What is an orgasm, its types and methods of achievement for women | Orgasms

What is an orgasm, its types and methods of achievement for women.

What is an orgasm, its types and methods of achievement for women | Orgasms
What is a female orgasm? This is a feeling of pleasure obtained as a result of sexual actions. Scientists say that there are several types of such pleasure. Stormy orgasm can be obtained with stimulation of different parts of the body, and they also differ in duration and intensity.

What is an orgasm?

Traditional orgasms are pleasant sensations that arise as a result of exposure to erogenous zones. But often this is due not only to physical stimulation, but also by the emotional state. There are cases when a woman reached a peak of bliss without touch.

Orgasm is a complex process. At this moment, the muscles are reduced. Powerful compression are observed in the vagina. Fists or feet are often clenched. At the same moment, a variety of hormones that are responsible for pleasure is released. But in general, this is the tension of many body systems, and then their rapid relaxation, which gives bliss.

Any woman is capable of testing an orgasm. But there are only ladies who do not know how to receive pleasure. There are no guilt in this, just erogenous zones remain sleeping for a long time, and only certain training can wake them. You can learn to have fun with your beloved man or alone, this is the path of study of erogenous zones and ways to stimulate them.

Not every sexual intercourse is able to give a woman maximum pleasure. According to statistics, only 68% of sexual contacts for girls end with orgasm. In other cases, pleasant experiences may be present, but they do not reach their maximum. But this is not entirely accurate data, because some women always get sexual discharge, others almost never.

What is an orgasm? For a woman, this is a combination of emotional and physiological factors that give very strong experiences.

What is an energy orgasm?

Activation of certain energies in the body can also cause bright orgasms. Energy orgasm is a raising of Kundalini energy. Similar things happen during certain practices, for example, energy dances, yoga, hugs. You can achieve such a state in the company or alone by raising sexual energy.

What is an energy orgasm? These are pleasant waves spreading over the body, but not related to the genitals. Sensations occur throughout the body and are caused precisely with the help of actions that are not related to sex. The duration of such moments reaches 2 hours. Sensations surpass any other orgasms ten times. This phenomenon is called the “orgasm of the whole body”, but units manage to test it.

A variety of energy orgasms is subsidiary. This is a special trance condition into which the lower is immersed during BDSM sessions. This is the sensation of the body when the pain is dull and the strongest euphoria occurs. The state is associated with the production of endorphins. It is believed that such sensations in intensity are many times superior to sensations from ordinary orgasms. Both men and women can test them. Most often achieved in the process of causing pain.

Types of female orgasms

Scientists argue about the number of female orgasms. Some distinguish only 2 species, the others 7, the third – 11. Most often they are distinguished by exposure points. Moreover, sensations even within the same type of stimulation can be different in intensity, duration. Almost every woman’s orgasm is unique.

Most often, the following types of orgasms in women are distinguished:

  • Clital orgasm. The most common look. Occurs when exposed to the clitoris in different ways. Statistics claim that women under 30 more often experience this type of orgasm both in pairs and in private. It is not difficult to call it, it is only important to touch the erogenous zone correctly. But during vaginal sex, the clitoris is almost not involved, it is recommended that the woman’s additional stimulation is recommended to get this type of pleasure at the time of intimacy.
  • Vaginal orgasm. It occurs when immersed in the bosom of the penis or sex toy. Progressive movements cause the sensations of bliss. It is found much less often of clitoral orgasm. There are few nerve endings inside, there are only separate sensitive points. They can be found to cause a storm of worries. This pleasure can be learned.
  • Orgasm from stimulation of point g. This area is located on the front wall of the vagina. With certain presses and stroking, there is a strong excitement. The point is often “sleeping”, a regular effect is required to activate it. It is this area that is responsible for multiple and jet orgasms.
  • Inkjet orgasm. This is a peak of pleasure during which fluid is released from the urethra. One of the names is squirt. In the process, not urine is distinguished, but a special secret accumulating in the process of caressing g. Inkjet orgasm is considered the most powerful of all types of existing sexual pleasures. Can occur once or several times.
  • Multiple orgasm. A series of orgasms following each other. Can occur for a long time. Each new orgasm can be brighter or weaker than the previous. Arises as a result of simultaneous exposure to two different erogenous zones. Such sensations need to learn.
  • Deep orgasm. Caresses of the cervix and the region nearby cause very strong emotions. But not every penis is able to reach these places. Stimulation is possible with fingers or sex toys. At the same time, it is important to regulate the power of pressing, any sharp movement can completely block pleasant sensations. There are several points inside the bosom that give pleasant emotions. In the process, it is felt how the vagina is reduced, but also the uterus.
  • Anal orgasm. With caresses of the anus, a woman can also experience an orgasm. It differs from other species, it is different in intensity. Occurs as a result of external caresses in the area of priests or immersion inside the penis or sex toys. The woman receives the most strong anal orgasm when stimulating several erogenous zones at once.
  • Orgasm from urethra stimulation. Point U is located in the area of the urinary channel in the crotch. If it gently strokes it with your fingers or tongue, a strong emotional surge can occur. Such emotions are not experienced by every woman.
  • Mixed orgasm. With caresses of different zones, orgasms also occur. It is sometimes difficult to understand its type, since different points are involved. Most orgasms are mixed, as they participate in the process not only of the body, but also fantasy, emotional state and hormonal background.

Orgasms of girls can also occur from breast caresses, from erotic massage and even from kisses. These are emotional orgasms that are caused by a special mood and proximity with a partner. But they are found less often than anyone else.

How to learn to get an orgasm?

Not all women experience orgasms. But 98% are capable of such experiences. It just takes time to disclose sensations. You need to relax and find the right movements. You can learn to get an orgasm with a partner or yourself.

In pairs, you can achieve the first orgasm with complete understanding. It is important not to make an achievement of the goal, but to enjoy the process. There should not be additional stress about the lack of a peak of pleasure. If a woman is complex because of this, the probability of obtaining the results will be even less.

A man in a pair should be as patient as much as possible. The main step towards a violent orgasm is relaxation. And he is helped by a prolonged prelude and the search for caresses, which he likes the most. Therefore, you need to share impressions, talk about desires and direct all movements.

You can get an orgasm yourself using sex toys. Phalloimitators or vibrators are suitable for this perfectly. Modern models have anatomically true bends, it is much easier with them than with a real person. In this case, you do not need to rush, you can devote a lot of time to the study of your body, gradually knowing the features of the sensitivity of the body.

Rules for obtaining orgasm a woman

There are some recommendations that increase the probability of obtaining an orgasm. Their implementation will help to make proximity much brighter and more exciting for the girl. They will help relax and tune in the right way.

  • 1. Sex for women begins before getting into bed. Her mood is important before proximity. You can create it in different ways: gifts, romantic dinners or walks, long conversations, etc. It is important to position it to yourself. And even if you are together for a long time, this item should not be missed.
  • 2. A woman for excitation needs more time. The prelude should be long. Leisurely undressing, kisses, delicate massage or other caresses should precede sexual intercourse. At least 20 minutes should be devoted to these moments.
  • 3. A woman responds to different affection in different ways. Something excites her, something repels. And not every lady speaks of her preferences. You need to study her reactions. If she moans, puts the body under the palm of his hand or lips, slightly wriggles – this is a good sign. It is important to monitor her with behavior and find out what she needs. But it is worth considering that her sensations depend on the day of the cycle, mood and preparation for sex. Sometimes it takes several months to understand what she really needs.
  • 4. It is worth learning to talk during sex and after. In the process, it is necessary to direct a partner, show him that it is interesting. But after you can discuss what you liked and what is not. It is difficult to talk about sex, so you can come up with funny names to the genitals to make it easier.
  • 5. Each time it is worth trying something new. No need to stop only at the alternation of poses. Use sex toys, change your place and time, study techniques. And even if the first time did not work, try again. To feel some practices, it takes time.

How to get a clitoral orgasm

Clitoris is the most delicate and sensitive organ in women. The number of nerve endings on it is much larger than on a man’s head. But it is a little away from the vagina, and does not always participate in the process of copulation. To test the clitoral orgasm, additional stimulation is necessary. How to caress the clitoris to bring the girl to a real orgasm?

  • Oral affection is a great way to give her bliss. Language and lips can be brought to the desired result in a short time. But the movements should be gentle. There are many cunnilingus techniques, it is worth mastering them and finding the one that she likes the most.
  • During vaginal sex, the clitoris can be caressed with your hands. Easy stroking or pressing she will definitely like. It is advisable to perform them with a certain rhythm, perfectly – to the beat of frictions.
  • You can caress the clitoris using sex toys. Clital vibrators are specially created to achieve orgasms. Vibration, pulsation affect the organ very carefully, and if you begin to gradually enhance the effects, the sensations will be very pleasant. You can combine caresses with other actions: anal, vaginal sex, fisting, etc.
  • The lubricant does not stand out in the clitoris area. To make the touch comfortable, it is recommended to use a special lubricant. Lubrication will make movements smooth and pleasant. But it is important to heat it a little before applying it in your palms.
  • The clitoris can be more sensitive on the one hand. It is important to understand where the most sensual places are and play with them. If a woman hurts, then move on to less delicate areas. Sometimes you can stimulate only one point, and sometimes it is useful to move around the organ, only slightly touching it.

How to get a vaginal orgasm

Vaginal orgasm is stimulation of internal erogenous zones. There are several of them: at the entrance to the vagina, on the side walls, in the area of the cervix. Their stimulation occurs during vaginal sex. But erogenous zones are sleeping, so they should be woken up with a vibrator. How to get a vaginal orgasm?

  • Start by studying those actions that like vaginal stimulation. Decide – large or small objects inside more excite. How pleasant it is to introduce them inside – entirely or partially, to what depth? Then find out which movements are more interesting. You can alternate slow and quick frictions. You can gradually strengthen the rhythm. It is important not to rush, but carefully listen to the sensations.
  • During sex, the effect occurs on one of the walls of the vagina a little more, it depends on the pose. How nicer – when a member massages the front wall of the vagina or the back? It is easy to understand the difference: in a pose face to face, raise your feet on your partner’s shoulders or lower it onto the bed. And use in the future an option that excites more. You can conduct a test with a vibrator.
  • To make the sensations brighter, do not forget about the lubricant. The lubricant makes slipping tender and pleasant. The more it is, the easier it is to get a vaginal orgasm.
  • Inside the vagina there is a point g. It is located on the front wall of the bosom at a depth of 3-5 cm. Impact on this area leads to vivid sensations. It is this erogenous zone that is responsible for multiple and jet orgasms. Caressing it is easier with a vibrator with a curved head. It is the sex toy is easier to “wake up” the site in order to experience more emotions.
  • Vaginal orgasm contributes to the strengthening of the muscles of the pelvic floor. Special exercises with vaginal balls not only increase the tone of the vagina, but also cause blood flow to intimate areas. And this enhances sensitivity.

How to get a multiple orgasm

Multiple orgasm is a series of orgasms appearing one after another. At a time, a woman can finish from 2 to 15 times. Moreover, each subsequent orgasm can be brighter than the previous. The intensity of sensations depends on the type of effects.

Multiple orgasm is much easier to get in pairs. A woman at the time of pleasure is not always able to control her movements, and in order to continue orgasm, it is necessary not to stop stimulation.

The main secret of multiple orgasm is the effect on two points at once. For example, vaginal stimulation and caresses of the clitoris. After the first orgasm, you should stop touching the clitoris, but do not stop friction inside. As a result, the woman will rest a little between the peaks, but the excitement will not fall completely. And after a few minutes you can return to the caresses of two zones again.

What two points to choose to obtain a multiple orgasm? This is very individual. You can caress the anus, nipples, inner thighs. At the same time, the type of stimulation is also important. But most importantly, to prevent a complete stop. It is recommended to use the point G, it is able to give dozens of enchanting finals.

To achieve multiple orgasm with a sex toy, it is worth using vibrators to stimulate at least two points. But they must be included separately. One site will need to be turned off between orgasms.

How to get a jet orgasm

Inkjet orgasm, or squirting is a rare phenomenon. But you can learn him. First, it is important to prepare muscles. Therefore, training of the pelvic floor will be worthless. Classes with vaginal balls should be regular.

  • Inkjet orgasm occurs when you press the point g. It is this area that contributes to the development of a special secret, and then its eruption. First you need to wake up point G. Make this a special vibrator with a bent head. The motor is located in the tip so that the vibration is felt as much as possible in the right place.
  • Fingers can replace the vibrator. They need to massage the front wall of the vagina using different pressure. The point g is not difficult to find – it differs to the touch with a slightly rough surface.
  • At the first experiments there will be no large amount of liquid. The right sign – if the girl “gets wet” a little more than usual. Gradually, the amount of secret will increase. But more often he does not spray, as in porn, but simply flows out. This liquid has no taste and bright smell. It is not urine, does not leave traces of bedding.
  • In the process of stimulation of point G, there may be a feeling that you want to go to the toilet. It needs to be ignored. It is impossible to describe during sex. After a few moments, these urges will be replaced by a strong orgasm, so you should wait.
  • If the first time it is not possible to achieve a jet orgasm, it is worth increasing the time of the prelude. Sometimes it is useful to first test the clitoral or vaginal orgasm, and then move on to experiments with fluid emission. The main thing is to get pleasant emotions from sex, and not strive for some result.

How to get anal orgasm

There are many delicate endings in the anus area. But not all women experience an orgasm when stimulating the priests. Most often they are prevented by constraint, tension. To get anal orgasm, you need to learn how to relax.

For anal sex should be prepared in advance. A small enema will help to avoid fears that will be non -hygienic. And the use of condoms will not allow you to get dirty. It is worth taking a shower with a partner in advance, he will not hurt after.

To make the sensations from anal sex as pleasant as possible, it is necessary to use lubricants. There are painkillers, aromatic, antibacterial. They will help to make penetration pleasant and easy.

The entrance to the anus should be gradual. The hole is prepared with fingers or anal traffic. The introduction of any item should be smooth and leisurely. You can go to active frictions only after the fabrics are stretched and are a little used to.

To strengthen experiences from stimulating the anus, you can connect additional clitoris stimulation. With your hands this is not always convenient, but there are special vibrators for steam that gently massage the clitoris and point G, while not interfering with anal.

Double penetration sometimes contributes to anal orgasm. You can place a vibrator or phalloimitator in the vagina. This will give a feeling of fullness. Double stimulation more often gives more emotions than separate anal sex. There are even special nozzles that help to embody double penetration without a third partner. This also makes it possible to experience new pleasures.

Anal sex rarely likes on the first attempt. But it is important not to leave experiments, but to try again and again. During the first experiments it will seem that I want to go to the toilet. But these sensations will pass. And only then will they enjoy the. According to statistics, anal orgasm in women no earlier than 15-20 experience of such caresses occurs.

Orgasm from sex toys-what is the peculiarity?

A woman can get an orgasm with a partner and without. But it is better to study alone alone. Masturbation helps to get to know your body better. With its help, you can begin to understand your needs. And if the lady does not know about them, then how a man will guess?

  • Masturbation is not a game for the result. It can be any in duration. You can gradually strengthen the excitement without looking back at the partner. Time is not limited, and no one is waiting for a certain final. The process is more important, which means that you can reiterate sensations.
  • There is no constraint during masturbation. It doesn’t matter what and who thinks about it. Without prying eyes, you can easily relax, and it is precisely compression of the cloth that often does not allow enchanting emotions at the end of sex. But it is only important to choose a place where no one will bother.
  • Sex toys are created specifically for women’s pleasure. Hundreds of specialists work on vibrators, they think over not only design, but also functions. A modern model from a sex shop is able to give more experiences than a regular penis. At the same time, the toy is ready for experiments at any time and can work for a very long time without stopping.
  • Masturbation with a vibrator is the easiest way to get an orgasm. It is useful if it is not possible to finish with a man. Suitable if there has been no partner for a long time, or there are absolutely no orgasms. You can buy a device of any size and shape, and select modes.
  • Today there are sex toys that guarantee clitoral orgasms. Wave stimulants affect the body so that girls always enjoy. At the same time, even special mood or excitement is not required. To try something like this is worth every woman, because before nothing like it existed.

Orgasm is a natural process that helps to get emotional discharge. After him, any woman feels happier. It affects not only the sexual system, but also normalizes hormonal processes. It is recommended to get an orgasm at least 2 times a week to feel great. And you can use not only a partner for this, but also interesting sex devices.

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