11 secrets of intimate care for women | Informative

11 secrets of intimate care for women.

11 secrets of intimate care for women | Informative
There are rules of intimate care, which must be observed for every representative of the beautiful half of humanity, who wants to maintain normally health. The young ladies often tell each other about how to care for the face and hands, as well as the curls. But the topics of intimate hygiene, they are extremely rare. We will share the secrets of intimate care, we will tell you what hygiene rules we need to adhere to in order to feel good and be confident in ourselves.

Secret 1

Simple soap or gel that they wash in the soul are not suitable for washing. The thing is that the purpose of a simple soap or other detergent hygiene is to maintain a natural level of the pH of the skin 5.5. And the vaginal pH level is different. It is equal to 3.8 to 4.5. If you wash not intended for the care of intimate places with gel, you can cause irritation on the skin, the product helps to multiply harmful bacteria. Also, the intimate zone begins to itch, itch, it is unpleasant to smell. Doctors recommend use just hot water if there are no other care products at hand. Or buy a special gel, it is neutral for delicate places, cleans well, does not injure the body.

Secret 2

During washing, only the outer side of the vagina from the pubis to the priests is washed. You don’t need to wash inside, It’s unhealthy. Internal microflora does not require intervention, the peeling of the vagina occurs itself. Doctors advise to wash after each trip to the toilet, but if it doesn’t work, then there is enough to visit the shower 2 times a day.

Secret 3

No need to use a washcloth to wash the genitals. The sponges are very rough, so they can rub the skin, and this will lead to the spread of infection. It is enough just to wash in the intimate area with hot water. Do not use scrubs for exfoliation for this zone. It is permissible to use Black scrub, if hair is growing, but it should not fall on the mucous membrane.11 secrets of intimate care for women | Informative

Secret 4

We use lubricants for intimate hygiene. If dry vagina manifests itself, you cannot do without them. These are the compositions that women often buy after menopause, but they may need to be at a younger age. These are special creams and gels that make life more comfortable. But you do not need to confuse them with lubricants for sex, lubricants have a slightly different purpose. Moisturizing agents have the main goal – to return to the body the usual state, to eliminate unpleasant sensations. And they also have many advantages:

  • The benefits of use. It gently eliminates pollution, thanks to its active substances that do not wash off the natural flora, but at the same time cleaning the dirt. Supports pH. The acidity of the lubricant is neutral, which does not violate the natural pH of the mucous membrane.
  • Protection against infections. Lubrication contains lactobacilli that prevents the appearance of yeast and E. coli, which can live on the labia and vagina.
  • Eliminates an unpleasant odor. Simple soap only muffles and interrupts the smell, and the lubricant removes microorganisms that cause an unpleasant aroma from the intimate area. Prevents the occurrence of injuries. Sotting the skin.

Secret 5

During sex, it is recommended to use special lubricants that improve sliding. These are analogues of natural female lubrication, which stands out during excitement. They make intimacy nicer. For example, they prevent microtrauma, allow you to practice some kind of actions without rubbing longer. Lubricant is necessary for anal sex. But it is important to use special compositions, not improvised means. Children’s cream, petroleum jelly, saliva is not suitable for sex.

Today there are hundreds of different intimate lubricants. There is on a water or silicone basis. There are options with pleasant tastes and aromas for lovers of oral sex, exciting compounds are sold, which enhance the experiences. And there are also extending, cooling and even narrowing vagina. All of them are safe even with frequent use.

Secret 6

It is not recommended to direct a stream of water to the genitals. It rinses natural lubrication, and can also become a source of infection. Do not masturbate with a shower. It is better to use special sex toys that will give more pleasure without risk to health.11 secrets of intimate care for women | Informative

Secret 7

Buy a separate towel with which you will wipe the genitals. It should be not only soft, but also pure. Only one woman should use this towel. Regularly erase an intimate towel, at least 2-3 days or change it to a new.

Secret 8

It is necessary to give preference to underwear of materials such as cotton or flax, and it is advisable to refuse synthetics. Their clothing allows the body to breathe, and swimming trunks do not pass air. Humidity increases in the intimate zone, which contributes to the growth of bacteria. Beautiful linen from non-constant fabrics is permissible only for 1-2 hours a day, but not for everyday wear.

It is also important to pay attention to the type of underwear. Some doctors claim that wearing thong can be dangerous. That bacteria from the anus fall on the fabric and can be transferred to the vagina. In the results, infectious diseases are possible, for example, thrush, vaginal dysbiosis.

Secret 9

It is imperative to wash intimate places before and after proximity with a man. This must be done not only for the girl, but also to the partner.

Secret 10

During menstruation, it is recommended to refuse proximity, because there is a chance of infection. Sex is not prohibited, but on such days, hygiene should be more responsible.

You need to change the gaskets regularly so that there is no unpleasant odor, and the bacteria do not spread. Wearing a tampon or gasket is allowed up to 6 hours, it is more unacceptable to leave, since the blood begins to decompose.

Secret 11

After urination, do not forget to wipe with toilet paper. She will eliminate the remaining fluids, help to avoid the appearance of an unpleasant odor. And it is also important to use daily gaskets only from natural materials. This thing is not mandatory for every lady, but if you decide to use them, check the composition on the package. Hygiene secrets will always allow you to feel confident and be healthy. But if suddenly some smell or strange discharge appeared, you must immediately consult a doctor.

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