Rules of a steep cooney

Rules of a steep cooney.

Use only if you want to give pleasure to your girlfriend! Be careful, the rules work!

Pose of pleasure

The pose in which the girl is located during cunnilingus directly affects the pleasure of the process itself. You, men, have at least three position options. The easiest and most understandable – put the girl on the back, going down to the most pleasant place. For convenience, pull the girl’s body by the end of the bed, and you yourself are on the floor, so you will not have a neck and your hands will be completely free for additional caresses. The girl’s legs can be placed by hugging her hips, or you can connect them together and lifted them up so that the girl, as it were, presses her knees to her tummy. Cooney is fine when a girl stands on all fours. A man can also caress the girl’s ass, if anal affection is practiced in a couple. And finally, for the most daring. The girl can stand, and the man settled in front of her on her knees. For convenience, a girl can lean against the wall or raise one leg and put it on a bed or bathroom, depending on where you indulge in caresses.

Hands to help

Do not neglect additional caresses. Your tongue, maybe good, but it is better to combine with your boys. When a man caresses the clitoris with his tongue, with his fingers he can make penetrating movements into a woman. Again, if anal sex is practiced, you can simultaneously penetrate both love tunnels. When a man caresses the clitoris with his fingers, he can caress the labia with his tongue or penetrate the vagina, making the tongue tense and elastic, crashing into the girl’s bosom.

It must be wet

There should be a lot of saliva, especially at the beginning, when a girl needs to be excited. There should be a lot of lubrication when the girl is excited. There are exceptions, and for such exceptions we recommend that you use lubricants for oral sex. The lubricant will make the sensations more pleasant for both partners, because oral lubricants, almost everything, go with taste and flavored additives.

Do not overdo it!

Clitoris – sensual zone of the female body, numbering several thousand nerve endings. You need to deal with her extremely carefully. Golden Rules – Do not open the labia strongly, do not press on the clitoris head, this causes discomfort and painful sensations. Just above the clitoris, literally a few millimeters is the hood of the clitoris, the stimulation of which will bring the desired result.

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