Dream Work or how to become a sex-toe tester? | Informative

Dream Work or how to become a sex-toe tester?.

Dream Work or how to become a sex-toe tester? | Informative
Work that leads to orgasms, which can be more pleasant? Many dreams about such a vacancy, and it exists. The sex-toe tester is experiencing the most interesting products and talks about it. And today everyone can take this position. To work in an intimateshop.Ru for the test of goods are invited men and women over 18 years old.

Who can become a sex toys tester?

There are no requirements for the floor, appearance and sexual preferences. Different people can try sex toys in the case, The vacancy is open to all. And the goods will be selected based on the preferences: someone vibrator, someone whip. Wishes about the types of goods are made, but the final decision is made by the project manager.

The goal of the sex toy test – This is the identification of the pros and cons of goods and the story about this to customers. Therefore, the responsibilities include not only the test, but also the creation of a detailed review of products. The review must be placed on your sites, for example, on social networks, as well as make a text description for the employer’s website.

People who are already have a certain audience of spectators or readers. If more than 10 thousand people regularly watch your blog, cooperation will be fruitful.

What is the essence of the tester’s work?

The goods are sent to the tester anywhere in the country. After receiving it, you need to take pictures of a packaged product, the process of extracting from the box, beautiful photos on different backgrounds.

Then the sex toy should be used. Do intimate shots there is no need. Just photos of goods are important, a naked nature in the pictures is not welcome.

After the test you need to do Review for its site. On YouTube, this is a full -fledged video about the subject. On Instagram post or story. In Telegram – a detailed article. I need to tell you what you liked and what is not. It is important to share real impressions, and not embellish the facts.

After creating your review, you also need Text review for the employer site. This is an article that talks about the application, impressions and wishes. Hundreds of people will also see her, so she should be true and useful.Dream Work or how to become a sex-toe tester? | Informative

How is the work of the tester of goods for adults?

Sex toys issued for a test remain owned by the tester. You do not need to return the used goods. And this is already a significant plus of such employment. Delivery is also carried out at the expense of the company.

If your site exceeds 20 thousand subscribers, additional payment is possible for placing a review. Its cost is always individual, it all depends on the audience and its interest in such goods.

What if you like work and there are no 10 thousand subscribers?

If you do not have your own site for placing reviews, there is another way out. This is an affiliate program. It is concluded with Intimshop.ru, you have your own individual link to the store website. And from each sale made from your link, 15-20% payment occurs.

It turns out that you can make reviews of sex toys that you already have or buy new ones at your own expense. Show reviews of any audience, and if one of them is interested, get a percentage of sale. And not a small percentage.

Affiliate program is the most convenient solution for beginner bloggers. All, without exception, are accepted into it, there are no special requirements to participate.

How to apply for a vacancy?

If you have an audience of more than 10 thousand people, write to the mail: Marketing@Intimshop.ru. In the letter, provide a link to the site where you plan to leave a review, and tell you a little about yourself.

If you do not have a very popular blog yet, then register in the affiliate program –HERE. The process will take no more than 15 minutes.

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