First sex with a new man: 15 tips, what to do in bed for the first time. How to decide on sex with a new guy

First sex with a new man: 15 tips, what to do in bed for the first time. How to decide on sex with a new guy.

First sex with a new man: 15 tips, what to do in bed for the first time. How to decide on sex with a new guy

The female orgasm was opened at the beginning of the 20th century and since then everyone who is not laziness writes about it. Reading the next article about how to bring the lady to the climax, I want to shout: when do you write about what to do in bed with guys so that they like it! How relevant is this topic when there is First sex with a new man, And you do not know how to behave, how to decide on a transition to a new format of relations, because Intima was not a hundred years old, and you feel like an overripe virgin. Many representatives of the male caste will be satisfied even with the fact that the woman was generally in his bed, but the girls want to impress, especially on the one who is clearly present in her further plans.

So, a new acquaintance is developing rapidly, feelings are made, and now the thing is going to the most piquant – the first sex. And it is not so important what date this will happen, how what impressions will remain after. Of course, you should not rush, but there is no guarantee that after a dozen meetings an intimate will tie a man to you forever. The first sex with a new guy can strengthen the connection or put a bold point in barely originated relationships. Based on women’s magazines and forums, let’s try to make a brief instruction for girls who have such a significant event. Do you want this novel to be a continuation? Then read more carefully.

How to decide on sex with a new man

This is the first obstacle that slows down many women. And instead of making a beautiful “PA” and throwing a dress with a light movement of the hand on the floor, they are shy and repel the partner, without inviting the cavalier that burning from the desire to “cup of tea”. How to fight doubts? How to decide on the first sex with a new man?

First sex with a new man: 15 tips, what to do in bed for the first time. How to decide on sex with a new guy

First of all, discard doubts about the appearance and your skills in bed. Believe me, your friend is also nervous, afraid to be a bustard at the brightest moment. In the end, if he takes care of you, then externally he likes you. Believe me, he has already approximately appreciated your dimensions. If you weigh 70-80 kg, this is not hidden by any dress and trouser suit. A man sees that you are not a mountain pine, swinging from every blow of the wind. It is likely that such individuals excite it. And a large chest has not yet repelled anyone.

You have a small chest? Then do not try to create an illusion with modern underwear, otherwise a man can actually be disappointed. You would not like the fact of deception either: they promised Big Krakovskaya, but served a children’s mini-neighbor!

You still live in you complexes vaccinated by your ex -husband or boyfriend? Get rid of this with all your might. Never take the words of a former partner, most often leaving the offended and dreaming of taking revenge. Male offenses always strive to prick the lady more painfully, telling her unpleasant things about appearance, the ability to satisfy a man, her human qualities. Throw these words that are sunk into the soul. Their goal is to bite your future life. Do not let it go. What the former did not like, will be for happiness to a new partner. Do not pull the cargo of the past in a new relationship.

You’re not sure if you should have sex with a new guy so hasty? If you are adults, then walking the pen is stupid for several months. You may not be elementary to coincide with sexual temperaments, and then it will be many times more painful to stop this connection. It is better to arrange a test drive at the dawn of a relationship when everything is just emerging. An adult man does not think that you are a girl of easy virtue. Rather, it will seem strange to him that you have been stuffing your price for too long, not being a virgin for a long time!

Do not count on the fact that these relations will certainly end with something serious, and even more so marriage and children. A similar attitude of the ladies men smell per kilometer and shy away from the leaked. Put your frequencies just for good sex, and then – as God will send. You will protect yourself from psychological injuries with this approach.

Many have elementary pushing in the body. This is more characteristic of those ladies who lived with one man for a long time and got used to his body. Before the first sex with a new guy, try to get used to him physically, tune in to his biorhythms, and this is done by means of hugs, kisses, mutual caresses, but so far without penetration. Light petting is quite permissible. If you see that the guy is seriously configured and wants precisely the relationship, and not the flirting, turning into unobtrusive sex, tell you that you are still hard, and you need to reconfigure the perception to new dimensions))) Men are not animals, but quite reasonable and thinking creaturesknowing that everything is difficult for girls. Therefore, the person interested in you will always be able to understand and wait.

Do not build illusions about how the first time will go. No need to dream of candles, spontaneity and serial passion. As a rule, everyone has incidents: with protection, postures, movements, caresses. Embarrassment in the first sex is inevitable, so do not clog your head with stupid thoughts – as it will be, it will be.

Feel free your experience if you have. Believe me, most modern men are more pleasant to deal with a woman who knows what to do in bed with a man, than to mess with an inexperienced dureha, who is shy of a member with his hands. It’s very scary to be known as a lady of easy behavior? Then show him only 50% of your skills, and as the relationship progresses, you will reveal many more small secrets! It is not necessary to demonstrate everything to each other at once. Get sensations on increasing.

The first sex with a new man should take place with protection. You do not want to register with the incidence of HIV and other unpleasant viruses? Keep a condom in your handbag. Persistently requiring sexual intercourse without condom is sent by forest. Just imagine how many he could have been awarded without an elastic band, and how many “gifts” wears on the “tip of love”. Write off such grief lover into scraps without eye. You have one health, and there may still be a lot of men.

Sex rules with a new man, how not to screw up

The proximity with the new lover is always exciting, noble and passionate. Butterflies in the stomach tickle with wings, and the head is off. Well, it’s time to satisfy the low desires of your bodies and have sex, in the end. We have already said how to decide on sex with a new man, because we hope that you have thrown out extra thoughts or illusory performances. Now about the rules of sex with a new man.

First sex with a new man: 15 tips, what to do in bed for the first time. How to decide on sex with a new guy

The main rule is preparation

Naturally, before a responsible date with a new gentleman, you need to put yourself in order: do hair removal, manicure, pedicure, choose beautiful underwear … A woman should always be on top, and at such moments – especially – especially. If you are confident in your irresistibility, do not even doubt, everything will go smoothly.

You are not sure what the man likes there? As numerous polls show, most of the guys prefer a neat haircut or thin strip in the bikini zone. Natural vegetation or its complete absence like the smaller number of representatives of the male population. Therefore, for the first time, make an average.

Beautiful women’s linen is already half the success of seducing the chosen one. Men Nights on Women’s charms framed in sexy lace, ruffles and straps. The main thing is to choose not modern and fashionable underwear, but emphasizing your forms. We have already talked about Push-up-do not deceive yourself and your partner. Better buy a beautiful bust for a small chest, in which the papillae will seductively peel through the relief of transparent lace or mesh. You are shy about a small chest? Then do not rush to remove the bra immediately. And the corset will help to hide the folds in the waist – this simple element will make it aspen. Do not forget about stockings – it is very sexy and helps to hide stretch marks on the hips. The body can be beautifully decorated with accessories: portups, a belt for stockings, a leather collar or a necklace. The image should be one and harmonious.

. To have a beautiful woman for guys is already half. Even sex in a missionary position is perceived differently if an attractive and well -groomed lady is nearby.

Do not make intricate hairstyles with a ton of studs, varnish and hairpins. In sex, this is impractical. And touching fresh, clean hair is much more pleasant than touching hard, lailled pacli. You have long hair? You are just a lucky one! It is enough to wash them, carefully lay them and process with some aroma that it is madly exciting males.

Too much artificial beauty? Remove her gradually so that the guy gets used to the real one in stages, otherwise he will be scared in the morning, and you can’t lure him back any blowjob!

Smells of the body

You knew that men are the smell of a pure female body the smell of a pure? Not sprayed by liters of elite perfume and coated with dozens of creams! Consider this. We advise using subtle aromas of spirits, a fragrant hair balm and a neutral shower gel immediately in front of proximity, including an intimate. Then your body will smell very seductive.


To cope with your complexes, create a romantic twilight in the room – this is the second rule. Just turn off the light, draw the curtains and leave for muffled lighting a candle or nightlight. Without lighting, men, as a rule, do not like. Someone generally wants a bright light to personally enjoy what is happening. If you are invited to visit a man or hotel, let him choose lighting.

If only not to sort

Third point: You can relax and cope with a feeling of awkwardness with alcohol. It is important not to overdo it, because the hell will not reach the sex. A glass of dessert wine, a slight dinner and a warm conversation will allow you to liberate both. Yes, yes, or you think that only you are worried and embarrassed?

Reduce the bar of expectations

Do not wait for you to make an amazing cooney, caress your chest as you love, and generally bring to orgasm with two movements of a member. For the first time in half a minute, they finish only in tearful-tone melodramas, but in reality more and more prosaic: partners are looking for keys to each other. May fate itself set up all points over I, making your first sex as it will be.

First sex with a new man: 15 tips, what to do in bed for the first time. How to decide on sex with a new guy

Do not condemn the guy for misfires

If your new partner has intimate problems, react to this with understanding. An erection can fail at the most crucial moment-such misfires most often happen due to excitement and too strong emotions. Perhaps the guy will need time to get used to the new partner. Even if the embarrassment occurred, you do not need to focus on it or, moreover, rush to reassure it: “What are you? It’s okay, don’t worry, next time everything will be fine!”. Men do not talk about their failures with women. One way or another, and life consists of errors. And therefore, any awkwardness and embarrassment – not a reason to lose heart, panic or offend a man. It is better to pretend that nothing happened, or take a break and talk about something neutral.

The first time is the knowledge of each other

Perceive the first intimate experience with a new man as a game in “Guess a melody”. You will only know each other. Everyone has their own intimate preferences, erogenous zones, prohibitions – everything will be recognized over time, and now relax and recognize the body of the chosen one, exploring it with tender caresses and kisses by millimeter. Sex makes it possible to see each other with real, not in a far -fetched fairy -tale image.

When you find out the body of the partner, pay attention to where he has the most sensual areas. This will come in handy in the future, because we have cool sex toys for the affection of the most susceptible zones! Anal traffic jams, phalloimitators, vibrators, penis nozzles, erection rings, masturbators – everything for your mutual pleasure. Do not be shy and go: replenishment of an intimate arsenal will have to be by the way after a few meetings!

Do not be silent

Men are not telepaths, and you too. Therefore, try to conduct a dialogue on how to satisfy each other. Don’t be silent if you don’t like something. Be sure to ask a partner if you experience any techniques on it. In principle, some preferences can be discussed at the flirting stage – there is nothing shameful in this. At the time of the first sexual intercourse, both of you must have at least some landmarks (kiss in the neck, ear, caresses of scrotum, bite of the buttocks, etc.D.).

A little romance for the future

Of course, a stormy breakdown of clothes and sex in the hallway with a passionate outpouring after a minute is erotic, and even in many films it is shown in this perspective, but you run the risk of establishing this form of proximity on an ongoing basis. If your partner will try fast sex from the first contacts, then, it is likely, this will become the norm for him about you. And then it is very difficult to redo the established scheme. Therefore, a little romance will benefit. Pull the time slightly and do not let the man quickly complete sexual intercourse.

If the guy had no sex for a long time, then the ejaculation will occur quickly – it does not depend on ladies’ efforts. We say that at the time of the prelude, hold the horses a little. Otherwise you can’t get unique memories and sensations in the future.

Do not imitate pleasure and orgasm

I don’t like the prelude, movement, rhythm – we say right away. Why do not condemn yourself for a lack of pleasure? We are not in the torture chamber. Sex – a voluntary lesson, aimed at getting pleasure and discharge. By the way, about discharge – no need to imitate a stormy orgasm, when it is not at all. You want to impress a man with your multi -organism? For what? To then be left without orgasms? If a man is experienced, it can unleash your pretense, and then the second chance will not be impressed. Speak honestly. Theatrical ahi-strokes are annoying.

Without rules and complexes

Men recall their feelings at the time of pleasure, and not how your stomach behaved or how sides were shaking. Therefore, do not forbid yourself any poses and experiments due to fear of seeming awkward or ugly. Believe me, the visual perception of males is different. When you bent to him a booty, he does not look at its size, he is much more interested in how your “holes” move apart at this passionate moment.

If you are both ready for experiments the first time, why not try. ! Train, hone skills to show your skills to an dear person. Without scoring the long -term communication, it is much easier to decide on unusual types of sex. Well, you have to learn everything with someone!

As already mentioned, you should not start an intimate relationship with a new partner with experiments, if he himself does not offer them. Everything comes with experience, which means that you do not need to start with intricate poses and the use of sophisticated erotic gadgets, because you may not coincide with the idea of intimate life, the guy can be shocked if he has conservative views on sex, or the conceived does not always workSo, as conceived, due to insufficient physical training.

Caress his neck and shoulders

These parts of the body are responsive to caresses not only in girls and homemade pussies-dogs. Men react to tender touches to them completely identical. Kisses, warm breathing, touches with the tip of the tongue greatly turn in general and bring the main body to combat readiness in particular. Some male representatives like a grain of pain in this pleasure: a light bit of the shoulder or earlobe, the sharp touch of the sharpened nail in the interlopter zone, etc.D.

From the hair growth line to the interlopath zone in men is a very sensual area. Take a piece of ice and spend it on it, and then pour your warm breath and cover with delicate kisses. Contrast sensations on the verge is what you need for the memories of the night with a beautiful woman.

The lower abdomen is a special erogenous zone

We do not urge the blowjob from the first date, but to tease with the tongue and kisses along the treasured erogenous path from the navel to the inguinal region! And even necessary. You can not only kiss or caress with your tongue, but also touch your hands: iron, slightly massage, make circular and spiral movements.

First sex with a new man: 15 tips, what to do in bed for the first time. How to decide on sex with a new guy

Feet and fingers

If the situation is relaxing and romantic, try a man to do a foot massage – this zone is also very sensitive to influences and more than intimate for many males. Start with your fingers, treat them well, then go to the bend of the foot, closer to the ankle and go back. We wrote in detail about how to make an erotic massage to a man, read and use it for pleasure.

The right blowjob

You decided on such intimate caresses the first time? This is also normal – the degree of emancipation is different for everyone. Only, unfortunately, few people know how to make a good blowjob. Licking the head does not count at all. These are children’s pranks. You can lick a chupa-chups or ice cream, and the penis must be carefully caressed using different techniques. And do not forget about the testicles – warm touch will turn into responsiveness and persistent erection. There are also several points on the member that have the greatest reactivity to the correct touch: the head, the bridle and the line from the head to the bases on the inside of the barrel. More details about how to make a blowjob, read in our other articles.

Is it worth it to stay overnight after sex with a new man

Many men do not mind that the woman stayed until the morning after the night of love. It is clear – the morning will come from an erection to the chin. It’s easier to fight this when a virgin is at hand, or rather right under the side!

If you have already established confidential notes in communication, you can stay and demonstrate a couple of your skills for him. It is worth staying if you got a sensual and romantic representative of the stronger sex. Otherwise, your sharp breakdown will be taken home as neglect of his feelings, warmth, communication. If you want to have an effect of stunning and independent women who are not tied to a man after sex? Then, an hour after the subsided passions, thank a sweet friend for the delivered joys, call a taxi and set sail with a proud look. Such a maneuver actually makes the guy think: what an independent little thing, she took from me what she wanted and drove off. This warms up interest, the male has excitement, in the end, no one canceled the hunter’s instinct! In general, see the situation and character of the partner.

Perhaps you could not decide for sex with a new guy for a long time, but still try not to rush. Act gradually, without haste. May a man show himself in a prelude, and you better take a wait -and -see one. By the way, if your partner pays a lot of time and attention to preliminary caresses – this is a huge plus. With a man who cares not only about his pleasure, there is much more chance of getting an unearthly high. Try to relax and forget about your complexes, leave them outside the bedroom – in moments of passion they do not notice the shortcomings, but simply enjoy each other. Sex, like a pair dance, should take place at the initial stage more under the guidance of a man, and let your chosen one ask the initial notes, and you will develop your story in a whole saga!

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