Hard as a rock. 9 tips on how to strengthen an erection

Hard as a rock. 9 tips on how to strengthen an erection.

Hard as a rock. 9 tips on how to strengthen an erection

Male penis – This is not an independent part of the body, its activity and «Disability» Depends on the general condition of the body and on the substances that enter the bloodstream. It is the member that becomes an indicator of age-related changes in the cardiovascular system, unfortunately, the first to damage the small arteries in the male genital organ. There is an exit – Think about the protection of sexual life now and in the future you will not have to think about tablets.

1. Berry jam with bread – favorite dish!

Dark fruits, such as blackberries, blueberries and an elderberry, contain a high level of anthocyans, super -powerful antioxidants. A good erection is achieved due to the presence of nitrogen oxide in the blood, which expands the vessels. . They studied the Indiana from the university that the questionnaires control the level of radicals, the vessels function well and the blood arrives in the penis, providing an excellent erection.

2. Stop smoking!

If you still smoke, you have accepted the possibility of death from cancer, stroke or heart disease. What about life without an erection? Who needs a young impotent? According to recent studies, arterial damage from smoking doubles the risk of erectile dysfunction. When the researchers measured an erection in 10 smokers with sexual impotence, even after 1 day, free from smoke, 40% of men had an improvement. You can restore damaged vessels – Taurin and amino acids in fish products heal arteries damaged by smoke!

3. Become sensitive!

Everyone knows that stress acts as a cold shower, it also promotes the release of epinifan – The type of adrenaline, which reduces the elasticity of the arteries, making them stiff. If you focus on 5 current feelings, you can reduce the emission of epinifrine and strengthen the erection. For example, focus on the smell of your favorite dish, the sound of an opening door or a feeling from touching the steering wheel of a car.

4. Use helpers:

Erective rings, vacuum pumps and exciting lubricants are simply created to improve erection.

Hard as a rock. 9 tips on how to strengthen an erection

5. Stop snoring!

Snoring causes not only psychological, but also physiological harm. Penis tissue is very sensitive to a lack of oxygen and blood supply, and snoring disrupts the functioning of the cardiovascular system and the flow of oxygen into the cell cells.

6. Chew black chocolate!

Black chocolate contains epicatechins and flavonoids, which cause the release of chemicals and the expansion of the endothelium, a layer of arteries. How much you need to chew? A study of the university in California shows that those who ate 50 grams of black chocolate every day increased the expansion of blood vessels by 10 % or more. Since the penis consists mainly of endothelium, black chocolate will most likely benefit your erection.

7. Reduce estrogen level!

Calculate your body mass index. If your BMI is close to 25, then your fat will be enough to «Draise» your erection is down. The thicker the man, the more estrogen rejects his body, and the high level of estrogen – Tragedy for an erection. American studies report that 1/3 of men with BMI more than 30 and problems with an erection felt improvements after loss of 10% of their body weight.

8. Take a acupuncture course!

Traditional Chinese medicine helps restore the balance of sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. Doctor of Medical Sciences, Paul Engelhardt in his study says that after 6 weeks of acupuncture 64% of men restored an erection and no longer needed treatment.

9. Train your erection!

Kegel exercises will help, which are usually used in urinary incontinence. According to the research of British scientists who observed 55 men with impotence, 40% of patients restored an erection after Kegel’s daily exercises within 6 months. If there is no back pain, then any man can do such exercises.

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