17 facts about sperm that many have not guessed | Informative

17 facts about sperm that many did not know about.

17 facts about sperm that many have not guessed | Informative
Sperm is a liquid that is released during ejaculation. It contains sperm, thanks to them, conception occurs. They are not often talking about these discharge, but scientists have been conducting research of seminal fluid for many years. And their discoveries are very important for humans, help to influence the birth rate.

1. Cum is white or transparent in color. Sometimes it can have a bluish tint. Pink or yellow is A sign of the disease. And if the color changes suddenly, this is an occasion to see a doctor.

2. The first sperm were discovered in 1667, when a microscope was invented. A.Lavernguk studied this liquid first. Since then, thousands of laboratories have been exploring such masses every day.

3. During orgasm, on average, about 3.5 mg of sperm is released, this no more teaspoon. And if it seems that the volume is greater – this is an ejaculate.

4. Shoots seed fluid from the body At a speed of 18 km/h. Such acceleration is necessary to get to the cervix.

5. Spermatozoa contained in sperm can move independently. Their speed is from 4 to 40 mm/min. But everyone has its own activity, the more mobility, the higher the probability of conception..

6. 1 ml of sperm from 60 to 120 million sperm. The exact amount is individual. But to make a child, Only one thing is enough, but mobile.

7. Spermotozoids are contained in an ejaculant that lubricates the head during sex even before orgasm. There are several thousand of them, not millions. But so much such a number is enough for pregnancy. That is why an interrupted act is considered an inappropriate way to protect.

8. The taste of sperm Depends on the diet. Alcohol and cigarettes make it unpleasant, bitter. The abundance of meat in the diet gives sourness. Beer changes the consistency, density leaves, just the liquid remains.

9. The taste can be changed if you add vegetables and fruits to the diet, exclude alcohol completely, remove all medicines. But consultation with the cancellation of drugs is important. The more plant foods, the tastier the sperm.

10. With the help of lubricks The taste is also adjusted. Oral lubricants are similar to desserts. They are added during oral sex to improve slipping and make the process very pleasant. These compounds are sweet, with very tender aromas. Moreover, they do not contain calories, do not affect the figure. You can eat them, they are safe.eleven. Spermatozoes do not end with age. They are produced even after 70 years, but in retirement age they are less active. But this does not exclude the possibility of pregnancy in a woman.

12. Cum is easily removed from any surfaces. She leaves no fat traces. To wash it off, there is enough running water.

13. Sperm quality can be improved. To do it is simple: give up a sauna and hot baths, start wearing only linen from natural fabrics, remove excess weight and stop eating meat. If you even perform part of the points, the effect will be noticeable in a couple of months.17 facts about sperm that many have not guessed | Informative

  • 14. Scientists have learned to recognize which chromosomes are sperm. And they can Determine the gender of the unborn child in advance. Today you can order artificial fertilization, giving great chances of the birth of a boy or girl. This is not a guarantee, the probability of only 70-80%, that it will be possible to create a child of the right gender. Work in this direction continues.

15. There may be an allergy to sperm. Not at the carrier, but with a partner. And it is important to understand that it can appear on one man and not be on another. This is a reaction to the individual composition. To remove it, you need a consultation of doctors. Allergy can manifest itself in different ways: from the swelling of the genitals to the cold..

16. How much sperm a man can lose? There is no correct answer. Sperm is replenished, so ejaculation is not dangerous for humans. But the rejection of it can lead to stagnant processes leading to prostatitis. Doctors claim that sperm is released 2 times a week to avoid inflammation and decrease in libido. If there is no partner for this, masturbation is used.

17. The sperm donor in the world in 2019 receives from an ejaculant from 800 to 3000 rubles. In large medical centers You can hand over the material, It is used for experiments and artificial insemination. An ideal donor is a young man (over 18 years old) without chronic diseases that does not consume alcohol or drugs. Before passing, you will have to take tests for infections.

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