What do women think about duckling? | Informative

What do women think about duckling?.

What do women think about duckling? | Informative
If a woman loves oral sex with a specific man, then this is completely merit of a strong half of the couple. To instill in his partner’s love for caresses of his main organ can only Tom a man who knows how to understand her. And how to do it? To do this, you should know what a woman thinks about oral sex.

Blowjob is not necessarily

Many men take a blowjob as an obligatory part of the preludes, but women think in a completely different way. Girls who love oral sex and are ready to engage in them daily units. Perhaps they exist only in the fantasies of men and porn fighters. Therefore, women do not like when they are asked about regular blowjob.

The man must warn in advance about what ends

Every man should accept how his duty to warn a partner about ejaculation during a blowjob. A woman needs to prepare for this morally. Maybe she had not yet dared to end her partner in her mouth. If the ejaculation is delayed, it is better to let the woman relax or go to vaginal sex. Men do not know how many blowjob requires energy and strength. Long -term oral sex can end for your lady with a swollen neck or numb larynx.

Blowjob is a meaningless thing if a man at that moment is inactive

A man should not stand with a statue or lie like a log during oral sex. Blowjob can take more than 5 minutes and a woman during this period of your inaction can simply get bored. You make love, and the woman at that moment also wants her to be caressed. Use your hands to caress her breasts, shoulders and so on. Let the girl be very excited, then the blowjob will be hot, and the monotony will pass without a trace.What do women think about duckling? | Informative

No need to set the rhythm

If you want a woman to move faster, then it is not necessary to grab her head and press her to her genitals, just tell her about her desire. Give the woman the opportunity to manage the process herself, or create the appearance that she is the hostess of the situation. The less a woman is to dictate, what she should do, the more she will penetrate the process and he will enjoy him. She will undoubtedly like to be the main one, and you will get what she wants.

Tell me how you like it

The blowjob is done solely in order to give pleasure to the guy, but what is the point if the partner is like a heduman during the process? During a blowjob, a woman periodically looks at her partner, and it is important for her to know what he feels at the moment. Silence and lack of emotions can discourage the desire to have oral sex. Therefore, it is worth showing your emotions with facial expressions or sighs. So a woman will feel more sexy and desired. Her man is satisfied, then she is a master blowjob.

Do not criticize

A woman makes a blowjob solely due to altruistic impulses, so an accidentally abandoned phrase "You do wrong" can kill the girl with a desire to have sex and make you blowjob. Maybe she is doing this for the first time in her life. But what if you want the process to go differently? Guide it instead of criticism. LOVE if something turned out to be unpleasant or enthusiastic gasket, if she does everything perfectly. All women are wary of the blowjob, so the task of a man is to be the most gallant. For example, fix a strand of hair that fell on the face, or supplies a glass of water after the process. Your woman will be grateful. And remember, the girl will never agree to make a blowjob if a man neglects the rules of hygiene or tries to repeat hard scenes from porn films during sex.

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