What are orgasms

What are orgasms?.

What are orgasmsThe female orgasm is a real peak of bliss, which literally every woman wants to get to. However, according to statistics, about 30% of women have never experienced him in their lives.

The lack of orgasm affects both the emotional and psychological state of a woman and her health as a whole. In the female genital organs, the actual stagnation of blood occurs, the production of hormones is disturbed, which leads to the risk of various neoplasms and ovarian diseases.

In relations between partners, resentment, disappointment arises, women are dissatisfied with the man, and the man begins to doubt his sexual capabilities. Everything leads to the appearance of quarrels and conflicts, the rapid fading of passion in sexual life, cooling partners to each other and the subsequent breakdown of relations.

According to statistics, 50% of marriages are destroyed due to sexual dissatisfaction and change. And vice versa, it is often that sex helps to restore the former passion and love in relationships. In order to solve this problem and teach your body to experience orgasms, you need to get to know them better. So what orgasms do girls have?

There are several types of orgasm, which, with a short training and diligence, can reach absolutely every girl.

What types of orgasm are in women

  • Clital orgasm.

This is the most common orgasm that you can achieve the fastest. To do this, you can do masturbation, both alone and together with your partner.

If you can’t bring yourself to the final with your fingers, then we advise you to purchase a clitoral stimulant that will give you a storm of new sensations and a rather powerful fast clitoral orgasm with its vibrations.

  • Clital-vaginal orgasm.

To enhance the sensations and to achieve clitor-vaginal orgasm, you can combine the stimulation of the clitoris with your fingers or vibrator, and stimulating the vaginal bosom with a penis. Then, to achieve orgasm, you will have enough literally a few seconds. And as a result, you will experience a strong surge of heat to your hips and the whole body as a whole, and its subsequent relaxation.

Moreover, in order to test these sensations, the size of the penis is important, as many people think, but the development of your intimate muscles. The more attention you pay their training, the more powerful and quick emotions you can experience at the end. For training these muscles, vaginal balls and simulators of Kegel are great, designed specifically for this.

  • Cliteral-mammier orgasm.

You can achieve this orgasm with the simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris and nipples. It is especially affordable for girls with increased sensitivity of the nipples. For those girls who do not enjoy stimulating the chest area, techniques such as massages, caresses with tongue and fingers, as well as simultaneous caresses of nipples and clit. We also recommend trying vacuum pumps for the chest, thanks to which the blood rushes to the erogenous zone, which gives a pleasant sensation.

This will develop its sensitivity and learn how to get strong pleasure and clitoral-mammetic orgasms. Main — This is attention and patience from your partner.

  • Anal orgasm.

Unfortunately, many women avoid anal sex, associating it with something shameful and dirty. But this is absolutely wrong, moreover, anal sex can give new and incomparable emotions for both a man and a woman.

In order to feel completely relaxed during anal sex, we recommend that you do not forget about cleansing preparation before the start of direct penetration. And the use of anal traffic jams and relaxing massage with the finger of the anus will prepare the sphincter muscles for penetration of the penis.

All this will allow you to get new strong emotions and new sensations from orgasm itself.

But if you want to achieve the highest pleasure in every sexual contact with your partner, then in addition to knowledge about what female orgasms are, you need to remember and about the reasons preventing the achievement of complete relaxation and pleasure.

The most common are:

  • Physiological problems. These include the use of certain drugs (including hormonal contraceptives). As well as reduced libido and sensitivity may be the result of various surgical operations and diseases.
  • Reception of antidepressants and various psychological disorders.
  • Low muscle tone. This problem, which is faced with a large number of women after childbirth. In order to solve it, it is necessary to begin to prepare your muscles using special training. For training, you can use vaginal balls that are inserted into the vagina and so help restore the tone of its muscles.
  • The absence of the prelude to you. Many girls are embarrassed to tell their partner that she is not ready enough, which leads to insufficient secretion of natural lubrication and the occurrence of either tangible discomfort, or the absence of orgasms. How to solve this problem? Try to show the partner yourself how you like it and how exactly you can be excited. Do not be afraid to masturbate with him and show the initiative. Softly directing it with words or hands, showing what exactly he should do so that you should be as pleasant as possible.
  • What are orgasmsThe embarrassment and rejection of your body. Girls experiencing strong sets in relation to their appearance cannot relax during sex, so most often it occurs when the light turned off, quickly and under the blanket. There can be no talk of any orgasm here. In order to get out of this closed circle, you need to work a little on the adoption of your body. Some girls turn to psychologists, and some solve these problems with the help of sex toys. Being alone with a vibrator or dildo, you will learn to love your body and make it pleasant to it. And if at first it will cause you resistance, then soon you will understand how many incredible emotions you can get with it.

Cliter orgasms are the first to come, and after you can learn to receive the rest.

Intimate toys from the online store can help love your body and experience these unforgettable emotions from orgasm.

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