant surprise for your partner. It is not necessary to hold a man who knows how to deliver a vaginal orgasm – he loves sex with his woman and his desire does not fade away.

Anorgazmia phenomenon in women

Before experiencing an orgasm, a woman often has to contact a specialist – a gynecologist or psychologist. The fact is that an orgasm can really be absent for physiological reasons – improper hormonal background, stress, anxiety, exhaustion of the body. Psychological reasons are also possible-fear of becoming pregnant, fear of a partner, experiencing sex as something dirty and unpleasant, rejection of your body. A psychologist has to work with this – even if you are unpleasant to visit such a specialist, he can really help.

Anorgasmia in women is not uncommon, especially in young girls. To understand how to feel an orgasm, the girl needs to focus on her body and his sensations, and at the beginning of sexual activity we are more concerned about what we look in the eyes of a partner and what he thinks of us. In addition, the guy can really be inept as a lover – as a rule, men develop sexual experience and begin to think about female pleasure closer to the middle age.

At the same time, your beloved man is your main stick-wrapping man on the way to orgasm, because with his touch the blood is seething and the heart trembles! How to test an orgasm to a woman if all this is not, it is difficult to understand: you can completely relax, be yourself, to be yourself, and all the problems can be discussed ideally. It turns out that you need to confess to the absence of orgasm first, and then to his partner – it is unlikely that he will take it to the public and scream that his girlfriend is frigid. Help in how to experience an orgasm for a girl, a guy can very much – his task is to become more sensitive, delicate, understanding, completely tune in to you and your pleasure.

Medication treatment of anorgazmia

To stimulate the pelvic zone, the doctor can prescribe a course of physiotherapeutic procedures that affect the lower body of the body. Massage, warming baths and wraps are also useful. These funds are very effective for those who had previously experienced an orgasm, but now it cannot.

Girls who still have physiological problems are detected, receive drug treatment.  In the vast majority of cases, before experiencing a vaginal orgasm, the girl undergoes a course of treatment with hormonal drugs that normalize hormonal background in the body. For example, a male hormone testosterone is responsible for the level of libido, which we also contain girls in the blood, but specifically for obtaining an orgasm, estrogen is responsible – typically female hormone.

The balance of hormones can be disrupted by the disease of the thyroid gland, ovaries or adrenal glands, as well as after surgery on the organs of the pelvis, pregnancy, and the onset of menopause.

If you are interested in how to get a vaginal orgasm, you need to make sure that the body can get it physiologically, which is just associated with the balance of hormones. If you do not feel sexual attraction and sex has become a routine for you, watch the video "Asexuality".

What is a vaginal orgasm from the point of view of a sexologist

The inability of a woman to receive clitoral and vaginal orgasm is considered by a specialist primarily from the point of view of the causes that caused such a violation. That is why it is possible to talk about the methods and complexity of the treatment of anorgasmia only after the causes of the causes. If you decide to come to an appointment with a sexologist and talk to him on this sensitive topic, try to suppress the constraint, because he will need to ask you a lot of personal issues to better understand the situation.

Questions can be like that:

  • Tell us about your first sexual experience, its circumstances and related emotions.
  • Whether you experienced an orgasm earlier, under what circumstances this happened?
  • Do you feel pain and discomfort with sex?
  • How long have you stopped receiving an orgasm?
  • What is your relationship with your sexual partner? Are there any disagreements, is everything happy in relations?
  • How you protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy?
  • Did you have a genital disease or transactions undergoing?
  • Have there have been sexual violence in your life?

You need to answer questions as frankly as possible, and if necessary, be ready to bring your partner. To make a man more easily transferred a visit to a doctor, you can say that it is important for you to understand yourself, because that you do not get an orgasm, there is no guilt.

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