Intimate piercing. Why is it necessary? | Informative

Intimate piercing. Why is it necessary?.

Intimate piercing. Why is it necessary? | Informative
Piercing is not know-how. Even in ancient times, people pierced holes in the body and inserted various objects. This was done both with the aim of decorating itself, and due to cult-religious causes or specific practical goals. And today many decorate the genitals with punctures. But why and how it happens?

Why do intimate piercing in our time do?

You can distinguish several reasons that push a person to intimate piercing:

1. For beauty Piercing jewelry is the most diverse: Strabs of hoses, hoses, rings – tasted of the Turgenevskaya young lady and daring girl. But intimate piercing is not intended for a wide demonstration to others, so beauty is far from root cause for those who want to take this step.

2. To increase self -esteem, express individuality The piercing in the intimate parts of the body at a subconscious level increases the self -confidence of its owner, gives special sexuality that others cannot help but even know about special jewelry on the body.

3. Pleasure According to the holders of piercing in intimate places, it increases sensitivity, brings special extreme notes into sexual life, leads partners to a state of ecstasy.Intimate piercing. Why is it necessary? | Informative

Intimate piercing in women

To enhance sensations from sexual life, nipples, large and small labia, clitoral zone pierce.

  • Piercing on the nipples. This piercing brings not only aesthetic visual pleasure to a sexual partner, but also makes the nipples of the piercing holders extremely sensitive, bringing unique sensations from tactile caresses. The puncture is carried out on the tip of the nipple and can be located both vertically and horizontally.
  • Cliter zone. The puncture of the clitoris directly leads to an unbridled orgasm from one touch. The puncture of the hood horizontally has an exclusively aesthetic purpose. The puncture of the hood vertically leads to the constant light excitement of its owner, since the decoration is constantly in contact with the clitoris.
  • The zone of the labia. The piercing of this zone does not give additional sexual pleasure, bears an exceptionally aesthetic character, “triggering” as an additional pathogen for a partner.

Intimate piercing in men

Sexologists say that piercing of intimate zones in men bring sexual pleasure to both partners.

  • Prince Albert. A fragment of the bridle over the member through the urethra is carried out. A ring is introduced into the punctures. You can wear various jewelry on it.
  • Franum. Horizontal puncture of the bridle. Lengthens sexual intercourse.
  • Ampallang. Horizontal puncture of the member’s head through the urethra. Introduces exotic sensations to sexual intercourse.
  • APADARY. Vertical puncture of the head of the member through the urethra. It feels similar to ampallang.
  • Dadoz. Piercing the head of the penis I scroll. You can make a series of punctures. “Crown” with jewelry with such a piercing brings a partner to orgasm in a matter of seconds.
  • Gish. The puncture is performed in the area of the anus and scrotum. When delaying the jewelry before ejaculation, the orgasm becomes very bright and prolonged.

Piercing, made by an experienced master, will not harm the body. But independent piercing of the body can lead to negative consequences.

Possible consequences of piercing intimate zones

Complications from the puncture and improper care of it at the time of healing may have severe consequences. They should be known even before the procedure.

  • The puncture of the nipples can lead to complications when breastfeeding and mastopathy, if the milk duct is hooked.
  • The piercing of the hood over the clitoris and the clitoris with an incorrect puncture that affected the sexual nerve leads to a complete loss of sensitivity.
  • Horizontal puncture of the bridle can lead to impotence. The puncture of the urethra (APADALIA, AMPALLANG) can lead to inflammation of the organs of the genitourinary system.

Intimate piercing – the lot of those who are constantly in the search for new sensations. In order for these sensations to be extremely positive, it is worth making it exclusively with trusted masters and do not forget to then take care of the place of puncture.

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