I am ready to kiss the sand: an introductory course in Foot-Fetish | Orgasms

I am ready to kiss the sand: an introductory course in foot-physha.

I am ready to kiss the sand: an introductory course in Foot-Fetish | Orgasms
Foot-physism (English. Foot Fetish) – sexual attraction to the feet. Is one of the common areas of sexual fetishism, more common in men than in women. (c) Wikipedia. All -knowing Vicki, as always, is right – neither decrease, nor add, everything is clearly and in the case. But whether all this oldest, vast and multifaceted sexy fetish in three lines of printed text fit? Parse the foot pheny on the brick and lay out on the shelves – read below.

What it is?

As already mentioned above, sexual attraction to the feet. The owner of a foot puffer attracts their appearance, smell, taste of the skin, even temperature. It can be attracted by both bare feet and certain shoes (shoes, open slopes), as well as stockings, tights and socks (in separate cases – dirty).

As a rule, a man has such a fetish (which, what, there, have always been a little more tended to fetishize anything), but sometimes there are also women of foot fluid.
Historically and socioculturally, it was so that women devoted more time to caring for the feet and wore open shoes – this is probably why such a gender skew in the direction of the stronger sex occurred.

Nevertheless, Fut-Fetish was and remains the most popular sexy fetish.
Attraction to the feet is the most common after "standard" set of genitals. Just imagine how many people around the world have to do with this!
And therefore we responsibly declare: to be a foot-physist is not a shame.

And we are supported by world -famous directors, actors and musicians: Quentin Tarantino, for example, completely embarrassed, licks Salma Hayek’s feet in a cult picture "From sunset to dawn".
Enrique Iglesias and Sasha Gray are recognized in their love at their feet. Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin sublimely wrote that "Tor’s leg is nicer for me". In a word – If you feel an irresistible craving for female (or even male) feet, do not press these impulses in yourself. What, in the end, the difference, who will think what?

How does it happen?

I am ready to kiss the sand: an introductory course in Foot-Fetish | Orgasms
It would seem – licking your leg, but don’t know. But everything, of course, is not so simple.
Sexual practices associated in one way or another with foot pheny, there are no less than a dozen. We will talk about them below.

  • Actually, oral affection. The first thing that comes to mind the layman. Licking (Feet/toe Licking), sucking (TEE SUCKING), kisses of fingers and feet of the partner leads a foot-physist to wild delight and real excitement. At the same time, the taste, smell (Feet Sniffing), skin temperature can serve as exciting factors.
  • Manual affection (Foot Massage). The notorious massage of the feet that everyone likes. Here you can joke flatly that a foot -physist is a dream of any woman. Especially after an eight -hour high -heeled race.
  • Visual component. It is also incredibly important. At the same time, there is no averaged standard-someone is crazy about small neat legs, and give someone a foot of 40+, someone is dragging from a bright pedicure and foot bracelets, and someone loves exclusively "A la still still".
    In general, everything is like in life: each his own. But The appearance of the foot for foot-physist is a fundamental – not attractive, in his opinion, the foot – he will never pull in his mouth.
    Funny fact: He may well be in long -term relationships, love and have sex with a person whose legs do not attract him, but it will be scary to suffer from the unrealization of his fantasies (not idle speculation, by the way – information, one might say, first lips).
  • Tickling (Tickling). And in Russian – tickling. Something else needs to be explained?
  • Bastinado. BDSM practitioner, consisting in "torture" feet, namely blows by various elastic devices: stacks, rods, small whips. Not for all. It can be traumatic.
  • Foot Job (Foot Job). Most often – masturbation of the penis with the help of fingers and/or feet. Less often – stimulation of the clitoris and vagina in the same. There is also a foot fisting: everything is like in a classic fisting, but a foot.
  • Ballbasting (Ballbasting). Literally – kicking eggs. Fla shock on a scrotum and a sexual penis. It is not very common, but it is found. On the Internet, for example, you can easily find thematic communities and videos.
  • Trampling (Trampling). Simply put, trampling. Walking your feet in the body. And it is also useful for the back 🙂

And what about accessories?

I am ready to kiss the sand: an introductory course in Foot-Fetish | Orgasms
You will be surprised, but sometimes they need them.
As we have already mentioned above, Not all fetishists give a naked foot – someone loves and get confused.
Stockings, tights, socks, heels, sneakers, slopes, legs jewelry, all kinds of chains and rings on fingers and other, other, other – inseparable from foot -physhy.
For example, representatives of sports. And don’t be surprised. Craving for sneakers, sneakers, sports golfs and socks. Most often, of course, dirty – what kind of sport without sweat?
Or unlucking classics – spectacular high heels. And how popular is Shoeplay – elegant and playful swaying with a half -hot shoe on a sock. The main thing is to understand what exactly clings.

But what exactly can a sex shop offer?

If you are a lover of female legs, you may like a masturbator in the form of a foot. The author of these words personally looked at and touched the like – it looks very believable! Up to nails and a relief skin pattern on the fingers. They are made of super-reaalistic cybercolor, so if you turn on your imagination, you can have a good time in the company of such a girlfriend. And also some of them are built -in vagina (yes, right on the foot).

Also exist Full-sized sex dolls, in which every detail is carefully and with love, including the legs.

True, you will have to pay a good amount for such a girl. To any masturbator in which it is supposed to insert something, we take grease water -based, special Cleaner For toys and powder for care. Because the stingy pays twice 🙂

And if you are lucky enough to meet a foot-physist in his way, sex shops are ready to provide you with a wide range of various accessories: stockings, tights, Strip-OBOV.

The stockings are definitely needed belt (so the truth is more beautiful), but where is the belt, there is a whole set – Why not please yourself with a linen?

Especially for caresses of fingers and heels, Pariigins are created – they do not close the right places and create a beautiful erotic image.
And in general, there is a whole section with an unpretentious name "For legs".

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