Rubbing during sex | Informative

Rubbing during sex.

Rubbing during sex | Informative
During intercourse, “rubbing” may occur. As a result, unpleasant sensations in the process and long healing of tissues after. Why is the mucosa trauma? How to avoid it? Answers to the most common questions about rubbing during sex.

How rubbing occurs

Transitive movements can cause skin injury. Delicate mucous membrane does not withstand pressure and irritation forms. And if the process is long, then there may also be skin tears.

Rubbing not always felt in the process. Someone feels him, and someone discovers after sex. But healing always takes at least 5 days. And if infection enters the wounds, treatment can stretch for a month.

What rubbing looks like? It is tissue redness and pain when touched. A small edema may form at the injury site, but it disappears after a day. There are no special discharge at the same time.

Rubbing can occur in women and men. The ladies injure the entrance to the vagina, in men the head and the penis trunk.

Reasons for rubbing in women

The entrance to the vagina is most often injured. And there are several reasons for this situation:

  • Large labia. In the process of coitus, they seem to be wrapped inward, and this leads to microtrauma. To avoid this, it is necessary to push the skin folds before the introduction of the penis.
  • Excess vegetation. Long hair can also be the cause of gratitude. It is recommended to cut them so that the process is more comfortable.
  • Diseases. Violation of the vaginal microflora can cause unpleasant sensations. It is important to undergo an examination in order to exclude the possibility of a disease.
  • Lack of lubrication. If the natural secret is not enough, you need to add a lubricant. At the same time, it is important to understand that in the process the lubrication dries, it is useful to add it.
  • Insufficient excitement of a woman. If the prelude lasts less than 20 minutes or is completely absent, the body does not have time to tune in. There is no lubrication as a result, and this is the path to injuries.
  • Too large the size of the penis. The discrepancy between the size is found. And again this is decided by the addition of a large amount of lubricant. A wide penis can injure the body, and this is sometimes the cause of the partings.

Causing injuries can be too intense and long movements. If sexual intercourse lasts more than 40 minutes, it is difficult to avoid gratitude.

The best remedy for injuries during sex

Almost all problems can be prevented if you use high -quality lubricant. With it, the probability of rubbing is reduced by 80%. Most pairs are helping.

Lubricants can not only improve slipping, but also add sensations. You can choose a cooling, warming, exciting grease so that sex becomes brighter.
.Rubbing during sex | Informative
Why do I have a lubricant if there is enough natural? This is an illusion that lubrication is enough. It stands out during the prelude, and then it can dry out. This is immediately imperceptible, but if gratitude appears, it means there is a high probability that in the process it dries.

Lubrication guarantees the lack of injuries? No, if they occur due to illness, you will first have to undergo a course of treatment. But if the reason is something else, then the lubricant will help.

What to do if pain has already appeared?

If there is already gratitude, it is important carefully Follow hygiene. You need to take a shower at least 2 times a day to remove all pollution.

With injuries, it follows abandon daily hygienic gaskets. Bacteria accumulate on them, they do not allow the skin to breathe. Therefore, it is better to change linen 2-3 times a day, but do not use artificial protection.

Important go through an examination by a doctor. It will help determine the presence of pathogenic microflora. If the reason is in it, then everything will be cured with drugs.

For the mucosa no need to use healing ointments and creams. The skin is delicate, drugs can cause an unpredictable reaction. You need to wait until everything heals everything on its own.

Until the skin will recover, Repeated sexual acts are prohibited. If you repeat them, then each time the healing will take more time, even scars may occur.

Gratitude happens. But if they appear constantly, you need to look for a means to protect against them. A lubricant will help if there are no diseases. You can always choose a good lubricant in Intimshop. We have a huge selection of high -quality intimate cosmetics at the best price. Delivery throughout the country!

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