How the first wedding night goes – tips

Sex on the first wedding night.

The first wedding night is the night that the newlyweds will spend together to commit intimacy. In addition, she is a pleasant end to a difficult wedding day. Young people want to make it memorable, and for this you need to know how the first wedding night goes. In this article we will tell a little about the traditions of different peoples regarding the place and time of sex on a wedding night.

How the first wedding night goes – tips

The traditions of sex on the first wedding night

It is no secret that each people have special customs that need to be adhere to in order to honor their great -grandfathers who founded these traditions.

For example, in Islam it is believed that a girl should store virginity before marriage. The first wedding night of Muslims in some countries ends with a white sheet with drops of a girl’s blood. If there is no this blood, then this can turn into a serious conflict between the two families, and the girl’s family will be doomed to live in shame for life.

In the days of Old Rus’, newlyweds were prohibited during the wedding ceremony and throughout this day drink alcoholic beverages. And the first sex was happening in a separate room where guests are obliged to take the newlyweds.

Pagan Rusichs were loyal to girls who did not keep loyalty before marriage. Virginity was desirable, but not built into the cult.

Buddhists have sex on a wedding night should be decorated with fresh flowers. It was believed that such an environment has a good effect on the mood of the couple and lays the foundations of a happy family life.

Today, all these traditions have been significantly modified, and in our countries it is generally customary to live before an official marriage for several years to understand whether a man and a woman are suitable for each other.

How to prepare for the first wedding night

How the first wedding night goes – tips

About such an event as the first sex in a legitimate marriage, each of the newlyweds dreams, probably from the first day of acquaintance, which means they are also preparing for it carefully. In order for you to forget anything, we want to note the main points that need to be taken into account in preparation for the first legal sex:

  • Decide on sex. It is better if it is a fashionable hotel where you can relax after a wedding commotion. If when booking the room you indicate that you are the newlyweds, then the hotel staff will definitely decorate the room, and can also make you a pleasant surprise in the form of a discount or additional services.
  • Buy massage oil, aroma -fragment and other accessories for sex in advance.
  • Alcoholic drinks and snacks can be ordered directly at the hotel. But it is advisable to take care of this in advance.

If you cannot book a hotel room, then the first wedding night can be spent in your own living space, the main thing is to take care of the romantic atmosphere yourself.

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