Release of mucus in women with excitement, myths and prejudices

Release of mucus in women with excitement, myths and prejudices.

Release of mucus in women with excitement, myths and prejudices

Speaking about the released mucus from the genital organs of the girl, we mean natural moisture, which is necessary for normal sexual intercourse between partners. Without them, sex will look like wrapping threads. Normally, in a healthy woman there are always discharge, and not only during intimate relationships.

When excited, the release of liquid secretion intensifies, and this means that his girlfriend likes a man. There is nothing bad and even more dangerous in natural processes. Experienced lovers are well aware of this topic, well, let the young animals learn the foundations of sexual life and female physiology so as not to shy away from girls, like from fire! You will not become infected with any sexually transmitted disease if moisture in your girlfriend has no smell and color. Let’s find out what mucus release in women is a sign of a healthy organism, and what symptoms are alarm about an increased level of danger to a partner.

Giving mucus in women, how and why it happens

The vaginal fluid has a very complex composition, which is produced by the genital glands located in the vagina, the cavity of the uterus and the epithelium of the vagina. Do not think that mucus is released only during excitement, in small quantities it is always present. The volume, viscosity and color characteristics of the secreted secretion are completely dependent on the menstrual cycle and on the degree of excitement.

Release of mucus in women with excitement, myths and prejudices

How the vaginal secretion changes within a month

After menstruation, the first week of excretion in the form of mucus in women is produced in a minimum amount. The girl feels that the panties are dry, and the labia is almost not moistened. Of course, the secret itself is produced, but only in those volumes to protect the vagina and internal reproductive organs from the penetration of harmful microorganisms. It is transparent, watery, without an impurity of any smell. During this period, estrogen is produced intensely in the body.

Mucus cells have a certain life of life, therefore are constantly updated, and the discharge is regular in nature. They help the reproductive system to clean.

Closer to ovulation, when the girl’s body is prepared for fertilization and output of the egg, the nature of the emitted mucus changes under the influence of progesterone. It becomes adhesive, viscous, similar to egg white. Color indicators vary from transparent to slightly whitish. In the days of ovulation, the cervical secret becomes thick and creamy, which helps to keep and transport spermatozoa.

In the third phase of the jumps of hormones end, the discharge again becomes uninitable, and the body is prepared either for motherhood, if fertilization has occurred, or for the next menstruation.

Abundant discharge during sex

Why during sex and with strong excitement, the discharge becomes plentiful? Sometimes it seems that after sexual intercourse there remains a puddle under a female ass. The fact is that for a comfortable introduction of a penis into the vagina and his unhindered sliding there is a moisturization there. Dryness will cause discomfort to both partners.

In a healthy girl, the vaginal liquid has slightly thick and transparent mucus, without a pronounced smell and unnatural color. Each woman has different moisture, it all depends on the degree of excitement and her readiness for intercourse.

The fluid secreted during sex is called lubricant and is produced by Bartholine gland. It is intended not only to moisturize the genital tract, but also by minimal protection against infections. Naturally, on fertile days, its amount increases markedly.

As a rule, before the secretion of the secretion from the moment of starting the excitation processes, an average of 15-30 seconds passes. At the time of peak sensations, fluid production increases. The maximum level of the natural lubricant is observed at the time of discharge. Girls, brightly orgashing, are able to secrete up to 50-100 ml of mucus (ejaculate), which we classify to squirt.

When sexual intercourse occurs without a condom, you can observe a mixture of male and female discharge, which become thick and sticky. Simulate the release of mucus in a woman with excitation and during intercourse is impossible! They are a natural indicator that you are desirable for your partner, and she is all right with intimate health.

Release of mucus in women with excitement, myths and prejudices

If there is too much lubrication during intercourse

While maintaining the normal smell and the color of the secreted secret, large volumes mean nothing. This is completely normal. Only a woman herself can experience constraint or discomfort, and the partner will feel a large degree of sliding inside, which is why the moment of ejaculation will slow down a little. Typically, a woman is afraid that abundant discharge will push him away, especially in this situation, the vagina squeezes a little. In general, besides psychological hooks, in this situation there is nothing harmful and bad.

Many men, on the contrary, really like the increased humidity of the girl during sex, since they regard this feature as a kind of licentiousness and lust – the current female starts more than dry. This is at the same time proof of his male spells and the ability to excite. An experienced partner will always understand how excited his lover is, and will make any prelude to sex, so as not to get a dubious pleasure dry.

For a passionate girl who is moistened with a slight touch of a male hand, we advise you to buy an intimate massager who will help you out in any situation. With it, you organize a bright prelude, complement the penetrating act with special stimuli and even finally finish it if you yourself are a little exhausted. And with a multi -organized lady, this will be a saving acquisition!

What color is normal discharge from the vagina

A healthy woman can secrete mucus of about one color: from completely transparent to slightly whitish. As a rule, this is the norm, and the color changes in different periods of the cycle. At the time of excitement and ovulation, the lubricant becomes white or cream. But at the same time there should not be itching, burning, pain, discomfort and repulsive smell.

Remember! Normal discharge looks like this: transparent or slightly muddy, look like mucus or inhospitable jelly, without a smell, go out in a small volume, do not irritate the mucous membrane and labia, the pain is absent.

High -white discharge

. Most often, the cause is the dysbiosis of the vagina, which is popularly called “thrush”. This is a conditionally pathogenic state that arose against the background of stress, infection (non -sexually transmitted), hypothermia, poor hygiene or hormonal imbalance. Any woman at least once, but suffered from her.

It is impossible to have sex during dysbiosis, and it is unlikely to want to, because with such manifestations, the girl experiences discomfort in the crotch, burning, itching, dryness, and the smell comes from the genitals not very pleasant – sharp, sour, reminiscent of the spoiled dairy products (whyand the name of the disease).

Release of mucus in women with excitement, myths and prejudices

Gray or green discharge

Bacterial and viral diseases transmitted, are often characterized by fetid discharge that have a yellowish, greenish or gray tint. Such symptoms are no longer so harmless. Gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, sexual herpes, gardnerellosis and other intimate diseases appear in this way. Almost always, such discharge is accompanied by pain in the pelvis, itching, redness of the genitals, smell and rashes.

The release of fluid when excited in women of a gray and green shade can be dangerous for a partner. Moreover, not only the color speaks of danger, but also the presence of a pungent smell. The aroma of rotten fish will let know that the girl “picked up” something from someone. Even if she is all so clean and neat. With such a lady, “pampering” will certainly affect health.

Brown discharge without smell

In recent days of menstruation, blood becomes dark brown, and its volumes are significantly reduced. Up to almost 6-8 days can still “smear”, which is the norm. If the brown mucus continues to stand out, this can be associated with a small hormonal failure, violation of the uterine cover, the genital trauma, inflammation of the bladder, climate, ectopic pregnancy, gynecological inflammation and other problems.

The regular appearance of bloody discharge after or during sex speaks of serious pathologies.

In some women, brown discharge appears during ovulation. It lasts 2-3 days and then disappears without a trace. Accompanied by the usual pulling pains that are in the middle of the cycle, but they can be tolerated. The lower back should not hurt.

Smearing brown discharge often accompanies the use of certain hormonal drugs. The body can adapt to a new state for 1-3 months, after which there is a complete adaptation, and the “daub” disappears.

Discharge when excited in women with the smell

An unpleasant odor is always a sign of a disease. I can smell of rot, rotten fish, acetone, rotten meat and eggs, garlic and onions, sometimes such a secret foam. Here we are talking about STDs, hormonal imbalance, diabetes mellitus or oncological processes. The leakage of the fetid fluid is enhanced by sexual intercourse. In general, this is an eloquent symptom that should make you go to the doctor immediately. And it is better for a man to stay away from such a lady.

Release of mucus in women with excitement, myths and prejudices

If the discharge is scarce

For both partners, the lack of lubrication becomes a problem. Of course, it can be replaced with an artificial lubricant, but you still have to find the reason. The fact is that under a small amount of secretion many pathology are disguised. Changing the vaginal microflora, the inflammatory processes of the pelvic organs, a hormonal failure (for example, after childbirth), the beginning of menopause is often accompanied by dryness.

Of course, the most common cause of the lack of lubrication is the elementary absence of excitement. Perhaps the psycho -emotional state of the partner is currently not so favorable as to have sex, and even more so has nothing to do with the pathology of the genitals.

Myths of adult films about discharge

Initially, I want to dispel myth from adult films, simply – porno. Sometimes there are such episodes in them: here is a couple, or not one, wild sex, and here one of the women begins abundant discharge during excitement, and those that fill the floor of the bed, and during orgasm in general, it, likewhale, lets a powerful stream of vaginal fluid up.

Release of mucus in women with excitement, myths and prejudices

After watching such a film on the Internet, fierce debate is conducted: is it possible or not. Someone even “knocks himself in the chest with a heel” that he personally saw this when he slept with a partner. Frank nonsense and stupid bravado.

Slightly wet the bed under the ass – where it did not go, but pour out of yourself with liters, from heels to ears, and even giving it – this does not happen. Therefore, the advice of girls is not to be shy that somewhere there a small puddle formed under you: it is normal, just so the body reacted to excitement, and it took more lubricants. Men advice – not to be scared and not disgrace the girl: you will look stupid yourself.

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