5 findings of a woman about using sex toys after a year of use | Informative

5 findings of a woman about the use of sex toys after a year of use.

5 findings of a woman about using sex toys after a year of use | Informative
Anna bought the first sex toys a year ago. And after that she returned several times to the store for new products. We asked the girl what conclusions she made in the year of application of sex toys. They can be useful to those who doubt whether sex-toyvars are needed.

Anna’s opinion about the IntimShop store.ru

I did not think before the sex shop is such an interesting store. It seemed to me something optional. And I honestly thought that Perverts go there (laughs).

In reality, everything turned out to be completely different. The store has a lot of useful things that I had not guessed about before. And although the first time I came only for lubricant, her gynecologist recommended me, I immediately chose a wave stimulator.

You can say, I was “persuaded” for the purchase. There was some kind of action and consultant with whom we talked in correspondence, said that this thing “guarantees an orgasm”. And I wanted to check it on myself, I bought Satiffyer Pro 2 Vibration. And it worked! Really gives orgasms.

For the year I bought 4 sex toys and 3 lubricant packaging. I use all this with my husband, he also liked to try something new.

Conclusions about the use of sex toys

All the following words are recorded from the words of Anna, now the permanent client of Intimshop.ru.

1. Everyone needs lubrication

I bought on the recommendation of a doctor, and immediately realized that I did not use it in vain before. This is an ideal tool! With him, everything is many times more comfortable. It’s hard to imagine now sex without her. Now I even recommend everyone to my friends. For me, the purchase was a real discovery, and now I am not ready to part with such a tool.

2. Frequent orgasms – possible

Wave stimulator Satispyer Pro 2 Vibration Really changed my life. Before him, I did not experience an orgasm often. There was a lot of sex, but only I did not always reach the peak. It was nice, interesting, but not enchanting. And this toy corrected everything. Now I end every time.

We just added this vibrator to our sex. The man was not opposed, and now there is always my orgasm! I don’t even know how to express my gratitude for such a gift. But I bought it by chance for an action for some funny money.5 findings of a woman about using sex toys after a year of use | Informative

3. Massager-the best sex toy

The first vibrator was only for me, but I wanted something for two. Therefore, the second in the house appeared a massagerSvakom Emma. He is beautiful, since you can play with a man. The touch of the penis causes his shudder, and I like it!

Sensations from wave stimulation and vibration are completely different. And the orgasms are different. Their intensity, duration – all this is felt magical. Therefore, we were even more satisfied with the second toy, and both rejoiced.

4. Muscle strengthening is useful

When I realized that a sex shop is a place of pleasant surprises, I began to carefully study the assortment. And I bought myself vaginal balls. It turns out that they are very useful for a woman. I took them to strengthen muscles and prevent many diseases.

I bought a simple model without vibration Joy Division Joyballs Trend, But now I understand that it was necessary to take something more intellectual so that you could install the application on the phone and track the results. I plan to buy Minna Life Kgoal to play during training.

Balls are interesting. When you use them, the desire of sex intensifies. I then rush at my husband, and he is happy about this.

5. The ring is the secret of success

The fourth sex toy that we chose is an erective ring with vibration We-Vibe Pivot. And it changed my tastes in sex. I used to hate to be from above, but with the ring it became my favorite pose.

When you are located on top, you can control how the clitoris is pressed to the ring. And this helps me delay the moment of orgasm. The husband is happy that he has days when he ends, without making his efforts at all.

And this is our first acquaintance with toys that are controlled from the smartphone. And this is very interesting.

The main conclusion

For myself, I realized that sex toys is very cool. In our family, this is a real discovery! And I think that the collection will be replenished with dozens of devices.

And now I can safely call myself a “pervert”, because a sex shop is one of my favorite stores.

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