How to extend sex – technique and tips

How to extend the orgasm – the main methods.

During sex, a man can reach orgasm after only a few minutes, a woman may require up to 30 minutes to achieve this peak point. In this case, you cannot do without preliminary caresses, but even this is not a guarantor of one hundred percent result.

How to extend sex – technique and tips

How long can not end a man

Surprisingly many people, there are about four factors that can extend sex time and slow down male orgasm. We will examine these four factors in detail.

  1. Movements

While the male member penetrates the vagina of a woman, he begins to make rhythmic movements, from which his excitement grows and an orgasm occurs. On average, a man can reach it in three minutes, so for its extension it is worthwhile to simply reduce rhythm or change the technique of entering a member in order to bring his girlfriend to a peak point longer. Light frictions with a small applute will help how long does not end a man. When the voltage wave subsides, you can continue to actively move and alternate.

  1. Touch

Undoubtedly – touches and affection during sex, the strongest and main stimulator of male orgasm. It is enough for a woman to lead a man with her delicate hand, and he can already erect an erection. And if you add hot kisses, play with the penis and light movements on the hips, then a man can very soon achieve the desired feeling. In this case, a man needs to learn how to control his reactions and maybe take the initiative into his own hands, bringing a woman to a peak point. If he tries to hold his desire, then not only will achieve simultaneous pleasure with a woman, but also experience double ecstasy. In addition, if you hold out for so long, then the woman will experience only pride in her man and her ingenuity in bed will only increase.

How to extend sex – technique and tips

  1. Vision

In an understandable way, men can be excited only from one glance at their bare girl, and if you have sex in the afternoon or in the light, then the ejaculation will come faster. In the dark, this factor loses its strength and the orgasm management becomes easier, but there are exceptions: some men can be excited from the presence of only a dark silhouette. The rejection of visual contact with a partner will also help how to prolong sex, because the eye of the eye is a very erotic factor.

  1. Thoughts and mental activity

Many men will begin to doubt further words, but in fact their erection and stimulation of further excitement can depend not only directly by a nearby woman, but from their own thoughts, mental activity. This all leads to the fact that male calls can be caused only by their personal desire or imagination. If you have only good imagination or a very piquant environment, a man can get a hard boner for himself. During intimacy, all sensations from touches are greatly enhanced, since not only the body, but also the brain increases its sensitivity. Therefore, if a man wants to extend an orgasm, then he should not concentrate his attention on touches, as this can lead to the opposite and after one minute you will complete the begun.

How to extend sex – technique and tips

To extend the orgasm for yourself and satisfy a woman, you can use three ways:

  1. Thrown all forces to preliminary affection and bring a woman, caressing her clitoris. After the man notices the strong excitement of the partner, he must introduce his cock into her vagina and then the simultaneous orgasm will occur.
  2. After the member entered the woman’s vagina, a man must control the rhythm of his movements and not forget to stimulate the clitoris so as not to interrupt the process of increasing excitation in his partner.
  3. The last way a man must accustom himself for some time. It is that after even the onset of male orgasm, the partner should continue sexual intercourse to satisfy a woman.  If you managed to do this, then you need to repeat everything in order to improve your self -control and in the future everything will happen reflexively.

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