Sex on the train: how to implement? | Informative

Sex on the train: how to implement?.

Sex on the train: how to implement? | Informative
The fantasy of sex on the train visits many. How to make an idea, and how to indulge in love joys in the passenger composition, while remaining unnoticed? It can be settled conveniently if you follow several simple rules and not delay the process.

Choosing a place: electric train

First of all, you need to decide which train will be discussed. Hypothetically, you can try sex and in the train. This will be required vestibule or empty car. Given that shops can block the visibility zone, several passengers at the other end of the wagon will not become an obstacle, with a competent approach to the question, of course.

Thus, if you are not going to go somewhere on a long-distance train and buy expensive tickets, you can carry out your imagination in a suburban train, choosing a moment when she walks a half-empty. As a rule, morning and daily flights are strongly loaded, so you should try the evening. In any case, fasten the question of crowding first.

You can go into the vestibule for quick sex in any of the poses, where Both partners are standing. You can be in the very corner of the car, where the partner will enjoy a blowjob. With a completely free car, you can make love in any convenient position using benches. The main thing is that you can not undress in this pose.

Sex while traveling on a nearby train

If you are going somewhere on a nearby train, there will also be opportunities for sex. Some people are not even so much interested in such an opportunity because of extreme, but due to the fact that you have to go for several days, and spending so much time without sex simply would not want to.
.Sex on the train: how to implement? | Informative
Sex in a nearby train may be a simpler task than in an electric train, because there is usually no constant circulation of people between wagons here. So you can retire in the vestibule with ease, especially at night, making sure that stops at large stations in the next hour are not expected. Why exactly an hour? Because many people begin to prepare for the exit in advance, running begins, which will interfere with love joys.

So you can have sex In the vestibule, As in the train. The exotic of the situation will make a short sexual race memorable, ensure fast discharge. If it is heard that someone is coming, you can portray that you went out to smoke.

Sex in the compartment

If you are traveling in a compartment, there will not be any problems with sex at all if you manage to agree with your neighbors so that they come out for 15 minutes. Or choose the moment when they go out walking around the station, go to the restaurant car. But it is so simple and natural that it makes no sense to discuss such an option for a long time.

Another place for sex in a nearby train is toilet. Yes, in the afternoon this place will most likely be inaccessible due to the movements of passengers and the needs of people to celebrate the natural need. However, getting up at night and making sure that the whole car is sleeping, and the stations have not yet been expected, you can get a bathroom into your personal, albeit not too long, use. Poses standing will be available here, the partner will be able to rest on the sink, for example. You can also enjoy a blowjob.

Thus, a multi -day trip in a nearby train, and even a small trip in the train is not a reason to refuse sex. On the contrary, in such conditions you can experiment with pleasure, simply maintaining vigilance and choosing a posture suitable for quick sex in clothes.

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