Orgasm in the supermarket. How to implement a fantasy? | Practices

Orgasm in the supermarket. How to implement a fantasy?.

Orgasm in the supermarket. How to implement a fantasy? | Practices
How to have sex in a crowded place? How to experiment with a partner even in a store? Or how to masturbate, choosing milk? It has become possible now! And no one will guess what is happening. Sex in a crowded place today is a fashionable trend. He is practiced in stores, restaurants, gyms and even at work! And it is worth trying!

Genital stimulation today is realized in different ways. And it is not necessary to touch yourself with your hands and embarrass the random passers -by. Everything has become much simpler and more convenient. Eat Sex toy for wearing, with whom such experiments have become possible.

How to practice sex in a crowded place?

You can experiment with intimate gadgets in different ways. Implementation is obtained by masturbation and pair experience. Of course, the genitals contact will not happen, but emotional contact will happen very powerful.

How is it realized? A sex toy is placed in the body. It can be immersed inward, or can touch the erogenous zone from above. While the device is not noticeable under the clothes. A special form does not interfere with moving and even playing sports.

In this case, the toy is controlled using a smartphone. A special application allows you to activate vibration at any time. And then it will still be possible to change it so that the sensations become even cooler. At the same time it will be possible to choose built -in modes or come up with your.

The owner himself can manage the toy. But he can also transfer control to another person. And then the path to orgasm will be in the hands of the partner. And it is precisely such sex that happens – one enjoys, and the second controls it. And only they together understand what is happening.Orgasm in the supermarket. How to implement a fantasy? | Practices

Particular pleasure

To vibrate the toy in different ways. And there is a unique function – Movement in the beat of music. And you can listen to your favorite melody in the headphones, and feel fluctuations in the same rhythm in panties.

Another interesting mode – to the beat of the surrounding sounds. And he is very convenient at concerts. Listen and feel the performer inside is magical.

Is it dangerous?

The use of sex toasts with remote control is not dangerous. They are covered with special medical materials, so in the body they can be up to 6 hours in a row. Of course, the charge is enough for less time. But you can not take out the device immediately, but find the right moment.

Vibration is soundless, no one will hear the device around. But they can guess by behavior. Therefore, it is important to experience orgasms in such a way as not to attract attention. Perfectly sit down, this will not allow losing balance.

What sex to wearing sex

Modern sex industry offers devices for men and women. Everyone is able to enjoy remote caresses, to experience something exciting and new. The most popular toys controlled from a smartphone.

Anal traffic jams

Models for wearing small. The limiter is horizontal, it is conveniently located between the buttocks. Toy for men and women. Control from a smartphone or from a remote remote control. Give a feeling of fullness. They do not always allow you to experience an orgasm, but give a very strong excitement.


Developed for women. They are immersed in the vagina, and there they vibrate. Often used to train intimate muscles. It is permissible to use to stimulate external erogenous zones. The touches of the nipples will be very piquant. The perfect thing for wearing.


A small vibrator that is placed in linen. Women are most often used. The device affects the clitoris and labia, so that many are enough to achieve orgasm. On sale there are models with or without panties.

Vibrators for steam

A special form is designed for additional stimulation. The vibrator can supplement vaginal or anal sex. But you can place it in a woman’s body and go for a walk. The effect will also be interesting. So that the toy does not fall out, it is fixed with underwear.To get an orgasm in a supermarket, at work or at the parent meeting, everyone can. And this is a way to change your personal life, fill it with new colors.

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