Squirt or jet orgasm

Squirt or jet orgasm.

Squirt or jet orgasm

From a squirt in a woman blows a roof. Explore equipment, buy and bring to squirt every day!

See the photo how the jet orgasm looks like

Squirt, squirting or inkjet orgasm is a special type of orgasm of a woman, in which the strength, depth and duration of orgasmic sensations exceeds all other types of orgasm.

To date, he still remains a mysterious and unknown type of female sexuality.

How to iron the jet orgasm? Look at the photos of squirting girls.

Squirt or jet orgasm

Squirt or jet orgasm

Squirt or jet orgasm

The name comes from the English “squirt” – “spray stream”. In Russian, this type of orgasm is often called jet.

Squirt’s differences and other types of orgasm

Squirt is characterized by an impressive visual effect . During orgasm, a woman breaks an intensive stream of transparent or slightly whitish liquid.

It is distinguished by extraordinary strength and depth. It captures the genital area, extends to the whole body. Women describe this as an explosion of a nuclear bomb of pleasure. They fall into a half -fainting state, hands and legs do not obey. The body is frantically reduced and wriggling from a series of orgasmic impulses.

Squirt lasts much longer than any other orgasm – up to a minute or more. Conventional orgasms against this background look like a short sluggish flash.

Wavy jet orgasm and it slowly fades away.

Reviews of the girls participating in the seminar Alex May (famous Guru-Seksa, teaching squirting):

Very different. In general, each of them has a unique woman, that is, he is all different and brings different pleasures. But the jet orgasm is something that it is impossible to even compare with anything. I would say that this is something unrealistic. Ordinary orgasms, they are also certainly good, but they look like flashes against the background of a nuclear explosion that occurs in you under squirt.

For the first time having once experienced him, I firmly understood that nothing of the kind happened to me before, because when it comes, you understand that it was it that. Previously, the orgasms were of course, it was pleasant, but these sensations cannot even be closely compared with those that I experience under Squirt.

This orgasm is much longer. It may not be so intense, but it is felt much longer. He is not so bright, but I feel him with my whole body. He is more relaxing, delivering and satisfying in all respects and meanings.

If not, of course, it will not work. In general, such an orgasm gives me much more pleasure. I feel that I can better establish a connection with a man.

The experience of a guy who has known the secret of inkjet orgasm

This orgasm made our relationship very close, frank and trusting. He revealed her sexuality several orders of magnitude more, as a result of which something especially strong arose between us, which attracted us to each other. We began to understand each other much better. She now does not even imagine sex without squirting.

And when the jet orgasm is obtained, but it turns out in 95% of cases, I get unrealistic sensations. When you see your girlfriend just sausages with pleasure, this brings a lot of impressions and pleasure. And of course, you cannot ignore self-esteem, which simply swells to inconceivable sizes in these moments, since you understand that what this girl is with you will not give her any other man, unless of course someone else will findwho owns these techniques, but there are, you know, very, very few. Therefore, all these sensations together give me and my girlfriend a sea of pleasure.

In general, I once met one girl, on her a couple of intimate meetings occurred with her. And of course, in each of these meetings, she experienced an inkjet orgasm, while flying away in the sensations I don’t know what sky. How surprised I was and it was even somehow inconvenient for me (although somewhere deep even a little flattered))), when I, returning home, see it under my porch. Usually occurs in life quite the opposite, that is, guys catch the girls under their porches, and I did it differently. I am proud that now I can give the girl the highest pleasure, for the sake of which she is ready to do everything and even behave absolutely not adequately.

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