Potency – what is it, how to increase it at home – tips

How to raise and strengthen potency – the best exercises with a video from a sexologist.

The theme of the article scares even the most persistent and confident men. Sooner or later, everyone asks the search engine the question of how to strengthen potency. It’s good that Google is on your side: everything that is open to Incognito remains in Incognito.

We will try to give an exhaustive answer. Here are different ways that (in theory) will help improve the sex potential;We note their positive and negative sides. The purpose of the article is to tell in detail what the potency is in men, how it is regulated and in what ways you can influence it.

How to raise and strengthen potency – the best exercises with a video from a sexologist

You are well aware of sensations during an erection. But do you know what chain of actions and reactions is formed in the body? We will figure it out.

It’s funny, but the member strains when each individual cell, on the contrary, relaxes.

In the usual state, the vessels constantly resist the flow of blood, not letting it inward in excess of the established norm. When the brain reveals a potential sexual partner on the horizon, he gives the command to the cavernous bodies. They stop resistance and blood fills the member, making it solid.

At the time of an erection, 50-100 grams of “additional” blood arrives at the member. Scientists of blood supply calculated that the intensity increases by about 25 times.

If there is no erection, something is wrong. The problem may be as follows:

  • The signal from the brain does not reach the destination;
  • Caves react incorrectly to the signal or ignore it;
  • blood is not enough to bring the member to the “working” position;
  • The brain does not send the teams to an erection, because he found more serious arguments in the biography. Like that case in the country, when … in general, if internal psychological blocks interfere.

Another factor that has weight is enzymes and neurotransmitters transmitting signals. For example, nitrogen oxide. Yes, the one that activates the “Furious” mode.

What it is

From a medical point of view, potency is the ability of the body to complete sexual intercourse. It is often equated with an erection. It is not surprising, because one without the other does not happen. It turns out that poor erection = weak level of potency.

You can look at the question even deeper.

The name comes from the Latin word “Potentia”, which translates as “strength” or “opportunity”. Exise dictionaries throw interesting information. They explain the meaning as “the size of the supply of energy”, “the degree of power in relation to something” and “a set of capabilities and means necessary for something”.

Conclusions: Sex for a man is not just a whim or option that can be turned on or disabled. This is a necessary part of your nature. If you take away the ability to sex from a man, he will lose the supply of energy and power. He will also lose the possibilities and means that are needed to fulfill the natural purpose – to win the most beautiful, healthy, promising “female” and leave offspring.

What affects male power

A man is able to have sex, not only because he has a special thing for this. Each erection and outcome of any sexual contact is the result of complex calculations that the brain conducts.

You do not notice this, but facts and information are constantly compared in the gray matter. The following parameters are evaluated:

  • health status;
  • general conditions in which the body is located;
  • mood and emotions;
  • sensations from the level of subconscious – self -esteem, beliefs, opinions.

All these factors are summarized and here is the result – success or failure. Pretty simple.

But it will not be possible to just take and eat a magic tablet to solve the problem, and it becomes good to live again. At a minimum, you need to find the cause. And only then look for how to increase potency, working with other factors. In general, the main thing is an integrated approach.

Smoking and male power

Bad habits are the most common cause of violations in the male part. They beat the female body no less, but so far not about that. Those who like to indulge in nicotine are disrupted by the work of the circulatory system. The vessels are sharply reduced, without missing blood inside. Due to the fact that blood circulation in the groin is disturbed-problems appear with the removal of toxins, tissues are supplied with oxygen and nutrient elements are not enough.

Great news: to make sure of the above, you will not have to measure the pressure in the member, because someone has already done it for you. Scientists investigated this issue and concluded: smoking really reduces pressure in that very organ.

More than 400 men participated in the study, and they really checked blood pressure in a member. Although, it could even be interesting – if measured by the “authentic method” – using an inflatable sleeve and a nurse. And it showed that

Smoking is the worst enemy of good potency. Male power directly depends on whether you smoke or not. And if you are an avid smoker, then it’s not along the corner of the problem with potency, and perhaps they already have!

In addition to this verdict, there was something else: men with a diagnosis of impotence smoked much more often and more than their more “persistent” healthy opponents. You yourself are well aware of how smoking affects potency. At a minimum, not a very frightening picture on the pack warns about this. So maybe it’s time to do something with this?

Weak potency – causes and symptoms

Symptoms that should alert:

  • reducing interest in sex;
  • indifferent attitude to caresses;
  • lack of erection in the morning
  • Lossed erection during sex.

Manifestations are difficult to lose sight of, most likely you will notice them right away. But why it all started – the question is more complicated. One reason has already been mentioned – bad habits. Unfortunately, there are others:

  • improper nutrition;
  • excess weight;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • Diseases of the circulatory system;
  • avitaminosis;
  • prostate diseases;
  • thyroid diseases and violations in hormonal balance;
  • complexes, clamps, blocks in the head, fear of failure;
  • Circumstances at a particular moment.

The list of side effects includes not only a spoiled blood supply system and reduced potency, but also many, many others. Bad habits undermine health in general, and you never know at what moment the problems will be thrown into the sexual system.

That’s exactly what: alcohol and nicotine make spermatozoa less mobile (and purposeful), in advanced cases, this leads to infertility. The state of the prostate worsens, inflammation may occur.

Most likely, you do not need to explain how the prostate has a sexual life. In a nutshell – she determines whether you will have sex or not.

If earlier the body could reflect the attacks of unkind microbes, then after regular drinking of alcohol it will once surrender. As a result, you will receive a new malaise. And then one more, and more, and more ..

Another factor that affects the life of 9 out of 10 people is malnutrition. Seriously, how many friends who have completely abandoned the harmful and tasty in favor of Brussels cabbage from a double boiler? It would be foolish to persuade you to completely normalize the diet, but you still have to do something.

Limit the consumption of food from deep-fruits, fast food products, carbonated drinks and any snacks that can be eaten at once, from the package. Start with this, and you will notice how much better the body feels.

Another pair of reasons that are closely related to each other – overweight and sedentary lifestyle.

Passive life – a direct road to stagnant processes. This is when the liquids in the body circulate sluggishly and reluctantly. Long stagnation = rare filtering. You literally poison yourself with your own idleness. Is it worth it?

“Treatment” is simple – start moving. Set the clear framework: “No less than 3 kilometers on foot every day” or “Charging 4 times a week”. Do special exercises to improve potency-they involve the pubic-button muscle, which is directly involved in the process of erection and sex.

Set only real goals. Do not try to immediately sign yourself at marathon distances, rejection of meat and ice shower every morning. From such plans, of course, there are immediately a hundred excuses. Unless, of course, you are in your mind – who will want to suddenly doom yourself to daily stress and discomfort?

The last “volumetric” reason – problems in the head – blocks, clamps, complexes. If you have already noted signs of violations, then most likely the point also applies to you. Do not try to deny, be honest with you – no one forces you to confess in the square. Just consider everything.

Sexual plan problems are often associated with past negative experience. Moreover, both girls and men. So we are arranged: just one offensive failure or excess is enough – and I no longer even want to try. Remember what could be the trigger of the block in your head: past relations, conflicts, unsuccessful date five years ago, an awkward situation or public shame.

Another important point is the moral, mental state at the moment. It looks like inventions of marketers who are looking for ways to sell another sedative or “member”. However, stress and fatigue are really reflected in the condition of the body inside and out. Remember what “nervous tick” is. Have you been to you, at least in the easiest form? If so – this is a great example proving the connection between the mind and the body.

Potency test

The simplest way to find out how you personally have things – a test with improvised tools. On an erect member, you need to put (or hang, as you like more) a T -shirt or a T -shirt – any thin thing. If you “took” this weight normally, replace the “shell” with a medium -sized towel. If successful, the udder mass and put another towel.

The weight of a T-shirt or T-shirt must withstand a member of any man, if the erection is weak already at this stage-you need to urgently do something. Weight of a towel is a norm for an assessment of “4+”. Towels, in addition, are different.

If two towels are also successfully raised, this is an occasion for pride and an excellent result.

Whatever the result of the test, it is necessary to work on male strength and health. Unless, of course, you do not want to solve problems when they become more serious.

The safest way that does not have contraindications is training of the pubic and codes of the muscle. Training will help return the test results to normal if you did not like them, or prevent a deterioration, if everything is in order now. Exercises and their essence are described in detail below.

What increases and raises male power

The answer to this question directly follows from the previous paragraph: to improve potency, you need to find, which is why it worsened and eliminate this reason. Along the way it is advisable to “tighten” the condition of all other parameters that can influence.

First of all, determine how long you began to worry the problem. One thing – if the condition was normal or stable six months ago, and then deteriorated sharply. Another – if you have never noted the desire for ardent and hot passions, but now I finally decided to try to develop this.

Each has a set of basic characteristics – a brunette or blond, tall or low, stocky or thin, and so on. This list can be continued by the item “Fruggieen or calm lover”. If the behavior model is strong in you for many years, then maybe you are just comfortable in this role? To answer this question with academic accuracy, you need to know your trochanter index.

Trokhanter index is the ratio of lengths of the upper and lower half of the body. Due to the features of the development of the body, the index contains information about your hormonal balance. Moreover, we are talking about sex hormones, just they are interested in us the most.

First you need to measure the length of the leg from the femoral bones to the floor. To find the right place on the hips, get up and put your palms on the sides. Bend to the left and right, you will clearly feel how the necessary bones-buugkers under the palms are moving.

You will also need to know your growth, you can measure it at the door jamb or wall. To find out the index, the height of the foot length shared the height. Ready!

Strong sexual temperament:

  • Women-2.01-2.05
  • Men-1.99-2.00

Average sexual temperament:

  • Women-1.97-2.00
  • Men-1.92-1.98

Weak sexual temperament:

  • Women-1.88-1.96
  • Men-1.85-1.91

Listen to yourself to determine – reduced libido is the norm or deviation? All you would like to change is change. All I want to leave alone is to leave. No one decides what is better for you. Except yourself.


The first rule: the body takes resources only from food that you put inward. There is no place to get more to the “building material”. And, therefore, the responsibility for well -being lies only on the body owner.

It would be nice to bring food to the norm in general, but now about something else. About how to improve potency in men using the right diet. Start with her.

Fats are very insidious components of food and body. The correct male diet consists of fats. No more and no less, exactly the secret is exactly. Male hormones are binded based on fat. This is another interesting fact that a lot says about the purpose of men.

A couple of millions of years ago, people only accepted a decent biped and not very hairy view. A hormonal background has developed, processes have settled down and the “concept” of the body as a whole was determined. And at this stage, nature decided: it is the eaten piece of meat that makes a man a man. You eat meat – testosterone is produced in the body – you feel strong – you are ready to bring down a mammoth again. And so in a circle, and so right.

Other important elements:

  • phosphorus-directly affects the sex character. When you decide to change the diet – start with the phosphorus balance in the diet. Contained in grain, cheese, oysters, peanuts;
  • zinc – it is advisable to take 15 mg per day as an addition to the main diet. He takes part in the regulation of testosterone in the body, the deficiency is manifested in the deterioration of sperm quality and insufficient prostate secretions. The greater the age, the less zinc is absorbed from food in a natural way, so it is desirable to take the supplement, even if the diet is selected specifically. Circus is rich in animal products: red meat, chicken and beef liver, offal, eggs, fish, squid, shrimp;
  • vitamin E – helps blood cells move oxygen. It is normal for everyone to maintain its level. Vitamin E also affects the front lobes of the pituitary gland – that very part of the brain that controls the work of the genitals. To make up for the lack of this vitamin, you need to lean on soy oil, almonds, margarine, cereals and legumes, walnuts, peanuts, butter;
  • Vitamin D – is known for the fact that its own body does not synthesize it. Vitamin D enters the body along with sunlight, which is why it is so important to regularly be in the fresh air. Well, and because everyone loves tanned guys. To increase the level of vitamin D, you need to add herring, tuna, trout, caviar, eggs, milk and dairy products to the diet.

So, resume:

  • fats – 30% of the diet, no more, no less;
  • water – 1.5 liters per day. Tea, coffee, fruit drink – not water. Nothing water, except water;
  • Pauls of fruit per day – especially lean on persimmon. And also buy avocados and grapefruits;
  • Add sharpness – prepare dishes with the addition of spices as often as possible;
  • go to fast food no more than once a week. Consume cola or energy with a similar frequency;
  • Forget about beer – it really contains female hormones that suppress the libido;
  • Belief in the ban, and everything that is connected with it is better to end this once and for all;
  • Mint, too, must be excluded from the diet completely, in any form, up to chewing gum. Remember jokes about “problems” from menthol cigarettes? Of course, they are greatly exaggerated, but there is no smoke without fire.


Funds for strengthening male power, perhaps, are in second place in the ranking of the most ridiculous commercials. On the first, of course, online casino, it certainly will not work to compete with them.

The shopping names hide a wide list of funds with different principles of work. The most popular drugs stimulate the production of enzymes. They differ in duration of action due to the fact that they contain different active substances. This type includes well -known drugs such as Viagra or Cialis for potency. Reviews of men are ambiguous, often noted expressed side effects, but the “main” effect most often suits.

Potency – what is it, how to increase it at home – tips


A younger drug for an erection, and perhaps more effective and convenient. The type is the same as Viagra, but the active substance is different – Tadalafil. The effect occurs in 15-25 minutes and lasts as much as 36 hours. It less affects the cardiovascular system, and in general, the body is better tolerated by the body.

Sialis is also incompatible with the drugs of the nitrite group – seriously, this can end with death right during intercourse. If you regularly take nitroglycerin or similar drugs – plan everything properly. Cialis operates for 36 hours, and heart tablets cannot be taken a day before and after, so that they do not intersect in the body. It turns out, 24+36+24 = 84 hours in a row nitrite under a strict prohibition.

Recently, prostatitis has often been treated with sialis and similar drugs. It is not intended for that, but the intake also affects the gland – more than 80% of men with a diagnosis of improvements noted.

Contraindications: myocardial infarction over the past 90 days, ischemic stroke over the past 180 days, unstable angina pectoris, arterial hypotension, lactose deficiency or its acute intolerance.

Another group of drugs acts through the vessels. The tablet makes the body produce more nitrogen oxide, due to which the vessels expand and, as a result, are filled with blood. They have fewer contraindications – drugs that increase the level of nitrogen oxide can even drink hypertension. This cannot boast of stimulants of enzymes synthesis from the previous group.

Long -term testosterone therapy also refers to drug methods, although it does not work instantly. Take the hormone after the tests, unless, of course, the level is reduced. If you are looking for how to quickly raise potency, the option will not help, since the result manifests itself as the testosterone accumulates in the body. But the effect is much better and longer.

More exotic methods are also distinguished to increase potency with tablets:

  • Some antidepressants have an erection in the list of side effects;
  • Spasmolytics relax blood vessels, and they pass the blood inward, but you need to administer the medicine locally – with an injection directly into the penis;
  • To influence potassium channels, which also participate in the process, there are special ointments.

Drug methods of treatment can only be prescribed by a doctor! The only completely safe way to strengthen male power is to train the pubic and kopachis muscle. This method has no contraindications and is shown to everyone without exception.

Bades consisting of animals or plant substances that indirectly affect libido are widespread. Many consumers do not even know that they take a drug that has not undergone clinical trials – they tried not to advertise too much. For example, a popular sialex belongs to this group.

Accept or not – you decide only you. Recipes of oriental medicine, hoods, tinctures and concentrates sometimes show cool results. The main thing is to show selectivity.

Folk remedies

How to increase and what to do

If all of the above drove into a dead end and finally confused, now we will figure it out. We summarize how to change the diet, what supplements to drink, what exactly to do. In general, an increase in potency by steps. Short cheat sheets will help improve a sex potential, they are easy to remember.

Improvement methods

A modern man does not want and cannot afford to spend time rolling cans, making complex decoctions, searching for the right plant in the field.

Among the tips, how to raise potency, are simple and quite realized. They, by a strange coincidence, are the most effective. Below you will find recommendations for action that can be implemented directly “here and now”.

Improving potency with folk remedies

For any occasion, there are a dozen methods of traditional medicine that “still in Rus’ was treated!”. Sexual disorders – no exception. Men are lucky: in this category there are very pleasant, delicious recipes. Do not forget that even here there are contraindications. Before using new ways, find out about them as much as possible and read the reviews.

Products that will help:

  • pumpkin seeds – you can eat in any form. It is desirable-every day a little bit;
  • honey and beekeeping products are known for the ability to increase male power. If you add walnuts – the effect will be even cooler and it will turn out tastier;
  • By the way, about nuts – they are especially useful for men, almost any and in any form. Peanuts, cashews, almonds, pistachios – every day 30 grams of assortment;
  • If you are looking for ways to quickly enhance potency at home – add sharpness. To increase libido, both men and girls are recommended to eat spicy, saturated with tastes, food. Suitran, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom are suitable.

Sometimes strange things advise to increase male power. For example, baths with bay leaf or garlic – already 3 cloves per day. Even if it solves the problem with an erection, a new one will arise – with all surrounding people. There are not many girls who are excited from specific aromas.

Herbs for potency

If you like to drink tea, add ginseng or thyme root to it. You can buy ready -made mixtures in tea shops, they are no worse than “cocktails”, manually collected. Especially often advised to drink tincture of nettles or there are its seeds mixed with red wine. It sounds exotic, is it so? If alcohol does not fit, and nettle seeds are already in front of you, you can crush the banana and mix everything into the “porridge”.

And here are also herbs for potency and recipes for tinctures on them:

  • sage: 1 tablespoon, 300 ml of boiling water, 30 minutes. Drink 1 cup per day;
  • Hawthorn: 3 tablespoons, 500 ml of boiling water, 40 minutes. Drink 300 ml per day before meals – 100 ml per appointment;
  • Dry lilac flowers: 1 tablespoon, 1 cup boiling water, 30 minutes. Drink 1 cup per day.

If dumplings did not impress you, use less shocking methods. For example, persuade yourself once a week to spend 10 minutes and make an infusion of useful plant boiling water.

Buy several different tea mixes or mix them yourself. The basis is found in a pharmacy or a healthy meal store. The perfect set consists of tea mixed with ginseng, St. John’s wort, cinnamon, thyme. Of course, in different jars. If you brew a new mixture every day, there will be both benefits and diversity.

How Soda affects

Sodium bicarbonate, or just kitchen soda – perhaps the most revered remedy for those who are fond of “kitchen medicine”. She is treated with absolutely any sore: taken orally, added to the baths, make a solution for rinsing the throat and even injections.

It will not help to increase the potency of soda in itself. But it is not for nothing that magical properties are attributed to her – if you take soda regularly, the general condition of the body really improves. Microbes are dying out, inflammation subsides, on the genital area it will also affect.

If you read somewhere that the local use of soda will help-do not believe. The magical abilities of sodium bicarbonate are often overestimated, but it is difficult to overestimate potential dryness and irritation.

Start a day with a glass of water with the addition of a meager amount of soda – on the tip of a teaspoon. Stir until completely dissolved, otherwise the “hissing reaction” will continue in the stomach, there will be heartburn and unpleasant belching.

What does ginger do

Ginger has already been mentioned as a way to increase potency in men, but it deserves a separate story. The composition includes a lot of interesting – amino acids, vitamins, acids. A special role is played by the gingerol – an element that expands the vessels. Moreover, this happens quite quickly: if you eat a little ginger at dinner, the night will be more interesting.

You can make tinctures or decoctions, buy dried, crushed or fresh root. Ginger with hot tea goes well, it is especially nice to drink it in winter.Potency – what is it, how to increase it at home – tips

Exercises to improve male power

Even if difficulties are not yet disturbed, special exercises for potency must be done for sure. They train the pubic and capsin muscle, on which male health directly depends. About where this muscle is located, it is easy to guess from its name.

Step 1. To find and feel the LCM, you need to stop the stream while urinating – it will tenster immediately, it will not work to confuse. After you find a muscle, it will become clear how to work with it. During each urination, try to stop two or three times for a few seconds.

Step 2. When you master the previous technique – start practicing it without urination, simply straining and relaxing LKM anywhere at any time.

Step 3. The main exercise of the doctor for men is the slow and smooth tension. It should occupy a few seconds, in no case, do not do it too fast. When you learn this technique, complicate the exercise.

Step 4. The next stage of complexity is this: slightly strain the muscle and stop in one position for a few seconds. Then increase the tension again and stop. Repeat 5-6 times, or more if you can. The main thing is to climb this staircase, never loosening the muscle. That is, only upstairs.

If everything is done correctly, at some points you will find that there is nowhere to increase the tension. Then start the descent using the same technology until completely relaxed.

Step 5. Perform other exercises to increase potency every day. If you want to watch visual video tutorials on this topic with a demonstration of techniques and a more in -depth study, open our course, which is called “LCM training”, you will find a lot of useful things there for your male health.

  1. Cycle tension-maintenance-distribution. Hold the muscle of a tense 3-5 seconds, then relaxed, the same amount. 1 approach = 10 cycles per day is enough per day.
  2. Speed training: squeeze and unclench the muscle as soon as you can. Per day – 3 sets of 20 times.

Exercises will take you a couple of minutes a day, and the result will surprise you. Yes, it will not be noticeable immediately, as in any other training. But the result is high -quality, and the process is painless.

The indisputable leader in the prevention of male diseases – prostate massage.  Most likely, you are also not enthusiastic about this venture (why, by the way, if you have not tried?), but you can’t argue with facts, the effectiveness of the method is proven. In fact, modern devices allow massaging the prostate not only painlessly, but also very pleasant, because the man receives the strongest orgasm from this process, and, very important, independently, on his own. If you ever need to find out how to cure prostatitis at home-remember that therapy begins with massage. As in other diseases of this area. It is better to warn than to eliminate the consequences, to massage something else will have to. Then we offer you techniques for self -massage that you can try tonight. But if you are not ready to do a massage yourself, then turn to your girlfriend, let her watch our video tutorial “Prostate massage” to make this process a pleasant love game for both of you.

Technique “circular movements”

The first option is to use a device with a rotation function, for example, Nexus Revo Stealth, it is important that the massage is anatomical in shape. Rotation is circular movements that are directed throughout the prostate gland. This is the most comfortable method, since the effect is only on the iron, everything else remains alone. The main plus of this device is that it has a control panel that will free you from the need to take an uncomfortable pose. You just insert the massage on the anal lubricant, for example, Pjur Analyse Me, and he will do everything for you.

Technique “Come here”

You can dwell on the device easier and buy a static model with vibration, for example, Nexus Revo Slim. The pluses are all the same: a convenient shape and intensive stimulation. But in this case, the device will move entirely, or rather vibrate. This gives a very pleasant sensation, as it affects the entire region of the rectum and anus, which, as you know, has more than 72 thousand nerve endings. First you need to prepare: a good, high -quality lubricant – by no means Vaselin or, moreover, fat cream, Wicked Jelle is best suited. Next, pick up a convenient position, you may have to show flexibility. It is best to perform equipment, lying on your back. The pose should be as convenient as possible. You insert the device with slowly in circular movements, then you make the “Come here” technique, that is, you are moving the massage to you, as if you are beckoning someone with your finger, calling to approach you, you need to bend your legs at this moment in your knees.

Technique “Jumping Hammer”

Another cool stimulator – Duke from the German manufacturer Fun Factory, all toys of this factory are produced in Germany, in the city of Bremen, they pass 8 stages of control and have a 2 -year -old guarantee without restrictions. After lubrication, you can gradually introduce a toy with a depth of about 4-5 cm (all men have a prostate where it can vary a little). To the touch the right point is slightly rough, it is not very difficult to find it. Direct massage – accurate stimulation. The main thing is to prevent painful sensations, they should not be. You also lie on your back and perform the equipment – with quick shocks up with a small amplitude, acting as much as possible on the iron. The massage, in its actions, really looks like a construction jack of a hammer.

Do not be surprised if you get the strongest orgasm without even touching your cock, because the prostate is the second erogenous zone of a man who is responsible for pleasure. By the way, massage of this zone will allow you not only to avoid diseases, but also to extend your male power for many, long years. Connect your woman to this process, it will diversify your relationship and help to wake up passion. Let her watch our video course “Give a man a bright orgasm”, this will be a truly cool gift for both of you.

What to accept

If you are tuned for change, be careful. The best treatment is not always associated with medicines. Sometimes the body will be grateful for careful loyal measures – additives and new products in the diet, normal water balance, exercises for potency. At home, men are best done for prostate massage than there are tablets.

If you want something “pharmacy” unbearably, then let it be vitamins, phosphorus and zinc. You can experiment with medicines that increase libido in general. You cannot prescribe medications if there is no diagnosis. And only the profile doctor should make the diagnosis.

Video: how to raise potency quickly at home

Mass options – from folk remedies to exercises. As they say, “think for yourself, decide for yourself”. We have described all kinds of methods and exercises for prostate and potency, now it’s about you. Reviews and information on the Internet about each specific tool will help to decide. Just don’t forget to consult a doctor.

Sex problems sooner or later begin in every man, it is simply impossible to avoid them. But you can delay this moment until old age or prevent the sharp phase, even if the first “calls” have already begun. In short, the prospects are good. How real they are – depends only on you.

Toys and lubricants to help

If you think that toys in a sex shop are needed only for pleasure and entertainment, then you are mistaken. Some of them really help improve their health – we are talking about the “second heart” stimulants. Let’s take a look at those of them that you definitely should pay attention to.

Potency – what is it, how to increase it at home – tips

Fun Factory Duke

A stylish apparatus of smooth medical silicone will be liked by those who like to combine health procedures with pleasure. The stimulator is designed in the form of a hammer, which at first glance may seem strange, but anatomically fully responds to the bends of the body – the Duke head lies directly on the iron. The effect on the organ is achieved due to three -stage vibration of different power, which brings a sense of erotic pleasure.

From the shortcomings of the apparatus, according to buyers, it is worth noting the absence of vibration in the crotch and scrotum – only the interior vibrates, where the prostate body is located. That is why it can be difficult to get an orgasm without additional stimulation, but its quality will increase significantly.

Potency – what is it, how to increase it at home – tips

Nexus Revo

A very convenient stimulator with an ergonomic head and body, which is painlessly included in the anus. The chip of the device is a rotating head that at the same time vibrates or pulsates depending on the regime. The point effect on the prostate organ allows you to increase the outflow of stagnant juice in a short time, improve blood supply and lymph flow. This device is aimed mainly at healing, but many users write about pleasant orgasmic experiences that they receive in the process of massage.

Potency – what is it, how to increase it at home – tips

Svakom Vicky

Svakom’s prostate organ stimulator is an amazingly stylish and convenient device that will allow the maximum pleasure from the procedure! The secret of Svakom Vicky is the simultaneous vibrational stimulation of the “second heart” and the crotch, which brings an unreal high. An additional plus is the vibrator’s water resistance and a very quiet buzz, which allows you to use it in almost any situation.

Potency – what is it, how to increase it at home – tips

Rabbit Company Prostate Rabbit

The famous “rabbit” will now please men! An elite massager with the simultaneous stimulation of the prostate organ and perineum, two powerful motor and six modes of operation – Rabbit Company could really surprise. Buying this unique stimulant, you get two in one – the healing of the prostate gland and unprecedented orgasms, which can be achieved even without additional stimulation of a member. “Rabbit” can be used both as part of the recovery course and in bed with a partner – he will serve a good service everywhere.

Potency – what is it, how to increase it at home – tips

G Pop

The vibrator G Pop after the devices described above seems simple and uncomplicated, but in no hurry to judge it by appearance. The reason for simplicity is in amazing ergonomics, verified by the best specialists according to male anatomy. Yes, this small assistant will not create vibration of the perineum or testicle, but it is simply not intended for this. One powerful motor is located in the head – just in the place where it is in contact with the prostate organ. As a result, you will receive the vibration of that strength, intensity and localization, which will get rid of stagnant processes and improve sexual life. The ring on the back of G Pop allows you to easily and simply extracting and inserting the device, even when you have little time. You decided to use vibrators or stopped on the classic type of massage with a finger, in any case you will need a special lubricant for easy entry into the anus. We say “special”, since the first one falls will not work. Let’s look at the right types of lubricants.

Potency – what is it, how to increase it at home – tips

Water based

These lubricants are light and watery, made in the form of a gel, almost not sticky. The pluses of such a lubricant – he moisturizes the anus, provides good sliding, does not conflict with silicone toys. Minus – the gel dries quickly, and since the anus does not distinguish its own lubricant, with prolonged erotic massage, this can become a problem. If we are talking about 1-2 minutes of exposure, such a lubricant is suitable. Examples of good products – BIOGLIDE ANAL, PJUR Backdoor Comfort Water Glide, Nexus Slide (created specifically for stimulants of the prostate organ).

Potency – what is it, how to increase it at home – tips

On a silicone basis

Silicone lubricants retain their parameters for a long time and practically do not dry, which makes them very convenient with long sexual games. The only minus is that such lubricants should be additionally washed off with soap from the body, and they cannot be used for rimming – caressing the anus with the tongue, since silicone lubricants are not designed to swallow. The best representatives are Pjur Analyse Me, System Jo Anaal Premium Original. Recall once again – silicone lubricants can only be used with those toys and stimulants that are not made of silicone.

So, you probably already understood that the stimulation of the prostate gland is a procedure that will not interfere even with a healthy man, and can also bring a lot of pleasure that you have not experienced before. If there are problems with intimate health, an erection has not become so strong or ejaculation occurs too fast, manipulation with the prostate gland may well solve it in a short time. The situation with chronic inflammation or stagnation necessarily includes measures in direct stimulation, they are recommended by the doctor.

Our sexologist Valeria Aginskaya specially recorded a video tutorial for men, in which she spoke in detail about all the advantages of stimulation of the “second heart”, and also gave detailed techniques. If you overcome your laziness and prejudices to at least try this manipulation, the result will appear almost immediately – rich sexual life, male health and limitless opportunities in bed!

You received a guide to action and detailed instructions for steps – it remains to dispose of this information. Special exercises from the video course “LCM training”, regular prostate massage, normal diet and healthy herbs – a simple and extremely effective set of measures to preserve male force. You need 21 days to form a habit – try to hold out and not score during this time. Then it will be much easier!

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