10 errors in bed that lead to pregnancy

10 errors in bed that lead to pregnancy.

10 errors in bed that lead to pregnancy

It would seem that in the age of livestock sexual education, everyone should be able to use condoms and understand that the lack of contraception can cause pregnancy. However, many still believe in «Folk» Methods of protection, and condoms, as statistics shows, not all use correctly. Today we have collected for you the 10 most common mistakes that lead to pregnancy.

Error No. 1: You cannot conceive a child while having sex standing

Yes, it even sounds stupid. But the 2010 survey showed that 20% of adult men and women (that is, every fifth person!) We are sure that sex in a position standing does not lead to conception. Debbie Herbenik, candidate of medical sciences and director of the Center for Sexual Health, expressed very accurately about this: «The power of earthly attraction – This is not a contraceptive!». Now this simple truth has become even more obvious, is it not true?

Error No. 2: Any lubricant will do!

If you use a lubricant along with a condom, pay attention to its composition. Latex cond and oil -based lubricant (as well as petroleum jelly) are incompatible: latex will be destroyed under the influence of fatty acids. Also do not use massage oil as a lubricant and make sure that it in no way falls on a condom. Best for condoms are suitable water -based lubricants And special Silicone lubricants.

Error No. 3: Break the packaging of the condom with teeth

Yes, when a girl does this in advertising, it looks exciting. But practice shows that it is not safe to open the packaging with condom with any sharp objects, whether knife, scissors or teeth are unsafe: this is how you can damage the condom itself.

According to the study, those who open a condom in this way are three times more likely to face the problem of unwanted pregnancy. Safety – This is still the most important component of good sex, and you should not risk it.

Error No. 4: Do not leave free space at the end of the condom

Latex, like any other material, has a tension limit, after which it breaks. The narrow part at the end of the condom was invented for a reason: it – Country for sperm. However, these surveys show that some guys put on the condom incorrectly, leaving no room for sperm. As a result of this, during the ejaculation of the condromes they are torn.

Error No. 5: She drinks contraceptives, so condom – it’s too much

Of course, if you have been met for a long time and are sure that no one is cheating on anyone, a condom can not be used. But for sex with a new partner, this is unacceptable: who knows what infections and sexually transmitted diseases you can convey to each other? In addition, no hormonal contraception gives one hundred percent guarantee: its effectiveness is 91-99%. So if you do not plan to have a child in the foreseeable future, use a condom.

10 errors in bed that lead to pregnancy

Error No. 6. There is no condom at hand… And, okay, we will do without it!

So many thought, and later they became parents. Not did.

According to medical data, the probability of starting a child for a young woman – 86%. Condom in 98% of cases prevents pregnancy. So just buy condoms in advance and carry with you just in case – we advise both men and women.

Error No. 7: The condom has long been lying in my wallet!

Condoms, like other things, also have an expiration date. In addition, latex – material that is able to deform under the influence of high or low temperature. So the condom that lies in your wallet or in a purse for years, you can throw away: it will not protect your sex. The best place to store condoms – This is, oddly enough, bedside table.

Error No. 8: use a lubricant only outside

If you have a sex marathon, we recommend applying grease on the penis before putting on a condom. Many condom manufacturers add lubrication to the inner surface of their product, but it may not be enough: with prolonged sexual intercourse, it dries, which is why the kondom breaks. Therefore, always additionally use the lubricant, but do not overdo it: one or two drops are enough.

Error No. 9: put on a condom in front «finale»

Many men are sure that a condom can be worn before ejaculation, because without her a woman will not be able to get pregnant. But this is not the case: spermatozoa is found not only in sperm, but also in pre -seeded fluid, which is released directly during intercourse. Yes, there are fewer there than in sperm, but the main thing is that they are in the pre -ejaculation.

Error No. 10: Interrupted sexual intercourse

As we understood from the previous error, a woman can become pregnant even if a man did not ejaculate inside. In addition, many men are too confident in themselves, and when the decisive moment comes, they understand with horror that they cannot stop and do not have time to leave the partner. Interrupted sexual intercourse is not considered by specialists as a means of contraception. And its effectiveness is low – only about 40%.

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