Inkjet orgasm in women – truth or myth

How to achieve a jet orgasm.

Even now, in the age of information, many women are not aware of the features of their body and do not know anything about what squirt is. That is why they react incorrectly at the moment when a stream is shooting from their vagina, similar in urine. They become ashamed and embarrassed, although in fact this is the very jet orgasm that gives the most unforgettable pleasures.

Inkjet orgasm in women – truth or myth

But let’s not rush and before find out the main thing, we will figure out in more detail the characteristics of the genital organs of women during the surge of pleasure. During this period, the girl may stand out two types of liquids:

  1. Lubrication is a small layer of a viscous substance that envelops the walls of the vagina when the girl is excited;
  2. Urethral ejaculation.

It is about the second form of liquids that we will talk in this article, so because of it there are embarrassment. The reason for which some can confuse this stream in urine is that it leaves the urethra and it includes urea. However, the main component of this fluid is prostrate phosphoric acid, which is also part of the male sperm.

. So women have a kind of analogue of male prostate, it is called near -resort for tonsils or glandular fabric. And now, when the excitation of the girl reaches the peak, then by means of muscle movement, this zone throws the liquid, not in the form of a few drops, but a whole jet with a volume of up to 40-50 ml. The note of this fluid is that it can change its taste several times a month.  It depends on the period of menstruation: at the beginning of the cycle, the ejaculate is acute, then bitterness and astringency prevail, and right before menstruation it acquires a very sweet taste.

Inkjet orgasm in women – truth or myth

Thus, squirting is the same powerful discharge of the urethral ejaculate, which is evidence of a strong orgasm.

How to achieve a jet orgasm?

Although it is generally accepted that only ejaculation occurs in men, women also meet with a similar origin of things. Moreover, it is important to note that in men and in women this process causes equally strong sexual, spiritual and physical pleasure.

How to achieve a squirtInkjet orgasm in women – truth or myth

But how can you experience an orgasm with a jet ejection? There are different approaches:

  • The famous scientist in the study of women’s urethra and sensual point, suggested affecting the well -known point g. To find it, you need to insert two fingers into the female vagina so that the palm is turned upside down. Next, you need to start bending your fingers and so there is the same point. To the touch, it will differ from the walls of the vagina, it will be rough and rough. During a strong excitement, blood will begin to flow to this place and it will swell, but after leaving the ejaculate, the point will again take its original shape.
  • Another method that will help to achieve squirt includes training inner muscles. Such exercises improve blood circulation in the pelvis and enhance the effect during excitement. The zone for which it is necessary to influence is also called Kegel and it is presented in the form of an eight, bypassing the zone of the anus and vagina. An example of such an exercise is the retention and tension of your muscles during urination. A woman needs to perform such an exercise up to 5 times a day and after a month of classes your internal muscles will be tightened.
  • Another exercise in the training of inkjet orgasm is the method of luring. To do this, you need to enter two fingers into the vagina so that the palm looks up. Then it is necessary to bend your fingers to the palm of your hand. This must be done slowly and rhythmically. This compression will exert light pressure and soon there will be a feeling that it is necessary to sign. This is due to the fact that the ejaculat has already left the urethra and goes through the channel. In this case, you just need to relax and let him go out.

Why do some girls do not experience squirt?

As you already understood that the jet orgasm of women should be stimulated by stimulation of the point g. During ordinary sexual intercourse, a male penis only implicitly stimulates this zone, so it is more inactive to a greater extent. In general, the structure of the male penis is made in such a way that it is unlikely to be able to stimulate the cherished point, because it is located on the front wall of the vagina.

To “activate” this zone of special knowledge and efforts will not be needed, but you will have to stock up on. Every man is able to arouse in a woman a point G, only for this you need to constantly caress and touch this area. The same thing can happen if the girl had a long break in sexual life, it will take time for a woman to be able to experience a peak of pleasure in the form of squirting.

Therefore, a man should be lightly, but constantly stimulate this zone during preliminary caresses. After that, the excitement and the girl will intensify and the female squirting will be more likely to happen. The main thing is to catch the moment when the erogenous zone begins to actively celebrate, then you can already enter a member and continue moving.

Squirt – what else you need to know?

In addition to the fact that you learned how to bring the girl to a jet orgasm, you also need to get acquainted with the following moments so as not to fall into an uncomfortable position.

The first squirt

Immediately you should come to terms with the fact that for the first time you will not see a full -fledged stream with a lot of liquid. It will not be at all, you can simply observe a plentiful amount of lubricant, which will be gained by no more than one tablespoon. Nevertheless, a man must understand that he is on the right track. If you mark a large amount of humidity, then the cherished zone is stimulated correctly. After some time, all this can turn into a stream, and for stimulation a hand or vibrator will no longer be required, there will be enough ordinary sexual.

Inkjet orgasm in women – truth or myth

In addition to this, the first attempts will need patience, because it will be necessary to massage the zone g for a long time. You should not interrupt the process, since the girl will then be even more difficult to get excited.

Is it possible to independently achieve it?

Many couples are so striving to achieve this moment that they completely miss the usual pleasure from the process. And if the cherished excitement does not occur, then the partner begins to experience a strong tension. Even worse if her man is not at all interested in helping her. However, despite all this, you should not stop at all.

Squirt in a woman can arise without male participation.

Inkjet orgasm in women – truth or myth

The girl can stimulate the desired zone herself, but, unfortunately, the desired amount of liquid will not be. In this case, for masturbation, it is necessary to use a special vibrator, which was created by the developers for such needs. Its top of which has a curved shape. The remote control has many speed speeds and the degree of stimulation. The advantage of such a phallus is that all the main movements occur in his head, which means that he will be able to affect the desired zone as much as possible.

To get a squirt with a vibrator to stimulate the G-zone, follow the following points:

  • We introduce the phallus into the vagina and place the head at the front wall;
  • To begin with, select a low degree of stimulation so that the vibration is insignificant;
  • We move the vibrator up and down, sometimes we get the half device, then return it to its place;
  • Press the upper part of the device at the desired point periodically, you must feel how much pleasure becomes more;
  • Change the degree of vibration so that the sensations from the vibrator intensify;
  • At the end there should be a desire to urinate, you must relax, and after that the climax with the liquid will follow.

After the first successful attempt, we do not advise you to stop. No matter what your orgasm you had, your body can still experience strong pleasure. Studge the vibrator for a few seconds, then return it to its place and continue moving. The next finale will come even faster, and the sensations may be brighter.

Now you know how to achieve an inkjet orgasm for a woman yourself and after consolidating skills you can teach your man to teach this skill. And if the couple accepts a similar skill and will repeatedly apply it in sexual life, then their relationship will be significantly improved.

If it is not possible to achieve a squirt for a long time

If you want to learn the technique of inkjet orgasm, then you should relax and enjoy everything that is happening. Do not chase the result, because now you are now getting pleasant sensations. Such psychological stress can only spoil your whole intimacy, and the long -awaited moment is not to come.

Inkjet orgasm in women – truth or myth

So that your sensations are stronger, and the final point is achieved faster, the deep muscles of the pelvis will become useful. Due to such classes, blood flow to the genitals will increase, the walls will become several times more sensitive and more elastic. For training, you can use special kegel exercises or vaginal balls. Such physical training will not only increase the chance of obtaining a jet orgasm in women, but also enhance the feeling of a man during the entry. A good tone of the girl’s internal muscles will improve the density of the penis with the walls of the vagina. After a few months of training, a woman will feel changes for the better.

You can also try parallel stimulation of other erogenous zones so that the pleasures only intensify. As such areas are: nipples, neck, hips, anus and the like.

Thus, squirting is not an indicator that you have described, but only the result of strong excitement. Therefore, women must understand that it is quite normal and, relaxing, have fun.

All women are able to experience this pleasure: the main thing here is to know how to get a squirt and completely relax. In this process, psychological preparation and the correct mood plays an important role. You should not chase the result, as in the exam or in sports. Everything should happen at ease and naturally.

In addition, you need to remember that you should not get involved in squirt, because at home it is absolutely not practical. Abundant secretion is capable of with its washing and frequent change of linen to paint the whole intimate process with negatives. Sometimes it can and it is better to replace it with many ordinary orgasms. They can also bring a lot of pleasure, but after them you will not have to clean the whole room.

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