What is Feyissitting? How to do faceship properly?

What is Feyissitting?.

What is Feyissitting? How to do faceship properly?

Feyissitting – sitting on the face of a partner – It is used not only in the framework of BDSM culture, but also by traditional pairs. From Feissitating classes, you can get an incomparable pleasure, but with non -compliance with safety precautions, this, at first glance, is a harmless practice can turn out to be deaths. So how can Feyissitting Correctly and Safe?

What is Feyissitting

Feyissitting – This is one of the integral elements of the femo, that is, female dominance. A woman sit on the partner’s face so that her genitals are in contact with the male mouth. Compared to conventional cunnilingus, the impression of faceiting is stronger and brighter. Firstly, a woman herself can control the force of pressing the genitals on the language of a man and at the same time make the hips upward and downwards and swaying. Secondly, in addition to physical satisfaction, Feissitting also provides moral pleasure from the dominant position in sex.

As a rule, a woman acts as a dominant partner in Feissiting. This is due to anatomically due to: the erected penis is directed up, and it is difficult for a man to have oral sex, sitting on a partner’s face. Although this does not apply to anilingus: in this case, both a woman and a man can dominate.

Why do people engage in facial?

Oddly enough, Faceiting is primarily like for men – They are delighted with being in close proximity to the vagina. Many find a pleasant and erotic taste of vaginal discharge during sex and their smell. And this is not surprising: it is believed that vaginal grease contains a large number of pheromones that excite a man and make him consider a sexy partner to consider him. By the way, many women use perfumes with pheromones to attract and seduce men.

Men also like the pressure that female genitals exert on them. And if a woman is able to experience an inkjet orgasm, sitting on a partner’s face, for male pride it becomes the highest reward: «Look, I’m just the god of sex, I myself brought you to such an intense orgasm. I am happy that I can give you pleasure!».

As one of the BDSM practices, Feissitting brings pleasure to both the dominant and subordinate partner. Control is important for the lady, and she, even being physically weaker than her slave, is able to completely limit the mobility of the one who is below: the slave is not able to stand up while the lady sits on his face. For the submissive, the mistress’s pleasure comes first: he does not receive genital contact, and his feelings are secondary in relation to what the mistress should experience. The case of the submissive – it is completely to give yourself to satisfy the dominant.

What is Feyissitting? How to do faceship properly?

Feyissing safety precautions

When facing faces, the mouth and nose of the partner located below, to a certain extent, find themselves closed. If the upper partner overdo it and does not leave space for air, then a harmless occupation may end with suffocation.

Find the optimal position of the body in which it will be convenient for both partners – this is a matter of practice. And until you have mastered the technique, do not forget to use stoplines or stop signs for the sake of safety (for example, with loud muttering or grunting with your foot).

And if you are not 100% sure that your partner does not have SPPP, do not forget to use a latex barrier that you can buy at a pharmacy or do it yourself.

For greater pleasure

Feyissitting can be brought even more piquancy, if you use binding and constraining. Feelings of humiliation, helplessness and humility, as well as coercion of oral sex, excite the imagination of the submissive. Therefore, any form of mobility restrictions will only add sharpness to sensations. You can simply tie the submissive wrists, tie his hands to the body or to your hands, turn it into shackles, put it in a nationwide shirt. In a word, the use of BDSM firsts will only benefit everyone.

«Zest» Feyissitting will also add dirty words from the mouth of the dominant partner: depending on the situation, it can be either humiliation and insults, and incentive words, and groans of pleasure. And for boring domination, it will be appropriate to use attributes of erotic flogging – small lash or flogger.

Another element for hard bdsm – use for stimulation of the clitoris not a tongue, but a nose. This can be achieved, sitting face to face and making the hips of movement back and forth. The touch of the nose to the clitoris will provide additional pleasure to both partners.

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