Impotence – signs and treatment at home, the reasons for the appearance

Erectile dysfunction – what is it, why a member is not worth it and what to do.

No man will agree to become impotent voluntarily and no half -paste will be able to convince him. Male dignity is that it is dignified in order to proudly stand and delight his owner and his girlfriend. Rather, girls – all with whom it is lucky to collide for a lifetime.

If this unpleasant condition has touched you – urgently take measures. Exception – if you, that is, you, already for 70. Then you can come to terms and go to sexual peace. But if you are here before, this is a mess.

Impotence is not the topic that is customary to discuss with friends in the bar. Although absolutely everyone at least once experienced “this awkward moment”. If he has only become repeated more often than usual, and also if the problems have already been frankly got out, it’s time to solve something with it.

In most cases, a man goes to the doctor a problem when it swelled to maximum scale. Everyone hopes that “it will pass” and absolutely no one wants to see impotent in himself. In fact, these are all fundamentally incorrect installations. Even the brain throws unpleasant surprises, because of which the patient behaves inappropriately. For example, for no reason begins to brag about his bed achievements, although this was not observed before. And this is a rather stupid way to hide problems that no one would have learned about. But subconscious fear is stronger than common sense. Absurd? He is.

If you have been touched by bed difficulties – act as it is appropriate for an adult in your mind: evaluate the problem, find the solutions and do everything that depends on you.

To win, the enemy needs to be studied as deeply as possible and more detailed, even if the topic is as unpleasant as possible. Below – all about what impotence is in men and how to cope with a common and very delicate problem.

What is potency and impotence and erectile dysfunction

We will figure out the conditions of the problem and what impotence is. The item “Given” consists of two terms – potency and opposite impotence. Impotence is differently called erectile dysfunction, doctors and sexologists often use this term, it sounds softer and more delicate, but the same thing is implied. Just keep in mind that the article uses both definitions. Erectile dysfunction is a body condition in which it is not able to have sex. Both a short erection, and its complete absence is impotence. But due to the fact that the “short erection” is no one set the concept of stretching and accurate reference time, confusion begins. Lovers of long marathons, whose private sex takes half an hour or more, suspect a pathology with a reduction in sexual intercourse to 15 minutes. For others and this figure is already a big luck. And this is absolutely normal, any condition must be considered with an amendment to a personal norm, the same people do not exist.


In terms of severity, impotence is divided into primary and secondary.

Let’s start with the secondary. This is when you can start sexual intercourse, but there are difficulties with the end.

Some time after the start, the member falls and no longer returns to the “correct” state, and the past erection is not enough for complete sex.

The owners of the primary were less fortunate – this word denotes male frigidity, that is, the inability to enjoy sex. The complete absence of an erection in men is a characteristic and very serious sign. That is, at the physiological level you simply have no attraction, and that’s it.

The causes of problems with the erection

The male reproductive system is considered less subtle and sensitive than the female, but this does not mean that everything is simple there. Several parts of the body participate in an erection and orgasm:

  • brain – gives signals;
  • hormones – they determine the level of libido;
  • nerve fibers transmitting a signal from the brain;
  • blood vessels.

If one of the systems is wrong, the whole chain collapses. According to this principle, erectile dysfunction in men is divided into several types.

Depending on the cause, organic, psychogenic and mixed impotence is distinguished. 

  • Organic – the result of improper work of internal organs or congenital diseases. It manifests itself gradually and can go into a chronic form. An example is violations in the cardiovascular system, due to which the genitals are poorly supplied with blood. Treatment of impotence in men after 50 is most often associated with the organic symptoms of aging of the body.
  • Psychogenic origin from your inner clamps and experiences. Such a reaction – a combination of psychology and anatomy and resembles the mechanism of reflex – a specific irritant causes a specific answer. If one day you had a traumatic case, in similar circumstances it may be repeated.
  • The mixed type combines the causes of impotence described above. This is the most common variety, because psychological difficulties always follow the problems of physiology. And vice versa – the body sensitively responds to thoughts and feelings. Systems cannot exist without each other, they need to be treated comprehensively.

Symptoms and signs of potency disorders

The main symptom is obvious: the absence of an erection. All other signs of impotence are variations on this topic. To determine if you have problems, answer the questions:

  1. Is there a sexual desire in principle?
  2. Does the member react to sexual stimuli? Even a small “stir” is considered;
  3. When a member rises in response to some actions-it increases in size completely?
  4. If not, is this enough for sex?
  5. If so – whether the ejaculation occurs?
  6. If not, this is due to the fact that an erection disappears during sex or you simply cannot finish?

Questions are arranged in terms of severity of the condition – the farther you have passed the list – the sadder the deeds. How sad they should be to finally get together to the doctor – you decide only you. For a reasonable visit, even just a missing erection in the morning is enough.

Another important point is changes in dynamics. Always make an amendment to your own norm. Most often there are problems for those who have sex too often or too rarely. In the first case, it takes more time and effort to bring the member to the “combat” state due to the depletion of the body. In the second, on the contrary, the body has been prepared for a long time and accumulated a huge number of resources, they are uncontrollably eager for battle, and everything ends too quickly.

Why an erection falls during sex

If this happens, then most likely the reason is hidden in the head. This is the so -called psychological impotence. Physiology here is extremely rare – if the body is capable of an erection, then for prolonged sexual intercourse, most likely also. Although there are exceptions. First, check if the information is attitude towards you below.

The most common cause of falling erection is the so -called “anxious expectation of sexual failure” or just Stosn. This is a very common phenomenon. Its main symptom is excitement before sex or in the process. The situation is complicated by the fact that excitement can be unconscious, you simply do not notice (or do not want to notice) it. Stosn sets in his head for a reason, he appears due to failure in the past, articles read on the Internet or even after someone’s story.

At the decisive moment, you begin to think about the process, doubt yourself and wind up – all this gains greater weight than excitement, and sex again does not work.

To defeat Stosn, you need to gain self -confidence – after all, this is nothing more than a stupid vicious circle. Still in order, but you already ask the question “what to do if a member is not worth?”. At the same time, you scare yourself and get exactly what you are afraid. Fear is unfounded – it is worth overcoming it, and the problem will be solved.

It is important that your girlfriend also understands this, and not exacerbate the situation. Whining “you don’t love me anymore” will not help and even make it worse. Need support that will instill confidence in you.

A male erection may fall if:

  • Society or parents at the stage of the formation of your personality laid incorrect attitudes. For example, they said that sex is bad or dirty;
  • You had a painful failure in the past, inwardly you are afraid of repetition;
  • In fact, you don’t really like the partner, but the imagination at some point fails;
  • or vice versa-a man cannot end due to an interrupted erection if he likes the girl too. There is a fear that it will not be possible to satisfy it;
  • You are afraid of specific problems – for example, publicity (the one who should not) or a sexually transmitted disease learn about your sex;
  • In my head during sex – not sex, but a thousand “more important” heavy thoughts. You suddenly remember that you forgot to pay a loan or send a report, and that’s all, now the head is busy only with this.
  • confuses the behavior of the girl. For example, if she whispers warmly in the ear “I love your 12 centimeters of pure pleasure”, but you, in fact, have 16.

Sometimes one action is enough, one sex, one minute, to create a Stosn in a man for the rest of his life. And over time, the situation becomes worse. In the neglected case, men are not even trying to have sex, because they are 100% confident in failure. They long ago forgot that it was an erectile dysfunction that appeared almost from scratch. This approach minimizes the chances of a good outcome. We must take yourself in your hands!

Interesting characteristic features will help to determine that it is precisely. The syndrome is known for what can appear with only one partner, but with others – no. Masturbation, too, usually does not cause any difficulties.

This is the key to success – you owe yourself anything, you will not blush in front of yourself in case of failure. Therefore, everything is good with masturbation – you are calm, do not worry and everything turns out fine.

When you want to impress a girl who (for example) you really like – you involuntarily get hung up on the fact that the erection is extremely, vital, very necessary. Otherwise – fire, flood, explosion. Excessive importance spoils everything, get rid of it and improving potency will not be long in coming.

General methods of treating impotence

You can treat male impotence in different ways – from loyal to drums. The problem of the latter is that they are clinging to others, innocent systems of the body. But, undoubtedly, and the result of them is the fastest and most obvious. This refers to drug therapy.

More delicate treatment of impotence at home or in the clinic is quite possible – proper nutrition, physiotherapy, massages, exercises. They do not give an effect “right in front of our eyes”, which we all wait for. But such methods, for the most part, work for a long -term perspective. They help the body get stronger, and do not force to spend emergency reserves.

Drug treatment

It is strange if you come to mind first of all except Viagra. Most men (and women) will never call at least a couple of brands. And they exist! And moreover, they differ not only in the name, but also by the method of action.

Preparations for the treatment of erectile dysfunction are divided into those that improve potency, raise libido or normalize hormonal balance in the body. They have different active substance and the principle of action. In any case, it is desirable that a specialist is prescribed treatment.

But you are most likely not a doctor. And therefore is not at all obligated to understand the intricacies of drugs and delve into complex terminology. Below you will find the general information described in an understandable language. It will be quite enough to generally understand what’s what.

Preparations on effective action

Even inside one group there are differences in the type of exposure. Some drugs for the treatment of impotence stimulate the production of enzymes, while others contain nitrogen oxide that expands the vessels. The tablets of these types act immediately, the effect lasts several hours. The active substance does not accumulate in the body and is not suitable for constant use.

For prolonged therapy, a testosterone course is sometimes prescribed in a tablet form or in injections. Before starting the course, you must take tests. This may seem obvious, but still: if the hormone is not reduced, it is not necessary to take it. At all. At all. Two times, a man cannot become a man with all the desire, and unnecessary interventions in the hormonal balance will not lead to anything good.

Bades for every taste and wallet are also popular. By the way, dietary supplements are called medicines that have not passed clinical trials and therefore their effectiveness is not proven. It is no secret that among this category is full of class funds that help in the case. But there are enough “dummies” in it, this also needs to be remembered. Reviews and opinions on the Internet will help you choose a good tool.

Drugs by the method of use

The active substance can be delivered to the body not only in the usual “tablet” way. There are more sophisticated options, each of which has its own advantages.

Oral medicines have already been mentioned. Everything is simple with them, put a tablet in the mouth and drink water, you do not need to be a genius to cope.

Intrauarethral method is when the medicine is administered directly into the urethra. Due to the fact that medicines fall straight into the desired area-the effect is brighter and more pronounced, an improvement in erection occurs faster, 10 minutes in 10 minutes. Plus, unlike tablets and capsules, local products can be introduced anyway. For example, it will not matter what you just had a bite. Side effects so -so – discomfort in the urethra, pain, burning sensation.

Less commonly there are rectal “candles”. They instantly suck and do not particularly beat the body, but the sensations are not pleasant. Discomfort persists for about 30 minutes, if you have sex at this time – the sensations will be … ambiguous.

Intrauarethral drugs, or rather, their administration is painful, but not too much. Even more painful – intracavenous introduction. These are potency regulators that are injected, right into the member. You can breathe calmly, in our time barbaric methods are almost not used – oral drugs are no less effective.

Non -drug treatment

Massage, shock-wave therapy, exercises, and exercise therapy refers to non-drug methods.

If tablets, injections and folk remedies for impotence are not for you, you can contact alternative treatment methods. For example, to homeopathy – it seems to be related to medicines, but very mediocre. Specialists in this area recommend, for example, selenium and sulfur for therapy, but accurate instructions even in homeopathy are selected individually.

Doctors often prescribe physiotherapy. Such methods will help, provided that the appointment “will fall into the target”. That is, it will act precisely for the causes of impotence. To make it happen, you will need a cool doctor who knows his job very well.

By the way, homeopathy, physiotherapy and dietary supplements can help in one more case-if the disease arose due to the characteristics of psychology, and the selected product worked as a placebo.

Regardless of what signs of impotence you have, treatment will be useful. Prostate massage is unpleasant for most men, but a very effective method. It improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs, nourishing them with important elements and oxygen. The prostate gland produces more secret because of this, and potency improves. By the way, in vain you are so afraid of this procedure, the massage of the prostate will bring new peaks of pleasure, as the man experiences a strongest orgasm from him. Attract your woman to the process itself, let her watch our video tutorial “Prostate massage”, her skills will delight you, not only strengthening health, but also delivering pleasure.

Sometimes specific diseases are hidden behind sexual difficulties. If the situation is getting worse, you need to be carefully examined. Perhaps you will first have to find out how to treat prostate adenoma in men or undergo a course of therapy against prostatitis.

If an erection disappeared due to a passive and sedentary lifestyle, love for narrow trousers or a cramped (but, undoubtedly sexual) underwear, LFK will help LFK. The complex of special exercises is designed to influence the same pelvic organs. The doctor shows and prescribes exercises.

Some couples buy a pump for home use. She is put on a member right before sex and in a couple of seconds you become the owner of a stone erection. Pure physics – vacuum attracts blood, it fills the vessels. There is no long -term effect from the pump, only one -time.

Before treating impotence with medicines, at least a little overpid exercise. An effective complex has already been prepared for you, it is just below. The exercises are good because they have no contraindications and pronounced side effects, it is advisable to perform them for every man – both the patient and healthy. Exercises will definitely not go to the detriment.

Folk methods – how to treat at home

Traditional medicine offers a bright variety of recipes, but not all of them look adequate. You can, for example, have garlic in incredible quantities. But still, it is better to select less aromas and more pleasant answers to the question “How to cure impotence”.

Enter the following products in the diet:

  • ginger root;
  • ginseng;
  • celery;
  • Walnut.

From the above, you can make decoctions and infusions, something is suitable as an addition to tea. Observing the mode of useful additives from this list will be easy, and the condition will become better in the whole body. These are safe and effective products for the treatment of erectile dysfunction at home

Healers recommend making honey applications – 0.25 kg of honey dilute in 1 liter of warm but not hot water. Moisten in it a napkin or towel and apply to the base of the penis twice a day for 10-15 minutes. It seems that the authors of the recipe have forgotten to mention that there must be a girl who is not indifferent to beekeeping products nearby. Another popular recipe is the mustard on the feet. They allegedly will disperse blood, especially in the direction of the very organ, improving its oxygen supply and filling the cavernous bodies. And for dessert – a bath with bay leaf.

A picture worthy of a separate erotic film: you leave the bath, with a leaf of a lavrushka adhering to your shoulder, glue mustard plasters on the feet, and put honey gauze on a member … what’s next – come up with yourself if you want. Try not to represent the smell too details, otherwise problems may aggravate.

Exercises and training are a much better answer to the question “How to increase an erection?”. They are harmless, have no contraindications at all and … smell

Diet in violation of potency

Get ready for the attack by capital truths, you can’t do without it.

So you are what you eat. The body directly reflects the lifestyle of the owner, it is impossible to cure a painful state without changing the approach to health. Before treating potency, you need to put in order the lifestyle in general.

Well, everything seems to be, with hackneyed phrases, they finished, now on the case.

The diet should have special nutrients, which are shown specifically for potency. These are phosphorus, zinc, vitamins E and D.

There should not be soy and beer in the diet (they increase the level of female hormone), frying food. Damage will be caused by quick carbohydrates – bread, baking, potatoes. It is also necessary to exclude mint – even chewing gum and menthol in cigarettes on a black list.

Treatment of impotence in men should begin with a reduction in the amount of salt. No more than 4 grams per day are allowed. Not only the salt that you sprinkled the finished dish, but also the one that has already been in it is taken into account. It is very important!

Coffee – no more than 1 cup per day. Too much coffee destroys testosterone molecules, directly pushing you from the treasured result. But almost this drink will not hurt-in small quantities it helps the vessels.

Here are a few men’s dishes, tasty and beneficial for potency:

  • fried eggs with fried onions;
  • pork, with carrots, garlic and pepper, baked in the oven;
  • salad of boiled fish and potatoes, cucumber and carrots;
  • Soup with cauliflower and shrimp.

As you can see, it is not necessary to switch to a dull and joyless diet in order to eat right and maintain potency in normal. There are different potential causes of erectile dysfunction and treatment depends on them, this is a fact. But start eating right is your holy duty, even before the start of therapy and research.

Products that increase male power

An increase in erection is impossible without supporting the balance of vitamins and microelements. Eat cheese, oysters, red meat, offal, seafood, nuts, dairy products.

Add more spices to food, especially saffron, cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom. Honey with walnut is not only very tasty, but also useful.

Impotence – signs and treatment at home, the reasons for the appearance

Useful juices are quite suitable as the treatment of impotence by folk remedies. The most effective for these purposes are pumpkin, celery, watermelon. It is desirable that the juices are freshly squeezed, they will be found in any cafe or bar. You need to drink at least once a week.

Prevention and exercises, how to restore an erection

Treatment of impotence at home with folk remedies is, of course, very good, but even better – to master a special set of exercises. It is aimed at working with the pubic and cope muscle, or, abbreviated, LKM. It is also called the “muscle of love”, this is the romantic name LKM received that it plays a decisive role in sex – it raises a member. It is not worth it if the muscle works poorly. Then there will simply not be sex, that’s all.

Before restoring the erection of exercises, you need to find LKM. Try to interrupt the stream of urine while urinating or during an erection to move a member up and down. Of course, without hand. You will feel how LKM is moving.

The ancient admirers of “Tao of Love”, widely using training as part of their techniques, recognized, by the way, throughout the world, persistently recommended training this muscle.

It is necessary to maintain it in good shape not only to have perfect sex. Trained LKM – protects against very unpleasant diseases such as urinary and feces. So even after many years, by deep old age, the exercises will be very helpful. But it’s time to start them now.

Exercise 1

After you find LKM and learn to control it, this technique: slow and smooth muscle tension at an increase in the upper point, and then slow and smooth relaxation. The main thing is that there are no sudden movements, only slow and smooth, otherwise – it is not considered.

Exercise 2

Go to him only after the perfect execution of the first exercise, at least a few days from the beginning of classes. Do the same, but intermittent movements, as if climbing the stairs. Figure, of course. Physically, you do not need to move at all.

It looks like this: “Stress-pause-spacing-pause-defense …”. Thus, in a few “steps” you will reach the top of the voltage. Then relax the muscles, going down the same “ladder”, gradually. The main rule is to move only up or down. “Rising”, you need to never relax muscles and vice versa.

You will find a full range of exercises with a demonstration of technician in our special video course “LCM training”, there the best sexologist and psychologist Valeria Aginskaya reveals in detail the features of male anatomy and physiology and selects the best set of techniques for your excellent potency. The effectiveness of exercises, as a way to increase an erection, has been proven and recognized around the world. They have no contraindications and will be useful to every man. The same applies to regular prostate massage – it does not take much time, but gives a visible result very quickly. Prostate massage stimulates blood flow to it. Iron affects the regulation of all sexual processes. Impact on it is extremely effective if there are problems with potency.

The prostate is located on the front wall of the rectum. Depth-about 5-8 cm from the anus. Proper stimulation = remembering movements towards the navel.

You can do prostate massage manually or massagers, they are sold, including in sex shops. If you decide to purchase this useful little thing – pay attention to the functions of vibration and rotation. Rotation is a change in length, due to which you do not have to move the massager manually, it will move correctly inside the rectum.

This means that you do not have to do something at all, except to insert a massager, wait until he does his job and take him out. Additional functions add numbers on the price tag, but significantly reduce the level of discomfort. Even, one might say, they bring him to zero. The benefits of the procedure, on the contrary, are increasing. In general, for this it is clearly worth overpaying a little.

Massager – in no case is the same as the vibrator. It has a C-shaped form specially designed for these purposes. On the case there is a seizure-stopper, it clearly means the desired depth and does not allow the device to shift in the process.

During a prostate massage of any type, it is necessary to use water -based lubricant, for example, Wicked Jelle. This is a minus to soreness and plus to the comfort of the body in an unusual process for it.

Then we offer you techniques for self -massage that you can try tonight. But if you are not ready to do a massage yourself, then turn to your girlfriend, let her watch our video tutorial “Prostate massage” to make this process a pleasant love game for both of you.

Technique “circular movements”

The first option is to use a device with a rotation function, for example, Nexus Revo Stealth, it is important that the massage is anatomical in shape. Rotation is circular movements that are directed throughout the prostate gland. This is the most comfortable method, since the effect is only on the iron, everything else remains alone. The main plus of this device is that it has a control panel that will free you from the need to take an uncomfortable pose. You just insert the massage on the anal lubricant, for example, Pjur Analyse Me, and he will do everything for you.

Technique “Come here”

You can dwell on the device easier and buy a static model with vibration, for example, Nexus Revo Slim. The pluses are all the same: a convenient shape and intensive stimulation. But in this case, the device will move entirely, or rather vibrate. This gives a very pleasant sensation, as it affects the entire region of the rectum and anus, which, as you know, has more than 72 thousand nerve endings. First you need to prepare: a good, high -quality lubricant – by no means Vaselin or, moreover, fat cream, Wicked Jelle is best suited. Next, pick up a convenient position, you may have to show flexibility. It is best to perform equipment, lying on your back. The pose should be as convenient as possible. You insert the device with slowly in circular movements, then you make the “Come here” technique, that is, you are moving the massage to you, as if you are beckoning someone with your finger, calling to approach you, you need to bend your legs at this moment in your knees.

Technique “Jumping Hammer”

Another cool stimulator – Duke from the German manufacturer Fun Factory, all toys of this factory are produced in Germany, in the city of Bremen, they pass 8 stages of control and have a 2 -year -old guarantee without restrictions. After lubrication, you can gradually introduce a toy with a depth of about 4-5 cm (all men have a prostate where it can vary a little). To the touch the right point is slightly rough, it is not very difficult to find it. Direct massage – accurate stimulation. The main thing is to prevent painful sensations, they should not be. You also lie on your back and perform the equipment – with quick shocks up with a small amplitude, acting as much as possible on the iron. The massage, in its actions, really looks like a construction jack of a hammer.

Do not be surprised if you get the strongest orgasm without even touching your cock, because the prostate is the second erogenous zone of a man who is responsible for pleasure. By the way, massage of this zone will allow you not only to avoid diseases, but also to extend your male power for many, long years. Connect your woman to this process, it will diversify your relationship and help to wake up passion. Let her watch our video course “Give a man a bright orgasm”, this will be a truly cool gift for both of you.

No matter how much you wanted to believe that 10-15-20 years is a lot and soon, the defining moment will still come. And then you will thank or (very loudly and ugly) scold yourself for laziness. Thousands of men went through the same road and therefore there is no doubt that it is better to take care in advance. Then you will never have to find out what to do if you are impotent, as well as how to treat impotence, prostatitis, adenoma and other unpleasant diseases. Take care of yourself, watch our video tutorial “LCM training” and do it according to the proposed program. See our other men’s sexual skill courses to improve their skills in bed, give pleasure to your woman and enjoy sex yourself.

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