5 reasons why men love hard sex

5 reasons why men love rude and hard sex.

There is no such man who would never dream of rude and hard sex. Even the latest intellectuals would like to release their bestial instincts and have wild, dirty sex in which instincts take the top. What can we say about the average representatives of the stronger sex, for whom such a variety acts as a cherished dream. And there are five enough simple reasons that explain such a strong addiction to cruel sex.

1. Conquer the lady

It is no secret that it is passionate, wild sex most women are noted as the brightest. This is not surprising, because with such proximity the top is taken by instincts, which bring excitation to the maximum point. Rough sex can give the most powerful emotions and impressions that will remain in memory for a long time, and maybe for life. Therefore, most men go to rudeness and some stiffness during relations, in order to win the heart of a beautiful lady in this way and tie her to themselves.

2. Make diversity to sex

Many couples resort to hard sex in order to diversify their sexual relations in such an interesting way. And this is very good, since it is experiments that can make sex in marriage more vivid, interesting and desired. This is especially useful for those whose relationships last long enough. Therefore, skillful and experienced men try to bring some rigidity and rudeness into sex, but always moderate, which would bring not discomfort or pain, but only exciting extreme and mysterious novelty.

3. Show who is the main

Quite often, representatives of the stronger sex show in sex a certain rudeness in order to show their second halves who are the main in the family. And it really acts, because it is most often that if a man dominates sex, then he dominates in life. So this method, which provides for some wildness in bed, allows you to achieve this goal, and also just assert yourself in front of oneself.

4. Hide the lack of experience and skills

Not every representative of the stronger sex boasts the presence of real skill in love affairs. Some relate to this completely indifferent, but there are many who are seriously experiencing that they are far from the glory of Casanova. And in order to show their partners that they are in bed very much, there is some rigidity and rudeness in sex. Of course, if they are moderate, then the lady can really feel that her beloved is a real pros in sex, but excessively rough and hard sex can completely deprive the pleasure of intimacy.

5. Ground well and tune in to passion

There is nothing more exciting than certain wildness in sex. Freedom of feelings, actions and sensations – these are the main advantages that the sexual intimacy with elements of stiffness possesses. This approach to the very issue of sex allows you to completely relax and just enjoy. As a result, sex is much more passionate, which gives additional pleasure in the process and gives extremely vivid sensations at the time of orgasm. And this state of affairs is unlikely to upset a woman, because her sensations will also be no less pleasant.

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