Simultaneous orgasm – how to achieve it

How to achieve a simultaneous orgasm.

Some mistakenly believe that an orgasm should deliver a real extravaganza of emotions, and the body simply tremble with excitement. In fact, everyone experiences an orgasm in their own, for example, stifled moan and light vibrations of intimate points. Orgasm – This is not just the result of sexual intercourse, it is a set of passion, feelings and love.

Simultaneous orgasm – how to achieve it

Do not assume that if The couple ends at the same time, then this is the key to the perfectly sexual life of partners. Of course, he can bring strong sensations, but in 70% of cases the couple almost never experienced a simultaneous orgasm, but at the same time remain satisfied with their sexual relations.

Even if the partner is the first to experience peak pleasure, then with the help of caresses he can bring a woman to this sensation. If the situation has formed the opposite (which is extremely rare), then the partner can continue to have sex until her man reaches orgasm.

Achieve simultaneous orgasm

Simultaneous orgasm – how to achieve it

Despite the fact that the simultaneous orgasm of a man and a woman depends on many factors, both partners can still affect part of them. There are a number of recommendations that will help achieve a simultaneous orgasm in a pair:

  1. Training of internal muscles. To achieve maximum pleasure, both partners must be able to control the process of achieving pleasure. Women can train their intimate muscles. This is achieved using small gymnastics: reduce the muscles of the pelvis and detain them in this position by 7 seconds, after that slowly and slowly relax these areas. This exercise can be repeated 10 more times. Men can also perform such equipment, strain their pelvis, this is allowed to slow down the process of achieving orgasm.

  2. Prelude. In order to achieve simultaneous orgasm, both man and woman must be excited equally. If one of the partners has not reached the desired, then you can make a greater emphasis on caresses or on the viewing of eroticism.

  3. Diversity. Do not dwell on the traditional missionary pose. Bring diversity to your sex life, but do not forget to control this process. If a woman is in a pose of a rider, then she sets the further tone. She chooses the rhythm and understands the face of her partner, whether she should slow down or accelerate.

  4. Excitement scale. During sex, you can ask a partner without hesitation how excited on a scale from 1 to 10, where 10 is an orgasm. And if you are at different points, then just try to adapt to each other using your internal muscles of the pelvis.

  5. Haste. During sex, you should not rush anywhere, you need to alternate your movements and not forget about oral affection.

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