The best tips for sex in public places: where to have public sex, how to arrange sex on p

The best tips for sex in public places.

The best tips for sex in public places: where to have public sex, how to arrange sex on p

Sex in the bedroom – This is the norm. But sometimes I really want to break out of the borders of the disgusting bed! Typically, couples begin to explore new places for love pleasures from the kitchen: a cabinet, a dining table, floor. After – Sex on a working washing machine. And then you get a taste and make love in the bath, in the shower, in the toilet, in the closet, on the balcony… And finally, it is time to leave the native walls and try sex in a public place. But how to organize it?

The thirst for adrenaline

What motivates couples to make love where they can be taken by surprise? Of course, the desire to get new and acute sensations. Due to stress, the need to conspirate and carefully look around, as well as because of the fear of being discovered, partners experience stress. And the stressful state is always accompanied by the release of a large amount of adrenaline into the blood

Adrenaline not only makes the heart beat more often, but also affects our perception of reality. Time seems to slow down, the gaze notices more details, the susceptibility of all the senses is aggravated. With short -term stress, memory improves, so sex in a public place is remembered for life.

Of the minuses of love, in the wrong place, it is worth noting only the fact that it is more difficult for a woman to get an orgasm, since she is in a state of nervous tension. And such sex is regarded by the authorities as hooliganism, so if you are detained, you will have to pay a fine, serve 15 days or take part in socially useful work.

Thinking on public sex to the smallest detail

Sex outside the house can be spontaneous, but it’s better to plan it in advance. When there is an awareness where, when and in what position sex will occur, deciding on it is much easier. In addition, in preparation for love in a public place, small nuances should be taken into account, such as:

  1. Weather, season and time of day. For conspiracy it is better to choose twilight or darkness. The easiest way to have sex outside the house in the warm season, when the clothes are not worn for you in three layers.
  2. Cloth. You need to choose the items of the wardrobe that can be quickly removed or lifted and also quickly put on or correct. For a woman the best option – This is a mini-skirt. It is not necessary to put on panties under it.
  3. Condoms and other contraception. Safety in sex – above all!
  4. Allergy. There are those bushes in which you drag a partner will cause him an allergy. Snot, tears and itching – This is not what he wants, is it not so?
  5. Napkins. Just keep them at hand. They will definitely be needed.

What about the poses for sex in public places?

The best tips for sex in public places: where to have public sex, how to arrange sex on p

In the fresh air

Should start small. Safe public place – This is nature. The secluded bank of the river, an abandoned corner of the park, a dark alley at three in the morning and so on. And the most suitable type of sex for such places – oral or mutual masturbation. You can give pleasure with your fingers by pressing the partner to the tree trunk, or grab the litter and conveniently sit on the ground. Or hide in bushes or high grass. And if you are lucky and there will be a bench at your disposal, then you can do everything that will please on it and in any poses. Missionary and Doggi Stayle will be especially appropriate, since they provide the best access to point G.

And if suddenly a random passerby appears in the field of visibility, then you need to take an innocent look, quickly correct your clothes and pretend that the woman does not blow blowing down, but looks like dust dust from men’s trousers.

You can try sex in a pond by finding a quiet shore or going into the water on the shoulders. A man must confidently stand on the hard day, while a woman wraps his hips and moves. True, it is not safe to make love in the pond: the condom constantly slides, and the soil and sand particles in the water when it gets during sex in the vagina, microscopic scratches are left, as a result of which the risk of bacterial infections increases.

Secret passion in the subway

The most liberated duffs should think about sex in the subway. At rush hour, you need to hide into the corner of the car, press on each other and caress erogenous areas with your hands. By the way, some men really like fun with sex toys in transport. Still at home, a woman puts a vibration panel in herselfor vibrator, and a man puts a remote control from a toy in a pocket. Now you can secretly control female pleasure and watch how a partner is trying to hide her moans. For such games, panties with a secret are also suitable, for example, si-strings with a clitoris massager.

Another scenario – it is to go down in the subway before closing or after midnight, when there are almost no passengers. Some cars may have cameras, so we occupy «blind area». Choose an empty car and do everything that you want while standing, sitting or lying on a sofa, with and without toys! Just do not forget to take an innocent look before the train arrives at the next station!

Closer to the house

Front entrance and elevator in an apartment building – Interesting places to have sex in them. And if it is the house in which you live, then the severity of sensations increases significantly: not only strangers, but also neighbors can be found by you.However, not all entrances and elevators are kept in perfect condition, so some women flatly refuse to indulge in love in such a shabby, dirty and bad smelling place. But some antisanitaria does not bother some, but on the contrary it starts

The best pose for sex on the stairwell – Put a partner or partner with his back to the wall, kneel down and engage in oral satisfaction – and here, by the way, you will have to edible oral lubricant – you are unlikely to go into the porch directly from the shower.If there is a window sill in the entrance, it will conveniently put the woman on its edge, tilt her body back, spread her legs and indulge in the joys in this position. And if anyone passes by, you can always pretend that you – just a couple in love, which hugs tightly and kisses.

Oral sex is also good for the elevator. Or you can tilt the partner forward so that she curls and rests her hands on the wall, and approach her from behind. For more sophisticated lovers, we advise a standing pose, in which a woman leans her back against the wall, bends one leg at the knee and takes her to the side. Now you know what to do if you get stuck in the elevator together!

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