The strangest sex shops that are delighted with users | Informative

The most strange objects from sex shops that are delighted with users.

The strangest sex shops that are delighted with users | Informative
A lot of unusual things are sold in intimate stores. Everyone heard about handcuffs, dildos and vibrators. But there are also strange things, and they give a lot of pleasant sensations when using. They should definitely try.

A full range of sex shop is more than 15 thousand different products. These are things not only for pleasure, but also to strengthen health, to enhance sensations, for personal hygiene and even to improve relations. Thousands of little things from such a store can be excellent gifts for any holiday, they will help you feel better and change your mood. But people do not even know about such a variety. We decided to tell about some unique things.

Nipples clamps

Created to stimulate a very delicate zone. Suitable for both men and women. At the same time they look stylish, and the effect is easy to regulate.

The clamp seems to clasp the nipple, and you can compression is to do stronger and weaker. In this case, stimulation occurs constantly, even when no one concerns the nipples. And if you want to enhance the effect, you can choose a model with a chain, and sometimes pull it, causing a strong response.

Clamps are a small accessory that does not attract attention. But this is a really very entertaining thing that will come in handy any pair.

Vacuum pump for women

Many have heard about men’s vacuum pumps, they enhance the erection, and contribute to an increase in the penis. But there are also female pumps. They are installed in the crotch.

A pump is a subject for regulation of pressure in one of the parts of the body. And this is interesting, since the use causes activation of erogenous zones. How does this happen? The pump is installed in the woman’s crotch, air is pumped out from the inside. Due to the difference in pressure to intimate places, a lot of blood rushes, they are poured or swelling.

After applying the pump The zone of exposure is very sensitive. Any touches cause bliss. And reaching one or more orgasms with such a device for her is not difficult.

Cooling grease for sex

A special composition for intimacy with a cooling effect can completely change the sensations, make them many times brighter. The grease applied to the genitals gives sensations from a light chill to a pleasant numbness. Moreover, all movements are perceived somehow differently.

Lubrication affects two if sex occurs without a condom. The intensity of sensations depends on the specific composition, some cause slightly noticeable experiences, others are very bright. And this is interesting.

Lubrication helps slipping, this is a plus, but the main thing is Causes new emotions. The effect lasts 15-20 minutes, then decreases. But you can always apply more if sex lasts longer.

Pillow for sex

If you want new poses, a pillow for sex comes to the rescue. And this is a very convenient thing that allows you to change the angle of penetration and improves intimacy. It is convenient to try something unusual with a pillow. In this case, you can not be afraid to stain it, the cover is easily erased.

Pillows have different shape and size. But they are thought out so that one such accessory allows try more than one pose, And several at once. Even in the usual positions with a pillow, everything will happen much more interesting.

Who needs a pillow for sex? Those who love comfort and want to always make love so that it is pleasant. A certain angle of penetration can guarantee orgasms, but in a regular bed it can not be organized without additional things. Who tried special pillows, they never refuse them again.

Looking into a sex shop is not only behind strange objects. More than 10 thousand sex toys, high-quality cosmetics and various accessories are presented in, and everyone can find something that will make an intimate life at times better!

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