The first sex is pleasant – truth or myth?

The first sex is pleasant – truth or myth?.

The education system is very sinning by the fact that we do not have a normal explanation of adolescents, what sex is, but it has long been proven that the risk of STDs and an unplanned pregnancy is reduced with training! Now September, everyone moved to study, well, open the notebooks and take the pens, we also have something to teach!

The first sex is pleasant – truth or myth?

Firstly, the first sex is overestimated. All guys imagine that they will immediately realize their fantasies, and girls draw silk linen in their heads with roses and candles. This, unfortunately, is unlikely to happen. Maybe, of course, if you yourself plan all this, but let’s admit to yourself, it is unlikely that. Deprivation of virginity, what is the unpleasantness. Dear ladies, you do not lose anything, you only get new sexual experience!

Well, first theory.

The slogan “Torn the virgin pleasant with your member so that the blood is poured” – complete nonsense. Firstly, the spit is the myth of old biology textbooks. There is a vaginal crown, and it does not need to be torn at all. It is very elastic and should stretch, not bleed. If only physiologically, it itself is not dense. Less than half of women report bleeding during the first sex, blood can go if the girl is tense, not excited and nervous. So consider this a sign of “Victory” is completely wrong. Moreover, if there is enough lubricant, the girl is relaxed and everything has everything for sex, it may not be discomfort at all! Yes, imagine! But now I am shocking you even more: for the first time, a girl can even get an orgasm! Naturally in skillful hands. The guys with an orgasm at the first time have no problems, but the girls, even after many years of experience, may not have it. Therefore, I pay more attention to girls, we are more difficult.

The first sex is pleasant – truth or myth?

I strongly recommend that you study the materiel before having sex. If, for example, you think that I will only have one hole and do not know what the clitoris is if your only textbook was porn, and you don’t know about the existence of contraceptives and menstruation (namely, my first time passed with such issues, my first time, my first time, my first time,So yes, this happens), then running for normal articles with anatomy and clarification! Do not dare to touch the girl until you know where the clitoris is, or to the guy, until you find out what the penis looks like. Otherwise, the failure is secured, and from a beautiful and better moment in life, this will turn into a bunch of complexes and distrust of this action in principle!

Now, after a short excursion into biology, for understanding, I will tell you how to prepare for the first sex and spend everything “at the highest level”:

  1. Take care of contraceptives. He or she, no difference, is important for both. Condoms – salvation from disease and pregnancy! Of course, there are many other contraceptives and methods of protection, but they are for more experienced people, partners with experience who trusts each other one hundred percent, and often consistent with the doctor. There will be an article about them later;)

  2. Solitude and availability of time. The romantic environment and trust will not strengthen the knowledge that the parents are behind the wall, or the realization that someone at any moment may enter.

  3. Make sure you are both more than 16 years old. This business is very delicate and you should not rush to it, besides there is always masturbation.

  4. The first time it would be better to spend with someone who you know with whom you feel good and comfortable. There will clearly be embarrassment, but the right person will help to reduce it. Do not make the etores of the action itself.

  5. The desire not only to enjoy, but also to deliver it. Do not be selfish!

  6. If you had petting before and you already know the erogenous zones of a partner, this will help greatly with the prelude. If not, then before sex, caressing a partner, you can carefully and smoothly examine him or her body. In search!

Everything else (dinner, candles, silk) is already at your choice.

The first sex is pleasant – truth or myth?

For the first time, by the way, it is better to do without toys. Even if you used toys during masturbation (which is just fine, because it means you studied your body), it is better to leave them at home with the first sex. In the meantime, stay alone, only you and your loved one. And then, when you understand what exactly you like, what feelings you want to add, then look at us;)

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