Learning to kiss differently. Types of kisses on the lips and rules of the perfect kiss

Learning to kiss differently. Types of kisses on the lips and rules of the perfect kiss.

Learning to kiss differently. Types of kisses on the lips and rules of the perfect kiss

It would seem, what can I be able to, touched his lips to his partner’s lips and that’s it, «chemical reaction» It happened. As an option – exciting French kiss, with a tongue that only lazy does not know today. For such meager knowledge in the romantic sphere, it should be ashamed! It turns out that there are about two dozen different kisses. We will self -improve and practice!

The main types of kisses

Lips on the lips:

► «Playing tenderness» – Partners do not really kiss, they only slightly touch each other with their lips, as if evading from more passionate kisses, is considered as a cheerful game, a clockwork prelude;

► «Vacuum» – One of the partners touches the lips of his sympathy and assertively sucks the upper or lower of them, it turns out very erotic and exciting;

► «Tasty» – The girl is moderately moistened with a moisturized language (only without fanaticism) licks the partner’s closed lips in their contour;

► «Yin Yang» – A man or woman approaches a sitting partner from behind, gently takes two hands by her or his head, tilting her back, and gives a long gentle kiss;

► «Intensity of emotions» – kiss with light exciting bites;

► «There and back again» – First, it is necessary to kiss one of the corners of the partner’s mouth, slowly hold his lips to the second corner, kissing it;

► «Invasion» – The partner kisses the closed lips of his sympathy, introduces the tongue between them and slowly leads them back and forth;

► «Surprise» – The man introduces his tongue beyond the cheek of his partner and gently moves them;

► «Consent sign» – The man takes his mouth the tip of the partner’s tongue and sucks him, the woman, without resisting, shows her readiness for more intimate actions;

► «Barrier» – One of the partners kisses the lips of the second in the teeth, unusual, but for many it is very sexy.

Kiss me everywhere:

► «In the ear», or rather, in the earlobe with a light biting, it is always perceived by a partner on «hooray», However, this kiss can be improved by licking the ear sink of a lover;

►«In the nose» – It is considered a manifestation of trust and affection;

►«Chain reaction» – A path of kisses from neck to shoulder, shoulders for many are a powerful erogenous zone, which acts without fail;

►«Middle» – Kiss right above the upper or under the lower lip;

►«Adam’s passion» – Kisses from the tip of the chin, down the neck to the very hollow under the Adam apple, is very exciting and hints at the continuation «banquet».

Intimate kisses:

► «From the hip» – The bends of the male and female figures on the hips are very sensitive to kisses, such caresses are very excited;

► «Forbidden path» – delicate sliding kisses along the line from the navel to pubis;

► «Modesty itself» – a bashful touch of lips to the genitals of a partner;

► «Tornado» – A strong passionate kiss of the intimate organs of a partner, with a crazy rotation of the language.

Unusual kisses:

►«Winter» – This kiss is also called the Eskimos, it is slow and sensual friction with noses, it turns out very gentle and romantic;

►«Butterfly» – touching the partner’s cheek, his forehead or lips with eyelashes, a great way to coquettishly show his beloved his romantic feelings.

Learning to kiss differently. Types of kisses on the lips and rules of the perfect kiss

Rules of the perfect kiss

Before a promising date, in no case do not forget about:

+ Fresh breathing – There is nothing worse than a poppy, stuck in the teeth or fragrance of garlic, chewing menthol gum should forever settle in the pockets of a kisseship lover;

+ Feeling of measure – Do not succumb to your unbridled passion and pounce on the object of lust, you go quieter – Then you will, we begin calmly and slowly, gradually increasing the pace;

+ Salivation – It is better to take a short break in kisses and cope with this problem than to tighten the kiss and disgrace to the partner;

+ Your own style – The manner of kissing indicates how we behave in bed, a lover of aggressive games will kiss passionately and assertively, a fan of tenderness – slowly and affectionately.

Kiss – This is an entry to the main action, which is why it should be honed to perfection. Having mastered a dozen or two of its varieties and variations, you can not worry about relations with the opposite sex, the success in this matter is ensured!

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