Uterine orgasm: description, technology for men and women to achieve it

Uterine orgasm – what is it and how to achieve it.

Few men know that a woman can experience different types of orgasm. They know even less what exactly needs to be done to bring the partner to the peak state of pleasure. Opinions about the existence of uterine (cervical) orgasm vary, so let’s turn to the observations of scientists and physiology. Below we consider how to bring a woman to a cervical orgasm – the conditions of receipt and technology. We describe the signs by a bonus by which you can distinguish a uterine orgasm from other species.

Uterine orgasm: description, technology for men and women to achieve it

About cervical orgasm

There are many varieties of female orgasms, but most often sexologists There are 3 types – clitoral, vaginal, uterine. What is a cervical orgasm, you can understand if you consider its physiology, anatomy of the structure of the female genital organs. In theory, the uterine orgasm is the culmination stage of sexual intercourse, in which a woman quickly declines the uterus, causing intense pleasant sensations.

Since it is much less common (among 10 women for 2) than clitoral and vaginal, many are skeptical of the statement that the uterine orgasm exists in principle. You can rely on the opinions of scientists who have repeatedly conducted research on this topic, as well as the results of sociological surveys.


Let us consider in more detail the physiology of the structure of the genital organs of a woman, which occurs during cervical orgasm. The cervix is located inside the vagina and serves to separate the vaginal channel and the uterus.

Uterine orgasm: description, technology for men and women to achieve it

The uterus in its composition provides for a large number of nerve endings, which theoretically assumes the presence of an orgasic state.

Few people know about this, and many simply do not understand that the onset of an orgasm is caused by the reduction of the uterus. Her neck performs an important function – highlights the lubricant, which falls into the vagina. To do this, it should be reduced by compressing the muscle corset. If it is stimulated, the fullness and contraction of the muscles can be felt.

In order to provoke muscle contractions and stimulation of the uterus, deep penetration and massage of the cervix is necessary. The neck itself does not have nerve endings, so there will be no too pleasant sensations. But it really can become the predecessor of orgasm, increase its intensity. This is possible with deep frictions, not pleasant for every girl.

Opinions of scientists

Studies conducted by scientists, as well as the opinions of sexologists, showed that most women experience only 2 types of orgasm – clitoral and vaginal. The remaining types of sexual discharge are considered to be existing, but not proven facts. The question also remains open which one brings more pleasure?

Scientists consider the most productive vaginal orgasm. There are those who include a uterine orgasm to vaginal, without distinguishing it in a separate type, but with an increased degree of intensity with deep penetration and increased sensitivity of the genital organs. According to sexologists, jet and uterine orgasm are the most desired conditions for women. True or myth – there is no unequivocal answer.

How to achieve uterine orgasm

According to sexologists, to achieve uterine orgasm, a good prelude is necessary for warming up erogenous zones, deep study of the vagina and the inside of the body of the clitoris. Theoretically, a woman can do everything herself with the help of large sex toys, but physically it will be difficult. Therefore, it is better to entrust such a task to a partner who should know what to do to obtain cervical orgasm. Consider in more detail key conditions and technology.

Conditions of receipt

There are several conditions under which a cervical orgasm is theoretically possible:

  1. Compliance of the size of the genital organs of partners. If you have a small penis size, you can hardly provide deep penetration and elaboration of the cervix. Most likely, it will end with clitoral or vaginal orgasm. The same can be said about ladies with a large vagina, but there are special poses and techniques for shortening it.
  2. Deep penetration. The erogenous point A responsible for the uterine orgasm. It is located on the front wall of the vagina behind a point g. Accordingly, to get it to it, a deep introduction will require. It will be more difficult to make it with your fingers. An alternative can be a phallimitator or vibrator of sufficient length.
  3. Choosing a posture. Not every position favors that the member reaches the desired length, stimulates the desired erogenous point. Therefore, think in advance in which positions of sexual intercourse will be as productive as possible, and frictions deep.
  4. Active erogenous points. In order for the stimulation of the cervix to be minimally unpleasant, as effective as possible, the woman should have “efficient” erogenous points. For this, in principle, it should be able to experience a vaginal orgasm. Proletus, sexual experiments and sex, intimate massage, the use of sex toys will help in this practice.
  5. The maximum prelude. So that there is no unpleasant sensation from touching the penis of the cervix, the partner needs maximum relaxation and mood for the game. Helps this long and thorough prelude. Make the girl sensual massage (vaginal, including). Use as much lubricant as possible.

Ways to achieve

The main way to bring a woman to uterine orgasm is sex with deep penetration. For this, the right choice of poses is important, we recommend that you practice several options:

  1. Deep missionary. A woman lies on her back, pulling her legs bent at her knees to her stomach. You enter an erect penis into the vagina, after that you throw her legs on the shoulders. This position of the bodies shortens the length of the vagina to ensure the desired depth of penetration. The minus of the posture is that it requires good flexibility, and if there are problems with the spine, it can be contraindicated.
  2. DoggiStyle. The girl stands in the knee-elbow pose with her head down and shoulders, but with a raised booty. In this position of the body, the uterus has to strain its muscles, which increases the effectiveness of frictions. You are located behind her, take the buttocks and introduce a member. After that, raise her legs so that she wrapped around your waist.
  3. A modified rider. You go to the bed with a stomach up, bend your legs in your knees. The woman is located on top, as if planting on a member, after which she relies on your legs with her back. In this position, the hands are free, so you can additionally caress the erogenous zones with them.

With deep penetration, remember that during such sex you should not push the uterus a member, give up gross frictions with sharp movements. Act tenderly so as not to provoke a partner in a partner. Do not practice deep penetration during pregnancy, as this can cause a miscarriage.

How to understand that a uterine orgasm happened

It is not enough to know how to achieve uterine orgasm, it still needs to be correctly recognized. The thing is that any type of female orgasm is a very complex physiological process, the foundations of which are involved in the processes of the brain. How to understand that the resulting climax is really a uterine orgasm? It can be determined by subjective sensations in a woman, signs in a man.

Uterine orgasm: description, technology for men and women to achieve it

Subjective sensations of a woman

Physiologically cervical orgasm with proper stimulation of the cervix makes it transfer impulses to the uterus, after which it is reduced, and the neck seems to be attached to the upper vaginal zone. From an emotional point of view, this is an orgasm that manifests itself everywhere, brighter and longer than clitoral and vaginal.

Sexual discharge seems to roll in waves, shaking and tossing the whole body of the girl. Some ladies mark tingling, vibrations. Discharge occurs not only in the pelvic zone, but in the muscles of the whole body. In the lower abdomen, as well as in the genital area, there is a strong heat in the form of a heat wave. As if there is a blow in the depths of the pelvis causing a spasm. The orgasm lasts for several minutes.

Signs for men

A man can distinguish this type of orgasm by external signs and his own sensations. On the body of a partner you will notice cramps, muscle compression, so she can make strange movements – stretch the body, lift the pelvis, stretch his hands forward, squeeze his jaws tightly and close his eyes. An involuntary smile may appear on the face, grimaces.

Involuntary sounds can also break out-groans, screams, even cries, incoherent words and phrases without any semantic load. A plentiful secret will appear inside the vagina, so you can feel moisture. Also, the vagina will be tightly wrapped and with spasms to squeeze a dick. An erection and an increase in the size of the nipples of the chest is noted.

Uterine orgasm: description, technology for men and women to achieve it

Is it necessary to fight for a cervical orgasm

The chances of achieving this type of orgasm are high if the girl has a body structure with a shallow arrangement of the uterus (this is a frequent phenomenon). But there are those who have a different structure of the vagina since birth, as well as women who have survived the operation with subsequent scarring. For them, the probability of cervical orgasm is minimal.

If you can’t get to such a peak of pleasure, most likely, the uterus simply cannot contract correctly. Most often, special massage or gymnastics of the pelvic floor muscles helps. You also need to pay more attention to the prelude and stimulation of erogenous points to activate them.

This type of pleasure as a uterine orgasm in a woman is possible with the help of direct stimulation of the uterus. It is actually not difficult to figure out how to get such a discharge: a cervical orgasm is a rare phenomenon that requires a “deep” intervention in the vagina. Now you know everything about techniques, key conditions and signs of uterine orgasm.

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