Is it possible? And how to have sex in the water – some tips

Some tips on how to have sex in water.

If we think about sex in water, then words like wet, slippery or just sunny weather come to my head. In any case, doing this is not as simple as it would seem. Let’s look at some tips on how to do it.

Protected sex and water

Of course, sex in the water is not only a fascinating activity, but the occupation is full of pleasure. But do not forget about the protection. If you plan to do this and at the same time and at the same time, then remember – the water and the condom is completely unrealizable things! This is for the reason that warm water and chemicals, such as chlorine, affect the condition of the condom itself, t.e. Latex strength, thereby casting doubt on the main function of the condom. Another problem is that due to water it will often slip a condom and can remain inside the vagina, which not only can create problems, but also spoil the overall impression.

You probably think the water will play the role of the lubricant. But in reality, it prevents the production of natural lubrication in women, which can further lead to unpleasant intercourse. The best way out of this situation is to use a silicone lubricant, which is waterproof and low -fat.

When you finally figured out lubricants and condoms, it is time to proceed directly to the most important.

Sex in the pool

Do not even consider a public pool as an option, it is better to surrender to love games in your own or in any private pool. In any case, the problem of most such reservoirs is that they are chlorinated. In this case, a good alternative to classic sex is oral sex. If he is without chlorine, you can calmly enjoy sex on the steps of the pool, on the very edge of the pool, etc.D.

If you decide to stay on the steps, it is desirable that the partner is up to half of the waist in the water and hugs her partner with his feet by the waist. In this position, the partner will be able to introduce the penis as deep as possible, and will also be able to caress the clitoris. It is also advisable to use Kegel exercises for women in this pose (to relax and strain vaginal muscles), thereby giving additional pleasure both.

On the edge of the pool, you can experience an unprecedented gamut of pleasure that cannot be achieved by any other pose. Lying on her back on the edge of the pool, the woman puts her legs on the shoulders of the partner and allows him to enter her. Tip: so that the woman does not slip from the edge and does not fall the pool, it is desirable that the partner holds her for the buttocks.

Sex in the shower

Sex in the shower is a great opportunity for poses standing, though except if the shower cabin is too small. Tip: in order not to constantly slide or, God forbid, do not fall and not break the limbs, it is advisable to acquire an anti -slip rubber rug in advance.

You should not start sex in your soul with active and strong frictions, it is better to start with slow movements, gradually accelerating the rate of friction.

Sex in open reservoirs

The biggest disadvantage of sex in the lake, river or at sea is sand, but if you act carefully, then this can be avoided. It is better to start with preliminary caresses already on land (on the bedspread). It is also important not to have sex at great depths – make sure you can stand on the sand with your feet. You should not do this if there are too high waves in the sea or in the ocean – it will be confused.

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