Daily hygiene of the male genital organ. How to wash a member correctly?

Daily male hygiene. How to wash a member correctly?.

Daily hygiene of the male genital organ. How to wash a member correctly?

Even adults for the most part do not pay much attention to the genital organ, but they don’t even know what to hide that in principle there are any rules on this subject. This article is designed to fill in the gaps and refresh knowledge, because hygiene is the key to health and success in women.

How to wash a member correctly

  1. Wash your hands with soap, do not wipe.
  2. Without touching extraneous objects, it is good to soap your hands until abundant foam is formed, applied to the member and the groin area, rinse with water.
  3. Pull the foreskin and rinse the head, while the bridle and the corolla need to be washed with special care.
  4. It is worth ending the procedure with rinsing the entire genital region with cool running water and applying a special cream (if necessary).

Daily hygiene of the male genital organ. How to wash a member correctly?

9 rules of proper male hygiene

1. Remove urine residues
After each urination, you need to get wet with soft paper or a napkin member. It is not enough to flick! So that all the remains of urine come out can be used the following method: squeeze the base of the penis with caution, then the last drops will come out, the degree of pressing will be determined for you over time. This is not a universal way, but it helps many.

2. Change linen every day
Even if you carefully monitor hygiene and eliminate the remaining urine on the member after the toilet, quite a lot of discharge still falls on the underwear. After a while, bacteria will begin to develop in these favorable wet-tough conditions that carry an unpleasant odor. Daily change of linen will always be fresh. If there is a long stay outside the house without the opportunity to take a shower, then we recommend taking shift underwear. Choose linen made of natural soft materials, the style should not cause discomfort or a sense of crowding. No wonder the most useful underpants are called «family», After all, it is they who allow the maximum to maintain male health and, as a result, the intimate health of the family.

3. You need to wash a member daily, 1-2 times a day
Discharge (smagma) and drops of urine accumulate on the member during the day. If you do not wash off these clusters, then they turn into a sticky plaque of a white-gray color with an unpleasant odor, which is very difficult to wash off. Moreover, most of the discharge accumulates on the head and in the folds of the foreskin. If you neglect hygiene, then dirt will become a fertile environment for bacteria.

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