I constantly want sex: the causes of high libido

I constantly want sex: the causes of high libido.

By the phrase “I constantly want sex”, we understand an increased need for intimacy, bordering on discomfort, and sometimes completely turning life into endless unnecessaries. Of course, physical caresses with a partner are an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, but everything is useful in moderation and when thoughts are hung up on one, it becomes difficult to stay in a good mood.

To begin with, it is worthwhile to understand that libido depends not only on the work of the psyche, but also on chemical reactions in the body. Therefore, when solving this problem, it is necessary to conduct a thorough analysis at all levels in order to understand that everything is in order with the body as a whole. Search for a source of increased sexuality can take some time, but you can’t postpone.

Love is not enough and therefore I constantly want sex

Sex can become compensation for intimacy in the absence of trust and delicate relations with a partner. We all urgently need attention, support, care and understanding. Someone more, someone less. The situation is aggravated by tactile personalities, which, among other things, depend on touch and hugs.

At such moments, hormones of happiness are developed, which ultimately soothe the psyche and give a sense of safety. When a person does not have truly close people nearby, there is no one to trust, and support is completely absent, sex becomes a tool for compensating for the disadvantages.

And then a simple mechanism arises – the body understands that during physical proximity we get satisfaction and close all the needs, at the emotional and hormonal level there is such a necessary balance and the psyche reconfigrates the resources to achieve a new goal. She becomes sex.

Being in the zone of emotional comfort, each of us supports this balance in various ways. From heart -to -heart conversations and the sense of the presence of a partner, to hugs, touch, kisses. Thus, sex becomes part of this design and is never brought into priority.

Another thing is when exactly physical contact is the only source of pleasure. Then it is needed in the morning, at lunch and evening, every day, endlessly. All other needs can completely be made from mental processes and unnecessarily becomes not even part of life, but by life itself.

Stress and emotional instability

During stress, sexual desire usually decreases or disappears at all. This is especially observed in women who, in any incomprehensible situation, first lose interest in physical proximity. But there is a reverse effect.

Long -term frustration and dissatisfaction with their own life deprives the body of the production of hormones of happiness. Someone sits on sweets, someone becomes a gamer, someone goes headlong or sport.

If all this does not help or inaccessible, a person can easily switch to sex. Each sexual intercourse restores the balance of the necessary hormones and leads to the release of dopamine, serotonin, endorphins and oxytocin into the blood. Mogz receives positive signals and becomes dependent.

Then sex becomes a drug and the need for it increases greatly. As soon as the level of happiness is reduced, the psyche is aimed at receiving sex and a person feels a strong need. Thinking and memory force him to think only about him, and night fantasies and pollutions in men are becoming familiar.

I constantly want sex even with regular sexual life

Sex forum is full of stories of high libido stories in both men and women. Obviously, sexual tension inevitably leads to an increase in desire, but what to do if it is removed by masturbation or partner, and returns again a few hours later?

In this case, we exclude emotional dependence and sexual frustration, it’s time to go further and consult an endocrinologist. Libido is directly affected by the work of the thyroid gland. Unfortunately, many experts still underestimate T4 hormones with patient complaints.

We should recall that the thyroid gland regulates metabolic processes, in other words, slows down or accelerates the overall activity of the body. With a deficiency of the hormone, the T4 people become sleepy, lethargic, apathetic, inactive, gains excess weight, suffers from rapid fatigue. The pulse is reduced.

With increased content of T4 in the blood, the situation is the exact opposite. The pulse exceeds 100 strokes per minute even during rest, the nervous system becomes more sensitive, the metabolism accelerates, a person loses weight, while his activity increases, sometimes repeatedly.

All organs and systems of organs are involved, including the sexual system. The production of sperm in men is accelerated, the erection appears up to 20 times a day, sex drive increases several times. Women have unreasonable lubrication of the vagina, frequent desire for sex, erotic fantasies.

All these people often tell the doctor – I constantly want sex, I am always few, even if he is, I feel short. But not all experts prefer to delve into the problem too deep. Although it would be enough just to donate blood to the hormones of the thyroid gland.

Why a man or woman constantly wants sex throughout her life

Not always increased libido is associated with diseases or lack of love. Sometimes it is in the literal sense of the word a feature of the body. There is such a thing as a sexual constitution. This is a congenital characteristic of a person, it is impossible to change it. In women at the psyche level, sexuality is often blocked, but this leads only to neurosis. The nature of your body cannot be fixed, it is better to listen to it.

In men, a high sexual constitution is expressed anatomically. Index (second) finger on the leg is longer than the large (first). Strong hairiness of the anus, legs and sometimes backs. Previously, the appearance of sperm (at 12-13 years old), stockiness and short legs. A man with a high sexual constitution is able to make love daily.

In women, the determination of the sexual constitution occurs a little differently, but in general, most of the parameters are similar. The index finger on the leg is also longer than the big one, thick, curly hair grows on the pubis and there is a path towards the navel.

But with the chest a curious fact. Girls with a high sexual constitution cannot boast of large mammary glands, as a rule, breast size does not exceed one, rarely two. The more “boobs”, the less the need for intimacy. Such girls are able to have sex 1-2 times a day.

When you need to sound the alarm?

Frequent desire for sex during the absence of a partner is normal. Physical proximity is the basic need of the body and masturbation saves only partially. The hormonal failure is also not critical, today it lends itself to treatment and the thyroid gland, including. The sexual constitution is a slightly more difficult task, because regular sex is required throughout life and the partner should somehow match you.

But it happens that sex drive is a consequence of various pathologies. In particular, we are talking about nymphomania in women and satyriasis in men.

Nymphomania is an uncontrolled attraction to sex, reaching a partner’s search. The second, non -medical name is uterine rabies. Often arises as a result of the origin or through the chur of conservative education of the child. It is considered a difficult pathology of sexuality and requires the help of specialists.

Satyriasis is a similar state of men. Uncontrolled erection, incessant sexual hunger, expressed by a constant search for a partner for intercourse. No matter where, like and even with whom. If only a member was in a woman.

Instead of the result

First of all, it is necessary to find out the reasons at the level of emotions. Do you have a partner how much you trust him, can you frankly talk and whether you are satisfied with the current relationship? The concept of intimacy includes care, attention, support, understanding and presence. When all this is a desire for sex adequately. When not, the effect of replacement may occur and the person will constantly want sex. Not always with its soulmate..

Then it will be useful to determine your sexual constitution to understand how you need sex. If the sexual constitution is high, then most likely you should simply increase the frequency of acts. Or resort to a partner’s search. For example, friendly sex, an excellent way out for those who do not have a second half.

At the next stage of diagnosis, tests should be taken. In general, you need to do this without any symptoms, just for prevention. And here is a great occasion. First of all, we are interested in the work of the thyroid gland and the level of the hormone T4 in particular.

If all this does not lead to a solution to the problem, it makes sense to appeal to a psychologist-sexologist for consultation. In the case of nymphomania, both men and women have a need for medical, professional treatment.

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