10 myths about sex in the car | Informative

10 myths about sex in the car.

10 myths about sex in the car | Informative
Many people practice sex in the car. But in the world it is much less common than in the USA. And often such an intimate is overgrown with many myths. Let’s figure out what is true and what is not.

Myth 1. Teenagers love sex in the car

In our country, rights are issued at 18, not at 14 or at 16, as in some countries. The teenager simply does not have his own car until adulthood. In other countries, sex in a car in young people may occur, but adults more often choose such an experience.

Myth 2. It is more convenient to sit in the back seat

In fact, sex in the back seat is very inconvenient if it does not work out. To carry out sex, of course, you can, but not in every car. It is much easier to lay out the front seat and embody various poses on it. But not on the driver’s seat, there the steering wheel interferes.

Myth 3. In the car you can implement little poses

The number of options is limited, not the entire KamaSutra is available. But they are not enough. And changing the angle of inclination of the chair, it will be possible to choose different angles of penetration. Most often used poses or reclining, and you can experiment. And if the seats turn into bed in the back, then it becomes ten times more options. And even BDSM is available in such conditions.10 myths about sex in the car | Informative

Myth 4. There is always fast sex in the car

Yes it can be different. Of course, if there is little time, if you are parked in an uncomfortable place, then you should hurry. But you can arrange a long marathon. Duration does not depend on the place.

Myth 5. Sex in the car is chosen only those who have no other place

Yes, often sex in the car is practiced by those who do not have an apartment or money to rent a room for several hours. But sometimes people are just boring, and the proximity in an unusual environment is perfectly revived. Such experiments are acceptable at any age, and they really make life brighter.

Myth 6. Sex in the car is only suitable for corrupt love

There are people who provide sexual services in the car. For example, you can always pay for a blowjob that will be done in the car. But such caresses can be obtained from a permanent partner. The main thing is not a place, and not a type of sex. Everyone can try carnal joys in the car.

Myth 7. The car is crowded

There are different cars today, and in some more room than on a double bed. It all depends on the brand. For example, in the limousine you can even arrange group sex, and there is enough space for everyone. And you can also make love on the hood, standing by the car, and even on the roof. Closely a big misconception.

Myth 8. Sex in the car is illegal

10 myths about sex in the car | Informative
There is no law that prohibits love in the car. This is private property. But at the same time, you can still get a fine if the car is parked in a public place. For example, for sex in the parking lot at the supermarket, you can pay up to 15 minimum wages. Article 20.1 of the Code of Administrative Offenses. This action can be regarded as “petty hooliganism”. And if the children suddenly skip in the vicinity, then this is already a criminal article 135 – “Depraved actions”. It is important to choose secluded places for sex in the car.

Myth 9. Sex in the car is dirty

This is also a myth. Of course, before proximity it will not work to go to the shower, and then it is difficult to immediately arrange water procedures. But this is not a reason to call the process “dirty”. There are more dust in the car, there may be more sources of pollution, there are not the most attractive aromas. But this is not a reason to refuse pleasure. And if you want to make love on the hood, put a clean blanket, and do not place on a non -sterile surface. The same can be done on the seats.

Myth 10. Only slender people can have sex in a car

People with any complexion can try sex in the car. Of course, full people will be slightly more difficult, and less are available. But why not experiment with oral sex? It is also important with ordinary sex to get so that the partner who weighs more is on top. The restriction is the lack of flexibility, not the weight category. Sex in the car is interesting, you should try it for the sake of diversity. And if you show imagination, it will turn out entertaining.

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