Myths about virginity and first sex

Myths about virginity and first sex.

Unreasonable theories and myths about virginity and the first sex have always existed in society. Therefore, in order to scatter them, American sexologists have compiled a list of the most common myths about the first sexual contact.

Myth 1. The first sex on average occurs at 13-14 years old

In fact, most teenagers at this age only do what they say or think about sex. Moreover, sometimes young guys even invent stories to seem more courageous and experienced girls. Statistics indicate that in most cases the first sex occurs several years later, of course, it all depends on education, level of education and family circumstances.

Myth 2. Over the years, the hymen becomes thicker

The anatomical structure of the virgin rifle for each girl is individual, but with the number of years she has nothing to do with. In a word, if the hymen was elastic at the age of 18, then it will be the same at 28.

Myth 3. Late sexual relations cannot affect health

Previously, even quite experienced and famous doctors believed that the appearance of acne or migraine depends on the too long innocence of a woman. Indeed, these diseases have hormonal causes of appearance, but the refusal of sex can cause only problems of a psychological nature, and not a threat to physical health.

Myth 4. Gynecologist should only visit experienced women

To the gynecologist and a urologist, children need to be assigned already at the age of 6-7 years! Modern medicine can cope with almost any disease if it is found at the early stage.

Myth 5. Defloration is a painful process that is always accompanied by blood

Here again everything depends only on the individual anatomical features of each girl separately. If one will suffer from pain, then it is not a fact that the other cannot get an orgasm already during the first intercourse.

Myth 6. Virginity is better to lose in the bath

Warm water really relaxes muscles and nerves, and also reduces the risk of spasm and reduces sensuality to pain. But, unfortunately, water reduces natural lubrication of the genitals.

Myth 7. The first sex is better without a condom – it is more painful with it

Modern condoms are covered with lubricant, which improves penetration and sliding. If you choose the right condom, then no noticeable difference.

Myth 8. For the first time you can’t get pregnant

Theoretically, the female body is capable of childbearing at the age of 11-12! You can get pregnant both for the very first time and in the second. Therefore, in order to avoid unwanted pregnancy, it is necessary to use condoms and other methods of modern contraception.

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