5 tips for perfect sex in the resort | Practices

5 tips for perfect sex in the resort.

5 tips for perfect sex in the resort | Practices
The boundaries of countries begin to open, thousands of people are going on vacation. And in places of rest there will be resort novels. How to make sex on vacation is great? There are 5 tips that should be remembered when close to the new partner.

Using simple rules, it will be possible Avoid a lot of problems: from an unexpected pregnancy to punishment for sex in a public place. You can use them in Russian and foreign resorts, the rules are universal. And if a new partner is against their use, you should think about whether it is worth continuing to continue relations.

1. Reliable protection

Sex with an unfamiliar person, even if he or she really likes it, should be safe. It is worth remembering this even at the time of love. And it is clear that no one will go to take tests during rest, there will be no certificates of the absence of infections. Therefore, it is important to choose a method of protection that will suit everyone. And this condoms.

They will protect both from pregnancy and from hundreds of infections. At the same time, caresses will not spoil. In order not to feel the products on the skin at all, buy polyurethane condoms, they are 2 times thinner than latex, but they protect no worse. Or choose latex, but thin, everything goes well with them, too.

2. Sand – the worst place for sex

Sex on the beach, especially on sandy, is a bad idea. Even if you sit on sunbeds or bedspreads, all the same, sand particles can fall into the mucous membrane. If there is a lot of it, then contact with genitals will immediately cause pain. But if the sand is a little bit, and it was brought, for example, with his hands, then the gratitude will not appear instantly, but after an hour or two. And it will be unpleasant.

It is better to experiment not shore, but in water, if you go to the room far. But you have to take a silicone lubricant with you. Natural lubricant is washed off quickly, and a special composition will help improve sliding for several minutes.

Important: sex in water is appropriate in the sea or ocean. In small reservoirs with standing water, this is dangerous for health.

3. Hygiene

Having decided at night, subordinate love on a deck chair, think about how many people were lying on it in the afternoon? Be sure to put something on him so as not to touch the genitals. Remember that all public places are not suitable for proximity. Choose poses where the minimum contact with surfaces. And there is a passion to find you in the toilet, fitting room or locker room, choose the poses where you are standing.
.5 tips for perfect sex in the resort | Practices

It is ideal for sex to choose a hotel room. And shower before proximity will never damage, guarantees the absence of any unpleasant odors.

4. Safety

There are countries where physical contacts on the streets are prohibited. You can’t hold on to the hand or kiss, even if you really want to. For violation of order, a huge penalty awaits. And if the couple will be caught in love in a crowded place, for example, on the beach, a criminal prosecution is possible.

Remember that even if there is no one around, there is a chance that there is a camera somewhere. And therefore, love joys can attract attention and lead to negative consequences. And sex in the water by the shore, where children play, can be very dangerous and punished for several years in prison.

5. The perfect assistant

Going to the resort, take a mini-vibrator with you. And in sex with a new partner, he will be a good assistant. Touching the erogenous zones, it will be possible to excite each other. And stimulation of the clitoris or scrotum closer to the finale will give a memorable orgasm.

Choose a compact toy that does not scare a lover or mistress and does not raise questions when looking for baggage. Vibrators in the form of a petal, rocketing, lipsticks or makeup brushes are perfect for this. You will not be left without orgasm with him, while you will not scare anyone and do not attract attention.

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