Horror of long sex or how to speed up his finish? | Informative

Horror of long sex or how to speed up his finish?.

Horror of long sex or how to speed up his finish? | Informative
When a man gets to the finish line in bed too quickly – this is a problem for many women, because they did not have time to enjoy. But long sex causes some young ladies discontent. After all, very often girls get tired, or the partner is actually in no hurry with the end of sexual intercourse, which can really strain, cause annoyance, nervous. How to help a man get an orgasm faster? Consider the most effective ways.

We pull the foreskin

During stimulation of the penis, it is necessary to delay his foreskin throughout the circumference. This will arouse a man, cause positive emotions and will help to complete sexual intimacy faster. In the process, it is recommended to regulate the tension force and look at the reaction of a man, the actions should be liked, not to cause pain. If you pull too much, excitement will disappear.

Remember the bridle

It is the most sensitive part of the penis. Located a bridle in the lower part of the head of the penis. During oral caresses, it is necessary to focus on this place. If you are used to working with your hands, then we try to press your fingers on the bridle and make movements up and down. But, too fast the rhythm will lead all efforts to the drainage. So that work is not in vain, try to act smoothly. A great assistant will be a lubricant, it will help accelerate the ejaculation, and give the partner an unforgettable sensation.

We seduce

Women should not forget about their body, which, without a doubt, excites men. Try slowly undressing in front of a partner, showing him your naked body, trying to make him see you well, but could not touch. This excites, brinates passion. Such manipulations will allow the guy to bring to a quick orgasm, he probably will not torment you in bed for a long time. You can still show him your charms at the time of sexual games. The type of seductive ass can accelerate his orgasm.

We use an exciting cream

Horror of long sex or how to speed up his finish? | Informative
It is necessary to strengthen erection in men, helps to accelerate excitement. The product can be combined with rubber and latex products, as well as with lubricants. Apply the cream on the penis, capturing the head, barrel and foreskin. This will wake up in a hunter’s partner and help him get an orgasm faster. The components of the cream will cause a rush of blood to the genitals, make any touch bright and memorable, and the necessary sensations will come very quickly.

We play with ourselves

Another true way to quickly bring intimacy to the finale. No need to be shy, play nipples, caress yourself, touch the labia. This helps some men get excited. He looks, begins to masturbate and during intercourse quickly brings everything to the end. A long prelude with a demonstration of charms is interesting if you do not let it touch. Let him only be an observer for a while. This game will arouse both participants in the process.


In sex shops, you can purchase a toy masturbator, which has an appearance:

  • Vagins
  • Mouth.
  • Anal hole.

All products are made of hypoallergenic material. Inside the relief has a ribbed surface, the product can also be dotted with dots or bulges. This helps to get unforgettable sensations and quickly achieve orgasm. Use the masturbator during sex if you want sexual intercourse to end faster. The sex toy is ideal for the completion of the blowjob, when the jaw is already hurting, you can pick up the device and help him get discharge. Such stimulation is much more interesting than caressing hands.Horror of long sex or how to speed up his finish? | Informative

Exciting toys

It can be a vibroyite. The wireless device has convenient sizes for use. With it, you can stimulate the scrotum, which will allow the partner to be excited and enjoy. You can also use vibrators toys, male stimulants. Touches of erogenous zones will help strengthen the experiences. And you can also use sex toys for steam so that both partners feel fluctuations. This effect accelerates, helps to achieve even one -time orgasms.


Not everyone knows, but male nipples are very sensitive. If your partner likes your touch to this part of the body, then you can use this to bring it to the finish. Caress the nipples with your tongue, pin them with your fingertips, this should give pleasure to your loved one.

Change the pose, experiment

Sometimes, in order for a man to get an orgasm faster, it is necessary to change the situation or change the familiar pose for sex. You can also choose a new place for sex. Psychologists say that even a rearrangement in the room helps to improve proximity. Moving the bed to another place can change the speed of its finals.


Increase preliminary caresses, make a blowjob, go through erogenous zones. It is important that by the time of sexual intercourse the man literally moaned from desire, then the finish is close. Enter interesting accessories into the exciting part: a bandage on the eyes, soft wattlements, massage oil. Give each other gentle touches, but do not rush to proceed to intercourse. Now you know how to help the partner quickly cope in bed. Be sure to buy a few toys in an intimate store, they will allow you to diversify sex life, make sex brighter.

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